July 2006.

the moosh.

February 2010.

miss addie


Make it stop.


  1. Ouff – I felt that in the solar plexus.

  2. LOVE that kid!!! She’s getting so big. I’m with you, make it stop!

  3. I agree. Growing up should be illegal in Indiana.

  4. OMG baby Moosh. So dang cute. Sigh.

    You figure out how to make it stop, you let me know. By the way, bricks on the head don’t work…they just fall on your feet.

  5. Ooof. I opened this just as my almost 5 yo came out as of his room and snuggled on my lap, still almost asleep. How on earth did my baby get so big.

  6. oh wow, casey. she is gorgeous. she clearly takes that after her beautiful mommy…who i simply adore.

  7. I’m gonna go out and buy some ovaries so I can look at these pictures and watch them explode.

  8. I hear ya…my girls are growing up way too fast!

  9. I know. I know. It happens entirely too quickly.

  10. But she’s beautiful!

  11. don’t I know it, girlfriend. Let me know if you ever figure out how to make it stop.

  12. Noooo. That top one reminds me of Ivy right now. It’s so bittersweet because look at your Addie right now. She is a mini you. Wow.


  13. She’s gorgeous! I’ve been trying for 21 years to make it stop.

  14. mommabird2345 says:

    Moms need to learn how to freeze time so our kids don’t ever grow up. I know how you feel.

  15. Oh, my gawsh! You should forbid her to straighten her hair. She looks massively grown up. My 2 year old got a haircut this week and now looks like a third grader. Mama no like.

  16. She’s just precious, then and now.

  17. Dood, you are in trouble. Lock her up NOW.

    This kinda makes me want a fugly baby. 😉 Okay, not really, but DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!

  18. Beautiful!

    Love the hair! (But it does make her look soooo grown up!)

    Too adorable.

  19. this is not ok. Not ok at all. Please make her little again. kisses.

  20. Gah, she gets cuter and cuter EVERY day! Love the picture!

  21. She’s beautiful.

  22. Adorable…of course! The pictures do the talking

  23. I cannot get over how much she looks like you in that recent photo.

  24. Could she BE any more gorgeous?? Look at that sassy little pose!

  25. I think she may have been the cutest toddler ever.

    And my girl has done the same thing. She turned 6 last fall, and when I look at her she’s so much a girl, it makes me want to weep. And the things she says. So, well, me.

  26. oooh she’s so gorgeous!!! She’s gonna be a little heartbreaker once she hits her teen years 🙂

  27. OMG That cat picture is just too much cuteness and makes me giggle!

    She is such a mini version of you! It’s amazing!

  28. It’s been cool watching her grow so quickly over the last year, even.

  29. I always threaten to put heavy books on my kids’ heads so they stop growing. One of these days I’m going to actually do it.

  30. Once you figure out how to make it stop can you PLEASE fill me in on the details!

  31. michelle chick says:

    wow! she looks so much like you in the newer picture-she’s adorable.

  32. What?! Oh my goodness. She is too big. AND she looks EXACTLY like you!! So beautiful!

  33. These pictures are KILLING me. Can’t handle all the cuteness this morning.

  34. Just wow. She is gorgeous. (Is Cody polishing his guns and practicing his “I’ll crush you in a heartbeat” look?)

    I posted something just like this on Wednesday and I’ve seen other posts like it this week. (Who planted this in our brains at Blissdom?)

  35. I know! Get out- she is just beautiful!

  36. She looks SO much like you.

  37. Amy in StL says:

    But wow she’s grown into such a beautiful little girl. Holy cow what a looker!

  38. And yet again my heart is broken by the realization that my little girl is going to grow up too… Now I’m all teary eyed!

  39. michelle n says:

    Oh my, the cuteness.

  40. Oh my gosh. That made my heart hurt. But she’s gorgeous. And that first picture with the kitten is abso-freaking-lutely the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

  41. They grow too fast.

    But OH MY GAWSH.

    She is beautiful.

  42. Whoa. That was too fast. She looks like a teenager. She looks beautiful, as always, but much, much too old!

  43. Right there with you, sister.

  44. oh yes.
    make it stop for me too.

  45. She’s so gorgeous! And looks just like her mommy. 🙂

  46. Your little girl is just a doll! My big kid turned 6 last month, and lost his first tooth this week, it really hit me hard… My little boy, is now really my big kid.

  47. Many you guys made a beautiful girl.

    My ovaries hurt a little.

  48. With so many gasps, tears and laughter along the way. Well done!

  49. How on earth did she get to being 5 years old without any bite marks on her???? Because that baby picture makes me want to seriously gobble her up. Stinking cuteness right there my friend.

  50. Ain’t that the truth. They grow up WAY too fast.