In my last post I asked you to vote for me to win a tech makeover. (And you did, thank you!)

But I take it back. I live a blessed life and so what if I have the screen resolution of a game boy?

This father was a firefighter who was injured 10 years ago and is now a quad just like my Aunt Cheryl.

My Aunt Cheryl made me who I am today.

Please vote for him, for his family. He’ll need at least 1,000 votes to get noticed. Can you help him out?

Tweet, blog, email. Whatever. It’s far more important for him and his family to win this than anything I could every use it for.


P.S.Need some crazy irony to help you vote? His wife’s name (who wrote the submission) is Cheryl too.

P.P.S. My aunt has the same wheelchair, and the new model hurts a lot less when she rolls over your toes. Just sayin’.