I admitted to facebook last night that Vivi spread my hips like a pair of forceps. Thanks baby.

Which means none of my pants fit, including the ones I wore when I was NINE MONTHS PREGNANT.

Seriously, thanks baby, you’re lucky you’re cute.

Needless to say I bought some pants today. That fit.

Know what else I learned? At this point in time it’s worth the extra $30 to get the pair of pants that “claims” you’re a size 6.

No, I’m not above vanity sizing at all. In fact I’m all for it! GO TEAM VANITY (sizing, at least.)

(Hey Diana? (I’m pretty sure that was your name right? Finn’s mom?) We met at Lululemon? Email me. We’re going to be friends. I’ve already decided. Thanks.)

Anyway, here’s a bunch of stuff I wrote, if you read only one I suggest the one about Vivi emailing me about her day.

Babbled: (to see all my babble posts clicky clicky here.)

Tiny (handmade) baby bows and baubles. (Lou and Lee make some of the best)

Dumbo Bumbo. (I take it back Bumbo, you’re amazing!)

The maternal (long arm) self portrait slideshow. (The only way I can get in pictures anymore.)

An email from Vivi concerning her day. (Dear mom…)

My husband handles the midnight feedings. (And I love him for it.)

Babies don’t keep, dirty toilets do. Trust me. (Stare at the baby.)

The baby has been booted. (SOB, but it’s going well.)

Babyhood: When chubby can be embraced and nibbled. (Babies ain’t fat, they’s just fluffy.)

The kind of not really only second child. (Six years apart isn’t bad at all!)

My baby, she’s super nifty. (Title kind of says it all.)

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  1. My hips did this with my 1st born. I was also a few weeks shy of 20! – crazy. I remember having to go what I called my fat pants, which is so silly because they werent really big, just big for what I was use to. I was a size 3 pre-Caleb, and then after him I had to buy a 7.

    A year later tho my hips shrunk back down and I could fit into 3’s again. weird…

    and after my 2nd born no hip growth at all and same with my 3rd. So I dont know what was up with my 1st!

    All I know is each baby my stomach gets jigglier no matter how hard i try 🙂