Does anybody else love places that specialize in one thing? I DO! I DO! I love knowing you’re going into a place where they do one thing because they do that one thing well. Think In-N-Out burger in California. You can have a hamburger or a cheeseburger. The end. Not a hamburger or maybe a breakfast sandwich with syrup touching your eggs with a side of fish, a salad and a choice of thirty seven beverages and eighteen prepackaged desserts that taste like cardboard to choose from. Mmmm.

I know I’ve told you about my favorite cupcake restaurant here in Indy. The Flying Cupcake. Remember? So cute. So many calories. So worth it.

Next is the bookstore right next door to The Flying Cupcake. It’s a children’s bookstore. It is a dream come true. You know the Shop Around the Corner in You’ve Got Mail? Kid’s Ink bookstore on 56th & Illinois. Down to every last detail.

Longs Bakery in Indianapolis. Banbury Cross in Salt Lake. Doughnuts. OH MY HOLEY DOUGHNUTS. When at Banbury Cross get the white cake doughnut with white icing and rainbow sprinkles. They have to be rainbow. This is the only thing I ever craved to the point of hysterics while pregnant if that says anything. Longs Bakery? Carmel Iced cream filled. You Westerners are missing out on our Midwestern cream filling. I’d consider staying just for the cream filling if that says anything.

Shade clothing. Every shirt is long. So long that your muffin won’t hang out. Ever. Heaven bless you Shade.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries. See In-N-Out, only for the rest of the United States.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard (mostly a western New York thing.) I can only hope that all the faucets in Heaven pour out Abbott’s Frozen Custard. Indy has Ritter’s Custard and Salt Lake has Nielsen’s, but Abbott’s? Worth the trip to upstate New York. Seriously. Click the link, I DARE YOU NOT TO SALIVATE. (And for those of you who had never had custard? Please, come stay at my house. There’s two custard joints within a few miles.)

Huh, anyone noticing the trend of junk food loves I have? Anyone know of a place that makes really rockin’ carrot sticks?

Lucky Baby Slings. Did you know I was a fanatical sling mom? I am. I have two from Lucky Baby and have been known to borrow babies on a regular basis just to carry around a little squishy baby like a marsupial.

This brings me to my latest discovery. The Naked Monkey. They do wax. I’m going to Florida this weekend with my family and Florida means bathing suits. October means low maintence on many areas of bodily hair (How I love thee fall.) I needed to find somewhere to make myself a little more welcome in Florida. Maybe you kids in big cities have a dedicated waxing salon. But I’ll bet you don’t have one called The Naked Monkey (I’m really learning to love you Indianapolis.) When I had my first waxing experience last year in Utah, I googled what to expect. I was sorely misled (I’m looking at you With the limited knowledge I got from the internets I still had no idea how much goes into waxing. Did you know that a good waxing salon will have different kinds of wax for different textures of hair? Or medication that you’re on? Or skin type you have? The Naked Monkey had 20 (20!) different kinds of wax, and those ladies knew how to spread ’em all. They’ve done over 1,000 Brazilians in 2008. It’s only October, you do the math.

Florida, here I come.

I apparently have (had) ethnic hair (I’m looking at you Great Great Great Grandpa Greek. Thanks for the nose too.) and my ethnic hair takes very well to waxing. (Meaning the hairs come from the root in one yanktastic tug resulting in pin pricks of blood, yet longer lasting results.)

While it’s hard to stay focused with hundreds of hairs moments away from being out of your body by bright blue wax, I tried to pay attention to the wealth of knowledge the owner, Jeniffer had for me. And to the wealth of sensation that is getting a Brazilian wax. (Oh, did I mention that I was talking about Brazilian waxes? Because I am.)

Anything you want to know about the procedure? Burning questions? I’m here to answer them, Casey of the TMI (too much information, fyi.) If you don’t ask I’ll just have to answer the questions I come up with.

For those of you ready to run to The Naked Monkey, here’s a little secret, before you can book with them they have to know who you heard about them from, guess what? You can say you know me. I’ve never been able to have my named “dropped” before. Awesome. Oh and hello? If you have a quick appointment YOU CAN BRING YOUR KIDS. I KNOW. But I wouldn’t reccomend bringing your kids to a bikini wax. Ever.)

Ask away! My pain? YOUR GAIN! (And if you have any reccomendations of specialty stores, especially around the Midwest, do tell.)


  1. My first thought when I read, “they do one thing because they do that one thing well”? Five Guys.

    Nicholes last blog post..In search of fast foods

  2. k so does a braz really really hurt? I am terrified. I got my armpits done a while back by someone who TOTALLY didn’t know what they were doing, first ever waxing experiance and the last to date. And do they really wax your butt crack?

    Liam Craigs last blog post..Their first movie

  3. Coffee? Lazy Daze ( I think)

    Sarah @ Ordinary Dayss last blog post..Would you like yours to be Hawaiian?

  4. hey! i’m in Florida and we have Abbotts! so that’s something to look forward to for you! but its also been raining on the west coast of FL where i am.. sorry about that…hope you have a great trip though

  5. I’m in Michigan. And I NEED The Naked Monkey. Hmm…The drive to Indy is only about 4 hours from Kalamazoo….



    mels last blog post..Cool runnings….

  6. What’s the healing time on that? I don’t know if you’re going to the beach while you’re here, but REALLY? Crotch torture and salt water, not so much with the happy happy.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Anissa of Fairbanks, Indiana

  7. How awkward is it? I mean, really. I’m not scared of the pain. Just the terrible, terrible sense of AWKWARD. I know, it’s just like the ob/gyn. But I’m just convinced it’s got to be more awkward than that. If you can help me get over this fear, Casey, you will have probably changed my life. (And my husbands, if you catch my drift.)

    Camilles last blog post..Nobody Scream, But I Might Just Be a Democrat.

  8. I totally want more info! How bad it hurts really hurts, is it worth it, and what’s the difference between a bikini and a braz?

  9. It hurts, of course, ladies but it’s not the end of the world. And it yields incredible and quite fun results. It’s awkward, but less than the gyno because it’s superficial and the gyno is, um, not.

    Just chiming in here…

    FYI- Casey, they just opened a Five Guys in Sandy. Yummy.

    Barbs last blog post..I’m it!

  10. Please tell it all! I’ve always wanted to get a brazilian, but will it kill me? I, too, want to know- just how painful is it?

  11. No fair – now Bossy is starving.

    BOSSYs last blog post..Weekend Review. The Bossy Has The Flu Edition.

  12. JMCupcakes says:

    I love myself in all my “bad 70’s porn” glory 🙂 There is NO man I want to boff badly enough to torture myself for…to me, there is something creepy and pedophile-like about being “bare down there”…

  13. I’ve been getting brazilian waxing since I was in college (ages ago), but then again I’m from Venezuela, we go to the beach every other weekend all year long. Now, living in NYC I’ve found a good place I get waxing from, but 20 different waxes?! I had never heard of that. The place I go to has just one. I think I’ve been getting jipsed all this time! I need that monkey, I need it I tell you!

    Jens last blog post..Be Happy!

  14. If you like ice cream, you need to go to Ivanhoe’s in Upland…it’s fabulous.

  15. OMG you make me want to move to Indy!

    I used to live in CA and loved In-N-Out, but I don’t eat beef… so the best most yummiest order for a girl like me is a Grilled Cheese Animal Style – pure heaven.

  16. Casey, once again, YOU ROCK! I have been wondering how this went. Aside from the normal questions: Pain? Awkwardness? Time? I don’t really have anything else to ask; although I am thoroughly intrigued and just about ready to call them for MY appointment. Oh, maybe one question: How was the “re-growth” of it last time? Maybe too invasive of a question….

    Oh, and a few Indy favorites: Yatz, Sakura (best Japanese in town!), and Anderson Orchard (for apple picking). And while I’m at it, my fav greasy, hole-in-the-walls in SLC? Blue Plate Diner and Molcasalsa….Ok, I’m done now…and starving!

  17. wow

  18. Waxes, ice cream and children’s books, oh my! These are a few of my favorite things!!!

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..Is it me?

  19. Abbotts Custard!
    The best ever.
    One reason Upstate NY rocks!

  20. i’ve been getting brazilian waxed for years. i am a fan. big fan. but someone was telling me that using hard wax instead of using regular wax+strips is way less painful. which did you use?

    alis last blog pie?

  21. Casey, you are so brave. Brave for even getting the wax and brave for offering to answer any questions about it. I am too much of a chicken to even consider doing it!

    Megans last blog post..Two Years … Already?

  22. That name totally rocks. I’d go there to support the creativity alone.

    And we used to have the AWESOMEST kids’ bookstore in Austin called Toad Hall. It was amazing. Little nooks and lofts, books heaped everywhere, amazing place…but it shut down. And I went into deep depression. Then we moved up north and I haven’t found anything close like it…

    Rheas last blog post..Disagreeable Familiarity

  23. Hmm, I want to know what, ahem, ‘prep work’ was required before you went in. Me thinks the shorter the better?

  24. Seriously reading the comments on this post are hilarious. They go from “do they really wax your butt crack?” to “you should try Abbots Custard!” like it was nothing 🙂 I love it.

    I am with the other girls I want to know just how bad it hurts and how long does it last?

    Also, if you are ever in Arizona you must try Angel Sweet Gelato.

    Sarahs last blog post..Dollar Days

  25. Hard to know if I should ask a waxing question or just say I heart Sally Ann’s Raisin Scones in Concord Mass.

    I NEED a Naked Monkey!

  26. Oh, I was so distracted by waxing I forgot to say Graeter’s Ice Cream in Cincy, of course. I LOVE!

    Anna at Hank & Willies last blog post..Want a G-U-N, too?

  27. My parents go to Arizona for the winter and if we visit them my wife and I insist on going to In and Out from the airport.

    I am glad that you have found some things in Indy worth sticking around for.

    If you like good burgers then you must try Working Mans Diner just west of IUPUI. You should also try the Tenderloin sandwich at the Icehouse on West St. just south of Raymond St. You can’t get more Hoosier than a giant tenderloin sandwich

  28. In N Out is great but there is a local joint here in San Diego that puts them to shame. HoDads in Ocean Beach is awesome. No can do on the Brazillian. I hate the growing out afterwards. Itchy!

    Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommys last blog post..I Made A New Friend at the Beach Today

  29. Oh my god. I LOVE that there is a waxing place called The Naked Monkey. Seriously – way too perfect.

    Michelles last blog post..Bias = finding hidden meaning

  30. Yeah my question would have to be:

    Do you get all gussied up prior to the wax? Like cleaning before the cleaning lady comes over, so she doesn’t think you’re a slob?

    JachiCues last blog post..Looking forward

  31. Hey – I’m up in Zionsville. Have you tried Some Guys Pizza? Anyway – check out Amalah’s Advice Smackdown at Alpha Mom. Gives all the details on waxing!!

  32. Long’s doughnuts — I’m pretty sure this is all there is to eat in heaven. Seriously. OK, maybe you can also get the Flying Cupcake’s coconut cupcake. But only maybe.

    And if you’re in Langhorne, PA — just outside of Philly — you should definitely stop at Casanova’s for a cheesesteak. They’re awesome! (Balboa’s here in Indy is as close as you’ll get to the real thing around here, but make sure to tell them to go light on the salt.)

    Kets last blog post..Welcome to the asylum

  33. questions:
    1-rate your pain in relation to childbirth, please.
    2-how many times do you get “ripped” before it’s over?
    3-do they apply and “after waxing” cream/gel to cool things down?
    4-if you could afford it, would you do it more often?

    kjs last blog post..What a difference a year makes…

  34. Chicago, Scooters Frozen Custard. Better than Nielson’s (I went to high school in Layton & went there for lunch once a week….Scooters is better!)

  35. You go with that Brazilian, girlfriend! Or as my man likes to say, “Baby, when you going to get “that thing” taken care of?”
    Every woman needs a good waxer, and every man needs to get “that thing” waxed just once and then he’ll come to understand the sacrifices we make for the one we love.
    Have fun in Florida!

  36. “and those ladies knew how to spread ‘em all”

    this just made me spit out my lunch laughing. ah.ha.

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..‘Nother Open Letter.

  37. I’ve never found waxing all that painful, but I guess it’s all relative.

    If you’ve covered Long’s Donuts, you’ve covered my very favorite place in Indy.

    Another really great burger place is Famous Jack’s, but no kiddies allowed.

    Blondie’s Cookies…OMG, they have the best iced sugar cookies Ever!

    Have you been to Bonges?

    I’d supply links, but I’m an idiot and don’t know how to do that here in comments.


    Have the T-shirts last blog post..These Boots are Made for Walkin’

  38. I’ve never had my privates waxed. Since I have pretty light hair, I seem to get away with the razor. But fate got me on the facial hair front. Done with waxing forever though! I saved my pennies and got myself some laser solutions. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? YES! (people do laser for bikini lines…)

    Kates last blog post..Style Stalled in 1996: Part I

  39. Loved this post – and love you. You are so refreshing. Hope the regrowth doesn’t come in with a vengence!

  40. sorry I’m a au naturale type of gal. Told hubs he best get used the juggle down there! I’m a bit of downer on this one! I think it’s part of being a woman! Isn’t a hairless (or nearly hairless) monkey kind of like admitting you want to have sex with a prepubescent girl?? Glad you’re enjoying the freshly cleared patch o’ monkey though. Have fun in Florida!

    Lindys last blog post..Fear

  41. So you talked about how much you love it and I read your older post about how you did it as a surprise for your husband… my question is, how much does he love it? Was he totally shocked and giddy the first time? Also, as others have asked I am curious about how long it lasts and what the regrowth is like.

  42. Yipe. (but I secretly want to know the details)

    That bookstore sounds like a dream come true to me – I always wanted to own my own Shop Around the Corner

  43. I’m saving up for my trip to the salon. THanks for sharing your experience and giving me courage.

  44. I’ve got to get myself from the northern suburbs into Indy quick (cupcakescupcakescupcakesBOOKS!)

    Yum (that goes for both the cupcakes and the books)!

    Ann Kroekers last blog post..Bonus Bathroom Storage that Works for Me

  45. I’m from Western NY and I LOVE ABBOTTS! For awhile my grandma would actually ship it to me in dry ice, but it’s just not the same.

    Loris last blog post..The Skeletons In My Closet Have Come Out

  46. Eeee … I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about a Brazilian wax, although I would LOVE to have one. I hope it looks GREAT!

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..The video is fixed

  47. I agree with Craig– Lazy Daze coffee is FABULOUS ( I can walk to it), as is Hubbard & Cravens Coffee Co.

    There is also a little Asian Grill in Noblesville that is PHENOMENAL!

    AND, I have been to the Naked Monkey. I LOVE me a Brazilian wax.

    Heathers last blog post..Small Miracles

  48. oh, ps: my bff got me red velvet cupcakes from “The Flying Cupcake” ZOMG. They were TODIEFOR.

    Heathers last blog post..Small Miracles


    It’s a purse place. It started in Chicago, but they have opened up couple more stores – I first was introduced to the Kansas City store, here where I live. They have dozens of bag styles, then you choose your fabrics. chances are, NO ONE will have a purse exactly like yours. It’s AMAZING. You can play online, but it’s really much more fun to design in store since you can see the fabrics in person and touch them.