So I have a tear down the middle of my stomach.

Technical name?

Diastasis Recti.

What does it look like?

The one on the left.

image copyright 2010 Julie Tupler, RN

Does it hurt?

Yes. Quite badly at times.

Can you feel your guts through it?

Yep, and it’s just as gross as it sounds.

Can you fix it?

Sure! But I’m learning it’s a whole hell of a lot of work to do just that.

It involves a splint. A tight splint that I have to wear day and night for at least six weeks. A tight splint that I have to wear day and night for at least six weeks in super hot and sweaty Indiana weather.

What does the splint look like?

*deep breath*

Well, before I show you what I look like with the splint on I should show you what it looks like with it off.

Wait wait wait! First, let me show you what I looked like 9 hours before I gave birth. (Perspective. It helps.)

9 hours before she came out.


9 weeks postpartum (with a giant diastasis, remember? Good.)

11 weeks postpartum diastasis.

and while we’re at it…from the front.

9 weeks postpartum diastasis.

and now with the splint…

diastasis splint.

diastasis splint.

Yeah. That’s a lot to hold in huh?

So. There you go.

That’s what I’m dealing with over here.

It kind of sucks.

But look what I got out of it!!

my ladies.

Two of ’em! BONUS!

Now move along and have comfort in the fact that not all of us are in bikinis eight weeks postpartum.


  1. @Christine, Apparently you can heal one no matter how long ago it happened. There’s also a whole list of things you should/shouldn’t do to make it worse.

    Christine Reply:

    @Casey, I called, spoke with her, bought the program. I’m super excited, Casey. THANK you for finding this and sharing.

  2. @C @ Kid Things, Rumor is you can heal one no matter when it happened…worth looking into.

  3. @emilyjoyce, Don’t you LOVE being the medical mystery patient?

  4. @lceel, No air brush, just good genes. And guts falling out.

  5. @Meredith, You can fix them anytime (or so is the rumor) it’s a lot of work but worth looking into!

  6. @Neeroc, Craziest thing? If you have a diastasis you’re actually not supposed to do sit ups AT ALL. Like, ever. It makes it worse apparently. (which if you’re anything like me, YAY!) details here, I’m no doctor.

  7. @Dana j, That’s what I’m doing! We’re tupler buddies!

  8. @Mandy @ This Girl’s Life, SO HORRIBLE RIGHT? So much sweat.

  9. @Larita, You would know if you had a bad one, my stomach was ON FIRE through the last several months of my pregnancy.
    As far as the stretch marks, it’s my one saving grace after my crappy pregnancies. 🙂

  10. @Heather of the EO, Do you know Jen? @quatromama? She just had a tummy tuck for this very reason. But you have to be done having babies to get one. Otherwise you’ll just screw it all up if you get pregnant again. Lame right?

  11. @Jesica V., Three weeks ago. Almost hulk smashed her.

  12. @Michelle S, It’s called the Tupler Technique…available here! (not sponsored!)

  13. I wore this kind of belt right after i delivered and it helped tremendesly with getting my stomach back to almost flat. Actually in Russia, doctors advice you to wear this belt to help abdominal muscles to get back where they were before, it’s almost mandatory post-partum thing that all women do. You could buy them anywhere. I did it on the advice of my mother; I resisted at first thinking that it should occur naturally, but it really did not with my first, took 2 years, dieting and exercising to get there. With my second one, the belt was what did the majority of the work. It feels weird, with the fat being squashed out on top and at the bottom of the belt (gross i know :), but it gets much better over time! Hang in there, it’s worth it!

  14. OK. Just bought the belt online after seeing it here first. It’s hella cheaper than a tummy tuck in any case. I didn’t buy the whole system– seems like you can get a lot of the information you need online about the exercises. Tell me if you think I’m wrong there.

  15. Added to list of my fears of ever having a baby . . .

  16. More importantly, I hope you’re feeling better ASAP!!

  17. ok, this is totally wrong, but when I looked at the wrap I thought “whoa, that’s like… better than a pair of spanx! I want one!”

    Yeah. I’m twisted, I know.

  18. Um… I didn’t look like her pre-pregnancy. I am counting my lucky stars that I have gained a mere five pounds in the last 21 weeks as it is.

    Also, I must sheepishly admit… that device looks painful, but it must be fun to wear some of your cuter pre-Vivi dresses with the help of that splint, yes?

  19. Thanks for sharing. Twins followed closely by singleton and 2 1/2 years later I STILL look preggo, I might have to try this!

  20. My tummy looks just like yours!! I’m almost 4 months postpartum now… Have just ordered the splint. Have you had any results with it?


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