Welcome to the second meeting of LWA (Law Wives Anonymous). I’m your host, Casey. Today’s disgruntled wife comes to us from somewhere in the the frozen North (anonymity people) and is married to a man who just happens to be in his first year of law school. (Collective groan of understanding everyone.) She’s unable to vent her true frustrations over at her place due to a little problem known as her family. (Again, groan of understanding.)

This may just be a regular feature here on moosh in indy. So if you’re married to or dating a law student, a Med student, a dental student, an attorney,  a doctor,  a PhD student, a mechanic or even a plumber LET IT OUT. It’s safe here, I delete trolls. Email me, mooshinindy at gmail dot com and get some deliciously cheap therapy.

Without further adieu, I give you Lonely in Law, eh?.


Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you could just play make believe like your little kiddo and everything would be perfect?…Well for me it’s been one of those MONTHS! I just have to get it off my chest. First of all my husband’s in law school. Enough said. He also is in Law Review (basically the deans list that decides which law articles get published) and competing in the Laskin Moot (pretend court case) and also a negotiation competition. Which you’re supposed to drop classes for the Law review and Laskin…but nooo he hasn’t. enough about that the real reason(s) why I need to rant. Okay soo, my van is dead. We got it last year as a used van… well it has a leaking head gasket, whatever that is, so randomly when I turn left corners it will stall in the middle of the intersection, and anyone on student loans knows we are broke and don’t have money for a new one. So we will be carless in a climate that last year went down to -48 Celsius… don’t know what that is F, you can figure it out Americans. And to boot My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost a year now…….. took a test today… and it was negative. So i am in a bad mood. I don’t understand how with our first one I was on the FRIGGEN PILL and I got prego but when we are actually trying I can not get prego for the life of me… it makes me mad, and feel like I am letting my husband and my self down. Oh and also I hate the city I am living in right now (I know you too Casey) but honestly I feel sooo flipping alone, I don’t feel like I fit in, I don’t feel like I have any friends, I can’t be myself, I just hate it. So all in all…. life sucks right now for me….. Good news is that I love my husband and Daughter no matter what happens I have them! And they love me for who I am.

Thanks Casey I needed to get that out and couldn’t on my blog. Now I am continue to be my happy self!


  1. I feel better for you.
    *deep breath*
    Now where’s the doughnuts?

  2. Make some soup. That always helps me. That or chocolate.

    I live in the freezing “north” too, but probably south of you? (MN)

  3. My husband graduated from Dental School in WI. Seriously who lives in Wisconsin? The he moved us to OH. Seriously, who lives in Ohio? I have been lonely for years – never quite fitting in. Until …. 2 of my kids started school. We have so much planned with so many great friends – it is hard to imagine that I was once a 25 years old lonely in WI with just one baby boy. It seems like years ago. Hang in there – hope your house is filled with many beautiful children. In the meantime, follow Marie’s advice and make some soup. 🙂

  4. I’ll join the rant fest.

    What about an out of town hubby who works in the oil industry, chasing the big bucks, leaving his wife alone for weeks at a time, who doesn’t even bother to phone and check in most days because he’s too TIRED.

    Tired my ass.

    Try raising your darling kids by yourself with no help, taking care of the house, the bills and your damn INLAWS, only to have it snow outside, leaving you stranded because your darling dumbass husband took the keys to the ATV and the snowblade with him, because he didn’t want to loose them.

    Try having to shovel out, by hand, a driveway a half mile long, so you can take your kids to after school activities, grocery shop and oh, say go to the damn doctor because once again you have strep throat.

    Ya. Then you can be tired. Dumbass.

    Thanks Casey. Apparently, I needed to rant.

  5. You are trying to get pregnant? I’ve got the trick. Your husband needs to land a really good law firm job, some kind of sweet internship. Then put all of your eggs in that basket and viola! You’ll get pregnant!

    Then he’ll get fired.

    But at least you are pregnant, right? Oh, and broke. And car-less. But who’s counting?

  6. another frozen north law wife. same frozen north city as lonely in law, actually…just took some pics of her adorable little lady yesterday actually.

    believe me…she is cute.

    no complaining today.

    this caught me on a good day;)

    and if i could…i would gladly share a little of my fertile-ness. but i can’t, so…keep trying. that never hurt anyone;)

    and did you say you’ve been trying for a year? brave, girl. brave.

    good luck.

  7. The Man had an opportunity to double (or even triple) his salary to take a job where he would work 9a-9p March/April to November. Then during the winter months, he’d work 5p-9p.

    I’m so glad he chose not to. Even if I COULD quit my job, me and the kids couldn’t deal with him being gone that much.

    I feel for you ladies who miss their hubbies and are expected to keep the whole house in order by yourselves. You are stong women!!

  8. Great idea- a venting blog swap!!

  9. Liam Craig says:

    love it, ps her husbands in 2nd year law 😛 dont know which year sucks more though hahaha.

  10. can biddy gripe about her best friend that’s being so very male right now?!

  11. I think the worst part of all this is that all the sacrifices are being made in the service of an unworthy goal? I mean … come on. LAW? Good grief, ladies.

    Why don’t these husbands pursue respectable and useful professions, like copier repair or urinal manufacture? At least that way you don’t have to hang your head and mumble something unintelligible and embarrassed when you’re at a social gathering and somebody asks you what your husband does.

  12. Oh man, I can relate.

    My (single) mom works as a dispatcher for the police department, so she had to work nights most of my childhood to build up seniority (finally got dayshift when I was 14) and so I was back and forth to aunt/uncles house and Christmas would have to be at 4pm or the day before, one year at 4am (swingshift, ugh) and thanksgiving depending on if my mom had Thursdays off that year.

    Then, like a dummy, I married a man who works for a local news station. *sigh* Crime doesn’t stop and sadly neither does the 5-6 and 11 pm news. Why did I do that to myself? heh.

  13. Great thinking!!!!

  14. At least all you lucky law wives have KIDS! Haha… My husband is in 2nd year and we have no kids. Do you know how hard it is to make friends that you have something in common with when you have NO KIDS???? Siiiiiigh. I feel like I shall be forever lonely until I finally become a mother. Seriously, having kids and a law husband is a good thing – b/c it’s so much easier to make friends when you are going to play groups and bonding over the “My Baby Has The Grossest Poop” and “I Had The Worst Birth Experience” competitions!!!

    Getting in with the “In Crowd” isn’t a good reason to make a baby, though, is it? So I shall continue to avoid having babies until I come up with a better reason. However – perhaps it will happen accidentally. Eep I hope note.

    There are definitely long periods of time (ie November and December, well, pretty much anytime school is in session) where I feel somewhat relieved that it’s just him I have to take care of.

    Signed, Lonely Law Wife

  15. I feel for you sister! (hubby’s a doctor, we survived med school and residency together with 2 kids—sigh)

  16. Good luck. And just remember…it isn’t forever.

    (My husband is building us a house and is gone ALL THE DAMN TIME. It sucks. I know!)