I have been staying with a family for the past few days whom I’ve known for a couple of years. They have three of the most well behaved teenage daughters I have ever come across. I’ve been able to help them with their homework over the past few days and it’s coming back to me so fast how much I loved algebra and Shakespeare.

I didn’t just love them either, I was good at them. Grade A bookworm dork who loved school. And Shakespeare.

I have a whole other reason to go back to school and to keep learning. Somewhere in twelve or fifteen years the moosh is going to come to me with Othello confused. Or biology. Or anatomy. Or calculus. Or quantum physics.

I don’t want to be confused too.

Right now it may be all about the ABC’s, but before I know it those ABC’s are going to turn into (a+b)-c=x.

I want to be ready.


What have you forgotten you’re good at?


  1. Here via a recommendation from Ali at Cheaper Than Therapy.

    Being an engineer, all the math/science stuff that I was good at in school is still in use, so technically I didn’t forget I knew it.

    So, I’ll go with grammar. I was actually taught grammar by a former nun at a Catholic school. We did the whole old-school (even for back then) “sentence deconstruction” (like, underlining objects three times, parentheses around phrases, squiggly line under – I think – subjects, et cetera). It was so awful at the time, but now I can actually compose a sentence and sound somewhat coherent (at least for an engineer).

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  2. Well, it’s not forgotten, just needs to be dusted off. I’m a trained flutist. I minored in Music Performance in college, played in the college community orchestra (which was heaven) and then played in a community concert band after law school. I stopped playing a few years ago after the birth of my oldest. I miss it. It’s just not the right time to go back.

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  3. I’m really good at teaching kids to read and love it. Before my job as Mama I was a reading specialist and I worked 1:1 with kids who were struggling with reading. The satisfaction of seeing a little one finally “get it” was priceless. I miss it – but I’m looking forward to the day when my sweet girls “get it”. I hope I’m the one that will help them to unlock the magic!!! And some day when they’re big and don’t need me anymore, I’ll go back to unlocking the magic for other kiddos.

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  4. It was Science, and Art Appreciation for me. I failed miserably at Home Economics, and now I’m a full-time stay at home Mom, who can cook and clean, so that one always makes me laugh 😉

    Pre-School starts next August for our oldest son, and already I’m stressing about everything…

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  5. wow, you got me thinking this morning. I used to be good at: the trumpet, playing soccer and lying to my parents that no, I didn’t go out drinking last night. Now, I don’t do any of those things anymore and I’m ok with that.

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  6. Geography — knowing the capitals of states/countries.

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  7. I used to be good at piano, bass clarinet, and math. I actually used to win math competitions sponsored by the university where I now work …. as an English professor. I kind of miss those other parts of me …

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  8. I’d forgotten how much I like to write (and seemed to get smashing good grades in English [to make up for my lousiness-beyond-belief in Math, I presume]). But then I made a blog, and I feel like I get all that writing out of my system, with nobody grading my work (aside from the occasional troll). It’s nice.

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  9. I will be completely lacking in tact and good graces when I say: sex.

    Sorry, all.

    kristi’s last blog post..“Mommy, is this my first eyebrow or my second eyebrow?”

  10. Um, EVERYTHING. I, like you, was a grade A dork. Math and English were tops for me. I’m already there, though…with my genius 10 year old. HE’s looking to me for answers and as of right now I can still give them…in another year or two I’m going to be out of a clue. I’d best get back on the bandwagon out here…

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  11. I’m with ya on the Shakespeare! So great to read and have someone (usually just the teacher and me) be excited about it and discussing the deepness of it!

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  12. Math, anything to do with numbers ahs always been “fun” for me. I tried explaining it to my kids when they were wrestling with it, but they couldn’t grasp why they will need ALgebra in the reqal world.

    DUH! DO you not think you will ever go to the grocery store?

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  13. I used to be an award winning dancer in high school. Ballet, tap and jazz — the whole shebang. Haven’t tried to do a pirouette or a hitch kick since college. And I can’t wait to get my girl involved in it too!

    Mitch’s last blog post..It Was Bound to Happen (I Just Didn’t Think It Would So Soon)

  14. math. math. math. i NEVER use it. i’m going to forget EVERYTHING

    ali’s last blog post..a story and a video…

  15. i am unusually good at math, but it was always my least favorite subject…go figure

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  16. I dont really have anything I am good at. But I have to ask… why are you staying with this family?

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  17. It sure wasn’t Shakespear or biology.

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  18. And it appears it wasn’t typing class or spelling as well…being that I left the “e” off of ShakespearE!

    ashlee’s last blog post..Halfway There!

  19. um, i didn’t forget, but i do miss them: singing, with harmonies and other people, not just to the radio.

    tae kwon do, i can’t believe it’s been 10 years since i got my black belt and i haven’t done ANYTHING since.

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  20. I LOVED Shakespeare and still do.

    I would say that it would be debate. I used to be so well informed and FAST with my answers. I read my college and high school stuff and marvel that I ever knew that much stuff.


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  21. Having fun and relaxing completely.

  22. Just about everything except wiping butts.

    I use to kick some calculus bahookie. Straight A’s through all four levels. Now though, I’m worried when Payton gets to long division.

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  23. I used to rock at Latin. lol I’m going to be dusting off the books soon though, because I’ve decided to freshen up and teach my boys Latin, because their school doesn’t offer it. I want them exposed to foreign languages and now seems like a good time.

    Nice post!

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  24. You actually liked Algebra ? Wow, I wish I’d known you in school.

    I think I’ve forgotten just about everything after basic addition and subtraction. Heaven help me , my kids are about to start kindergarten in the fall…and I know I’m in for it as incredibly academic as kindergarten is nowadays. 🙁

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  25. Sleeping…

    Ah, those were the good ol’ days…

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  26. I don’t think I’ll ever get out of school long enough to forget anything…

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  27. So this sounds like a good reason to NOT have another child … they’ll keep you from being able to return to school that much longer.

    Or am I missing something here?

    I’m good at acting. I did a lot of community theater work in my teens, 20s and early 30s. But, since I’ve switched from newspaper reporting to newspaper editing, I no longer have the requisite free nights and weekends. I miss it. My last show was in 2000, and I had nearly 1,000 lines, and I rocked the casbah.

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  28. Ha! I hated math, sucked at math, didn’t care for math! I was the english/grammer and history pro! Well, and pro at other things like sluffing and, um, ya.

    I would love to go back to school though! At this point it’s becoming a necessity! My brain doesn’t work like it used to! I think it’s atrophying. Is that even a word? So much for being pro at english/grammer!

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  29. OOH I love Shakespeare. Did I mention that I read him for fun?
    Or that I do calculus problem solving for fun? At least I did until I had Sacha…

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