Yes. There are people who are sad they are not at BlogHer.

Yes. There are people who are out of their minds with jealousy that they are not at BlogHer.

Yes. There are people at BlogHer who are having the time of their life.

Yes. There are people who are at BlogHer who are hating every minute of it.

Lest you think the talk of BlogHer will end after all the planes have left and the suitcases have been unpacked you’d be wrong.

There’s going to be talk of lifelong friendships, there will be pictures, there will be stories. There will also be talk of self pity. Talk of cliques. Talk of outcasting. Talk of no fun.

If you’re not having fun. I’m sorry, but it’s your fault.

I stood on a stage of a swanky San Francisco DANCE club and announced into a microphone “Ladies, it’s time to DANCE.” There were less than a dozen of you that came down and danced who weren’t already forced on the floor by me.

Why not?

Most of you are on vacation. Most of you had nothing more to do this morning than get up and hang out with a thousand of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. So what if you don’t have rhythm? Who cares if you look like a wounded mammal when you dance? We already bare our souls to each other through words, why are so many of you so shy to share yourself in person? I gave everyone a personal invitation to dance with me. I said hi to everyone to came down. I have been trying to smile at everyone, say hi to anyone who will say hi to me.

No posts have shown up today saying “don’t read that moosh lady SHE DANCES TOO MUCH.” I had fun. WHOO. I had fun. And. AND! I was completely sober.

bustin' loose.

Thank you to everyone who boogied with me. Thank you to everyone who has said hi to me, or who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. You are all fantastic. I’m honored and humbled that I’ve been able to be in your presence this weekend.

So please, you have 24 hours left. Have fun. These experiences will never happen again. There are so many people who wish they were here. If you can’t have fun for yourself, have fun for them.


  1. Wait, somebody else from Indiana was at BlogHer? I didn’t know there were any other bloggers from Indiana! Besides college students, I mean.

    Hello! I’m from southern Indiana! I’m not a college student. I blog. Want to be best friends?

    Mamacitas last blog post..Quotation Saturday

  2. I had a great time! I was at Ruby Skye,but it wasn’t my thing. Hated the music. If the music had been less thumpy, I would have been up there with you, no doubt. But at that point, I think my girlfriends and I had hightailed it out and were camped in the lobby bar hanging out and chatting, drinking coffee. It was a great night, and an even better conference.

    Which is why, when asked, I say that I am totally selling a kidney to get there again next year.

    p.s. your post made me cry!

    T@SendChocolates last blog post..Yes, But Does It Come With a Wardrobe?

  3. That sounds like way too much fun. I REALLY want to go to BlogHer next year!! I’ve loved hearing about it from all my blog friends!

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Duty

  4. I would have TOTALLY danced with you!

    Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Mr. T


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