I tried Vlogging.

I failed.

Vlogging is a lot of work and I talk too much.

I also forgot how much I don’t like my nose and the sound of my own voice.

I have been with my family hanging out in New Mexico where it’s warm and sunny. It’s really hard to sit down and write when the sun is outside beckoning your pale vitamin D deprived skin.

My kid has not been sleeping well either, you see, my mom’s house is 80% windows that face the south and the west.

If you have a fear of vampires? New Mexico is the place for you. Compared to Indiana, New Mexico is that state that’s always! sunny! with blue skies! and fluffy clouds! It’s no wonder they are in different parts of the country, if they were touching Indiana would kick New Mexico’s sunny optimistic trash.

I still have to tell you about Julliard, and the hobo named Hollywood. I’ll also have to tell you about the New Mexico diet, all the food here is too dang spicy for my weenie tastebuds, therefore I don’t eat much, it hurts too much.


You want to see my vlog? Have nothing better to with three minutes and forty six seconds of your time?
Here you go. And yes, I’m aware I mumble.


  1. Since you are touring the country, you should stop by AZ our High Temp is supposed to 90 today. Plenty of Sun! Spring has sprung and Summer is too quickly approaching. Who knew Easter was in Summer right? Ugh! LOL

  2. ah to be in the sun and warmth. 8 inches, gray skies and 20 degrees in philly. and I love spicy southwestern food. yes, I am officially jealous!

    courtney from mommie blogss last blog post.."live your life on less", plus a giveaway…

  3. oh, it sounds wonderful…have fun!

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..

  4. While you are in NM do you have any plans to drift up to Utard? Fry sauce is calling you….

  5. you are a brave…
    i’m so nervous about vlogging because…well…eek.
    how nice to be somewhere warm. and i’m DYING to go to new mexico. so…next time…invite me, k?! thnx!! have fun. and a safe trip!
    btw…i grew up with a sewer. no big deal. just don’t flush down the tampon mess!!

  6. kinda fun…but i def would be way more off base doing a video blog! plus, you have to look decent…whatever!

    a thorn among rosess last blog post..not me monday

  7. and also…yeah, hi, me again…
    my husband mumbles. bad. you…not so bad!

  8. I so miss you.

    And I live out in the middle of no where too. With propane. And a septic tank. And a cistern to hold water.

    It makes me nervous too at a certain time of the month.

    Hence the DIVA cup.

    You remember how effective that was, right?


  9. You’re so stinking cute!!

    sam {temptingmama}s last blog post..Life Lesson: Make-Up Will Make You A Whore

  10. Sorry my CommentLuv left a swear on your site. Bad CommentLuv!!

    sam {temptingmama}s last blog post..Life Lesson: Make-Up Will Make You A Whore

  11. sour cream cools everything off-that is if you like sour cream enough to drown all of your foods in it. Enjoy NM-soon enough you will be back in the midwest enjoying the crazy weather.

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Haiku Friday: My child is too old edition

  12. Aww, nice to hear your voice again. Say hello to your mom and the Moosh for me.

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Gift Card Winner

  13. If you could please just bottle up some of that sunshine and send it my way…I’m cold…also you should vlog more often ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jens last blog post..The Ultimate Wife Sin

  14. You’re too ****ing cute.

    Avitables last blog post..Avitablehood of the Traveling Pants

  15. TWENTY-FIVE. That is the temperature in Indianapolis. I wish my cubicle walls had that hot-water pipe technology.

    Yay for vlogging! Fun!

    Jenns last blog post..Suckered In

  16. Looks pretty glorious to a 14 degree Indy person right now. Also, your disembodied head is pretty adorable.

    Must be Motherhoods last blog post..Thereโ€™s Little Reason Youโ€™d Care About This

  17. Candace says:

    Ah, New Mexico…The Land of Enchantment!?? Looks like you’re in the Santa Fe-ish area?

    We moved from there and LOVED it. We thought we were pretty “tough” with spicy food, being from AZ and all…but…yeah, the food kicked our trash too!

    OH, sun! We miss you!

  18. Wow…talk about culture shock! You go from NY/hustlin’ bustlin’/swanky W-livin/hobnobbin with designers to NM/sunnin’/sequesterin’/muy caliente eatin’…Hope you’re getting a little R&R!

  19. That house is awesome.

    How can you not like the sound of your voice? I guess no one does, but your voice is so sweet and lovely. Mine is all manish.

    ameliorate mes last blog post..My top 10 reasons to move back to California

  20. As a girl who always had wells and septic tanks until I moved off to college, I find it amusing that the septic tank freaks you out. What exactly is it that freaks you out about it??

    Tiffanys last blog post..Hard Hats Required

  21. I wish I had your voice. You should do this more – it was cute.

    Erins last blog post..DSC04867

  22. In the first part you look terrified! What’s the word for cactus-a-phobia??

    Enjoy the sun! My feet haven’t been warm for 6 months.

    Amys last blog post..It’s hard to follow those angsty posts

  23. Nothing with you voice, it sounds great to me, I like it, I like it a lot.

    skys last blog post..Currys GRIFFIN ITRIP AUTO for only 39.99

  24. I was going to point out how FREEZING Indy is right now. But other people beat me to it. Supposed to warm later in the week, but not THAT warm!
    And I didn’t find you mumbly. Super cute, and what a cool house!

    Finding Normals last blog post..Monday Madness!

  25. i didn’t think i could love you more until you explained the process for initiating a shower in your mother’s home. and i liked it.

  26. Did you HAVE to talk about your period in the vlog? Seriously, you couldn’t warn us?

    SciFi Dads last blog post..An Open Letter

  27. Awwww you have such a cute-as-a-button voice!

  28. Your vlog was awesome! Enjoy the sunny weather.

    Nicoles last blog post..February Coupon Savings

  29. i’m sorry…but that’s totally the perfect PLEACE for psycho killers.

    also? you are ridiculously cute.

    alis last blog post..weekendables

  30. place place
    that should say place.

    alis last blog post..weekendables

  31. Dood you are hott. Love your vlog…cuz well, I miss your mumbling and your cute face. Love you.

    Kimmies last blog post..What can you live without?

  32. The first minute 38 seconds has a totally Blair Witch Project The Sequel feel to it.

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..Dear Jason

  33. Dude I can’t wait to hear about Julliard since you were visiting with my bestest friend in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh come to Maine. We just got 3 feet of new snow in the last week!

    Kristins last blog post..I’m Still Standing, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

  34. This was too cute!! You should definitely vlog more often ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here is a funny question… what makes the bricks hot? (The ones that heat the water… am I missing something totally obvious??)

  35. Yay New Mexico! I live in Santa Fe, and when I first moved here the food was crazy-spicy to me too. Now I’m used to it. A hint: honey cools the mouth quickly and dramatically, most restaurants will have a bottle on the table for the sopapillas.

  36. I always enjoy reading your blog. I’ve been kind of out of the blog loop for a couple of weeks. Life was just too hectic.

    I just returned from a trip to Arizona where I saw Monument Valley. It was breath-taking. Arizona is also like New Mexico – always sunny! I live in Kentucky and it was about 30 degrees when I left and when I got to Arizona it was 80 degrees. I’m one of the few people in Kentucky who have a tan on their feet right now from wearing sandles. lol

    I will be posting more photos of Arizona on my blog.

    Melissas last blog post..Traveling Through Arizona