Come see me turn this into the tastiest tart ever over at Linoleum Dynamite.

And if you were here you could see me royally freaking out at the tornado sirens, unbelievable lightning, cracking thunder and torrential downpour that has completely COMPLETELY flooded my backyard.

Pardon the narration, my friend PolkaDots and I were on the phone talking each other through the tornado sirens that had just turned off moments before.


  1. I just had the pleasure of luggin three sleeping children down to the basement and then back up again an hour later. I hope Jennifer is enjoying her first crazy weeks of Indiana weather. What a welcome, huh?

    Sarah’s last blog post..Cause I Need A Drink

  2. Ha ha, this is nuts isn’t it. That storm just hit us. We’re just north and east of you in Ohio. I can’t believe this thunder and lightning in FEBRUARY! Crazy.

    Mommy Daisy’s last blog post..Brownie S’mores

  3. What is with the crazy weather everywhere this year??

    Should we be on the lookout for locusts and outbreaks of plague and pestilence, too???

    Loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog: There’s a hole in my Flickr, dear Liza, dear Liza*…

  4. Out here the sirens went off before the storm even HIT! 20 minutes later we had a bad downpour and then…yeah.

    What a crap of a storm.

    At least it didn’t rain dead ducks and geese!! (Did you see that news story???)

    I was more annoyed tonight then scared…but I hear there was rotation down south a little ways!!

    Sadie’s last blog post..Terminology Tuesday

  5. Ha! I count the seconds after the lightning too…we don’t get it too much here in CA tho. Your Key lime Pie looked delish!

    Domestic Chicky’s last blog post..Oops!

  6. Flashbacks! ahh… I had the roof blown off of my elementary school by a tornado.

    We don’t get very many thunderstorms here 🙁 and when we do, they usually result in wildfires…..

  7. Oh barf, I should have called you. Today was, a shizzy @$$ day over here. Kiss, kiss…better luck tomorrow?! Hang in there dudette!

    Kimmie’s last blog post..Sneaky Peekers


    Oh sorry. Wait. That was bad of me. Do I need to state that I do not miss tornado season at all? At. All.

    I -do- miss thunder and lightening. When it rains here it is just gray.

    But tornados? Nope.

    *says the girl who ran screaming from Tornado Alley 7 short months ago*

  9. It was a little scary last night here, too. I cannot believe my kids slept through it, I thought our apartment was going to crumble around us.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..This is What Happens When You’re Stuck in a 700 Square Foot Apartment

  10. I would have pooped, probably.

    Although, ever since the day I was waiting for the school bus and looked down the street to see a freakin’ funnel cloud touch down about 4 blocks away (not even kidding) I haven’t been quite as scared of storms as I used to be.

    But still, scary!

    rookiemom’s last blog post..Thriller Lizards

  11. Ooohhh, I love code names! Did the truck sink?

    Meggan’s last blog post..A not so winning combination.

  12. My only experience with a tornado is shortly after moving to Salt Lake City and this freak of nature (literally) tornado went through town. How scary for you!

    But yummmmm tarts! I will be checking taht out right now!

    andrea’s last blog post..Super! Tuesday!

  13. Is she Polka for short?

  14. Wasn’t the storm AWFUL?? I was coming home from dinner with a friend and nearly got stuck in standing water around Keystone & 65th-ish. UNREAL!

    Mymsie’s last blog post..Weird Things I’ve Swallowed: Part One

  15. Scary, but glad y’all are ok 😉

    Worker Mommy’s last blog post..Because I Must Blog

  16. come to abilene. we haven’t had a tornado in almost 12 years! well, none that have touched down anyway. and we don’t have tornado sirens anymore….

    and we could cook. pack your kitchen and our kitchens could finally mate…

    and you could bring me cassaroles and cheetos

    sorry i just took a lot of pain meds haha

    Biddy’s last blog post..oh it’s about to be ON….

  17. I am de-lurking…I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of months now, commentless. I am also a mormon (originally from the west) living in Indy, and enjoy your posts. My husband finished law school recently, so I can sympathize with the law school drama. Your moosh is a doll!

    Andrea’s last blog post..Now go…before somebody drops a house on you.