Cody’s seventh annual 27th birthday is in just under a month.

Addie’s 100 month birthday is just over one month away. (Sidenote: Rather than having a big 8th birthday bash, we’re going with a 100 month birthday bash. I thought it up myself. I’m awfully excited about it.)

Vivi’s second birthday is in two months and mine is sandwiched between Addie and Vivi. (THIRTY ONE! THAT’S SO GROWN UP!)

My party planning brain is in overdrive so when I received this video about planning a Jake and the Never Land Pirates themed birthday party I began wondering how I could work red Solo Cup pirate hooks into one of our upcoming celebrations. To be honest, I’m a little bummed Vivi isn’t into Jake yet and Addie’s a little too old for a preschool pirate themed party. Do you have a kid that’s into Jake and the Never Land Pirates? If so, this video takes care of all the party planning for you:

You can celebrate Jake’s Birthday with Disney Junior this Friday March 1st during a special episode, Jake’s Birthday Bash at 8:30a/9:30c on Disney Channel

(Happy Birthday Jake!)

Disclosure: I have been compensated for sharing this video. Opinions are my own, party planning help welcome.


  1. Oh, I am excited about this party planning – what a fun theme (100 month)! For the two year old birthday fast approaching in my life, I am planning a farm/john deere theme. Vivi, of course, is invited.

  2. I love the 100 month ideA. I’m a little sad that I missed the opportunity. We had a pirate party but it was before jake’s time. Loved it!

    Have you ever been to French Lick Resort? Tips?

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Must go set DVR!!

  4. 100 months. So cool.

    I just turned 40 on Monday. 40!

  5. Cole turns 4 this summer – Jake would be a great theme for him!

  6. OH, we are knee-deep in Jake and Bucky fun. I actually really like the show almost as much as the kids do. Also? 100 month celebration? Perfect idea, especially for those Dec/Jan babies.