July 2006.

the moosh.

February 2010.

miss addie


Make it stop.


  1. she looks like *gasp* YOU! Hehe You should be proud. What a cutie. 🙂

  2. I feel your ache. They need to quit with the growing.

  3. You nailed it. It’s a breathless ache…a eyes-not-full-enough-of-tears-to-spill-over kinda deal for me. I’ve got it bad. my oldest is 12 and the end of his *technical* childhood is fast approaching.

  4. She is SO beautiful, Casey. *le sigh.*

    Can’t believe you were able to straighten all of the curls on that girl.

    Maybe I need to hire you to do mine. 😉

  5. SO adorable!!

  6. My oldest turned four last week and it was just hard for me. As she approaches five, I can hardly believe how the time has gone. Makes me sad. But, makes me want to cherish it all the more!

  7. please tell me this won’t happen to my little boys. They’ll be sweet little babies forever right?

  8. What a beautiful young lady you have! They do grow up fast, though. Too fast for comfort.