In all of my melancholy moodiness paired with the 40 Days of Water challenge I’ve realized how much some beverages mean to me.

I currently don’t rely on any sort of beverage to get me through a particular situation, like coffee through an early morning meeting or wine to help me over the anxiety that comes with meeting someone new. The only beverage I call on in case of emergency is full strength original Red Bull. The size of the can depends on the enormity of the day but in general the small ones do me just fine the one or two times a month I indulge in them.

After the flight of cancelled inducer of anxiety attacks I broke my 40 Days deal and bought myself a somewhat bonus sized Red Bull from the drug store down the street from my dad’s house.

It was delicious. It was exactly what I needed and I appreciated it in a way I never would have before.

It’s a strange sort of comfort to know I have a pinch hitter like that, one that doesn’t have to be prescribed by a doctor or involve a three hour nap to recover from what life sometimes throws at me. Little silver can therapy.

Popcorn and orange juice is another deep and abiding pleasure of mine. My dad takes credit for getting me hooked on the combination and I believe him. His stove popped popcorn with a cold glass of orange juice so pulpy you have to chew it is one of the 5 most comforting food combinations in my life.

Warm chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, or peanut butter and jelly paired with cold 2% milk.

Virgin Pina Coladas on warm sandy beaches with chips and salsa.

Root beer and pizza.

Milkshakes and burgers.

I’m not one to condone eating my feelings, but I am one to condone the simple pleasure of eating delicious food, specifically when you’re surrounded by family and friends while doing so.

One of the very best parts of our cruise back in December was ending the night with cookies and milk. Just Addie, my friends and me reminiscing over how wonderful the day had been over one of the most simple culinary pleasures in existence.

What does this have to do with anything? Not much. I guess I’m just thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to recognize something as simple as beverages I had taken for granted. Not to mention the gratitude I feel for my 40 Days pledge saving me from thousands of calories in fruity frozen beverages while in Mexico (which I maybe made up for in guacamole consumption.)

I’ve only pledged $31 so far, but that $31 will give 31 people in Africa clean water for a year.

I’m gaining appreciation for things as simple as cold milk, pulpy orange juice and the access I have to nearly anything I want, and the blessings that come from going without.

While I am being compensated for participating, I will be donating everything I make back to Blood:Water Mission, I figure that makes up for my lack-of-a-Starbucks-habit-donation.


  1. Melissa says:

    I LOVE popcorn and orange juice too! And here I thought I was the only one who liked that peculiar combo.

  2. I love orange juice and popcorn too! My milk with my PB&J has to be chocolate though.

  3. There is nothing better then a PB&J sandwich with ice cold milk. Especially when the bread is fresh and soft, yummy!!

  4. Love popcorn and OJ! Especially if you use crushed ice with the oj and let it sit long enough to make the ice just right…