We were finally all in one place with a camera pointed at us by my disgustingly talented friend Kim.

What’s even better is that as I post this she is sitting right next to me in a full size bed on the 12th floor of the Hilton in New York City.

Also? She shot us with film. As in, whoa.


  1. I love these shots and I love how much Addie just has a sense of being so perfectly posed in front of the camera.

  2. Michelle says:

    I love the nose-to-nose one of you both, and the last one of Addie, and all the others. But those two, very lovely.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Kim really is an amazing photographer!

  4. Love these! What great shots of the whole family.

  5. beautiful, beautiful.

  6. These are fabulous! And I love the ones of you & hubs on the steps. That first one- wow do I see Moosh.


  7. I love this family!! You guys are so great!

  8. BEAUTIFUL. Wow. Just … wow.

  9. Wow. Amazing. What a gift to have such amazing photos of your family! (Film!)

  10. Absolutely stunning!!!! Such a beautiful family!!

    Wishing I was in New York to see you, next year for sure!

  11. the last one of addie is AMAZING. in film? DUDE, Kim is AWESOME.

  12. BEAUTIFUL. My favorite is the one of the moosh sitting in your lap. You can tell how much she worships you there!

  13. Those are absolutely gorgeous pictures! I think I like the one of the three of you holding hands the best, but all of them are just phenomenal.

  14. You have all so beautiful. You have such a gorgeous family. Beautiful.

  15. So, so sweet! She did a fabulous job – and she had beautiful subjects to work with!

  16. LOVE the photos, especially the one of you and your hubby sitting on the steps. What a fun girls’ weekend in NY!

  17. Aha. Exchange Place. I work right there and often people-watch everybody getting their pictures taken. Very nice.

  18. These are so very awesome!

  19. wonderful

  20. you are a gorgeous family.

    kim is extremely talented.

    that is all.

  21. I can’t believe Kim got Debbie to smile! That’s a challenge in and of itself.

    I LOOVE all of the pictures of Addie. I want to roll her up and dip her in sugar.

  22. These pictures are awesome and how exciting that you got some pictures with you in them. Since I take most of our family photos, I realize that we have very few pictures including me.

  23. awesome pics. your have the cutest lil family <3

  24. LOVE these pictures!

  25. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
    And film? What’s film??
    That makes me doubly amazed…

  26. SO gorgeous!! I love them all!

  27. Could Addi be any cuter?! And could you be any more lovely?! Swoon.

  28. Absolutely beautiful!!! And I agree – film… whoa.

  29. The way you two look at each other makes me want to cry. (Good way cry.) You’re so sweet.

    Amazing photos.

  30. Definitely beautiful and amazing! But what is she going to do for film? I just heard last week on NPR that they made the last roll of film ever…

  31. These are positively lovely! What an amazing photographer. She really captured emotions in these pictures.

  32. Film…fantastic. Maybe that’s what I need. Heh…

  33. I love seeing pictures of you even MORE after actually having met you. Kim did an awesome job. And FILM???? Wow.

  34. Yay, yay, yay! And an extra yay for film.

  35. I always wonder how you, being and knowing so many great photographers, decide what pictures to hang on your wall. 🙂 Glad to get caught up with you, casey. 😉