This blogging stuff is feast or famine, yo.

1. I won the Tempurpedic bed from Fadra! (holeeee crap! SLEEPOVER AT MY HOUSE!!)

2. I’m giving away a Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive, enter to win! (Or lose all your photos in a tragic computer accident, your choice.)

3. I can’t get enough of Pledge cleaner. On my list of brand loyal products? Pledge is there.

4. I. AM. INSURED. (thanks to a little program from Obama known as the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. Do you have any idea how much easier it is to breathe?)

5. It’s November, which is when I talk turkey and you learn to cook turkey with the greatest of ease from my buddies and me over at the Butterball Blog.

6. I’m a guest on Christine Koh’s Life.Style show today at 1pm EST where I will be talking photography with Karen Walrond and Tracey Clark. Yeah, had you told me I’d ever be included in on a list with those two? I would told you lying is mean and that you had lost your mind.

7. Yes. Those are my real eyelashes. Currently (as in, in this photo) I’m using Lash Stiletto Mascara (it was free) but my most favorite kind is Stila Major Lash mascara. (There is also a Major MAJOR lash version too, I’m loyal to the singular major kind.)

Alli and Me


  1. I am insanely jealous of your eyelashes. You’re so freaking gorgeous!

    Yay for insurance! Yay yay!

    And turkey. Double yay!

    And new beds! My head just exploded with all the awesomeness.

  2. I will have to try that Stila Mascara. I have nice lashes but they get lost behind my glasses.

    Yay on the insurance! I tell people your story when they complain about so-called Obama care. It kind of shuts them up. Her husband is a lawyer? She doesn’t have insurance? They are nice people? How can that be? Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. you know how I feel about Stila. Love it. I’ve been recently hooked on a liquid eyeliner made by Hourglass.

    I know, it’s super expensive, but even my husband (who has never commented on my make-up) said that it was worth it.

    Also, you’re fingers must been bleeding you’ve been so busy.

  4. I’M SO GLAD you have insurance. Even though, with our high-deductible plan, we’re paying for most of this pregnancy out-of-pocket, I can’t imagine doing it without insurance, just in case, y’know?

  5. WOO HOO insurance! I’m so glad to hear that. I’m also glad you won that bed becuase if you hadn’t, there would be something seriously wrong with the world.
    I covet your lashes.

  6. Huzzah! Congrats on the insurance! Happy November!

  7. 1. Can we snuggle with our tiny babies in your new bed when I come to see the temple?

    2. I’ve already been that idiot who didn’t backup once before.

    3. Pledge ranks as one of my top 5 favorite smells. Seriously.

    4. YAY!

    5. I just sent someone else to your post from last year. Can’t wait to see what this year’s post holds.

    6. That’s so friggin’ awesome!

    7. I should really invest in good mascara.

  8. Awesome news all around, especially the insurance and your radiant skin and enviable lashes.

  9. New bed AND insurance? The universe is loving you. 😉

  10. Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations on winning the bed!!

  11. I use Lash Stiletto, too. People comment on my lashes all the time.

    AND YAY! You are INSURED!

  12. awesome. i so wanted you to win that bed.

  13. yay, you’re insured!!

  14. Holy crap! What an amazing week, month, year! The bed- heaven. Insurance- critical. Turkey- Yum. Lashes- Jealous.

  15. New bed, with awesome lashes, insured and eating turkey FTW!

  16. I am so excited for you….on all accounts! But if I could be there snuggling on the new bed with the babies when Bridget comes that would be awesome. I will fetch drinks and change diapers…seriously its a win win!

  17. Health insurance! Hooray for health insurance!!

    Of course, you realize this means that you totally have to vote for Obama’s re-election in 2012, right? 😉

  18. I’m so excited you won the bed!!!!!!!

    Also, why are you so cute? Now I want to come to Indy and hang out with you (or hold your hair while you puke…)

  19. Okay, health insurance AND a new bed??? That’s the best week ever, man. Possibly the best month ever. Plus, you’re on Christine’s show with two amazing ladies that you admire. Are you magical? Can I have some, please? I’m so happy for you and your killer eyelashes.

  20. Yea, Yea, Yea #4!!!!

  21. You totally rocked that bed challenge – congrats!
    If I wasn’t a hundred I would totally do a cartwheel about your insurance! That’s awesome. And finally, your lashes are insane and you are gorgeous.

  22. Woo Hoo on all your great things.

  23. Health insurance: big yay
    Tempurpedic bed: big yay plus IZ JEALUZ
    Mascara: it is a Utah thing, isn’t it……I’m a mascara afficiando!

  24. awesome..Awesome..AWESOME!!!!

  25. Long time lurker, but I can totally relate to the love of a good bed. I swoon over my mattress at home whenever I’m gone on a work trip for too long.

  26. Congratulations on all the awesome!

  27. I’m so pleased about the insurance and the bed and the turkey and the lashes and more importantly the BABY!!!!. Now lets just hope they don’t repeal it! Health care is a basic human right and I can’t figure out how such a christian country can be sooo stingy.

  28. insurance, turkeys, bed, and eyelashes. I like it all.

  29. YAY for all of it

  30. Thanks for the tip on the pre-existing condition insurance.
    My husband got his back broken in a construction accident in 1997, and last time he tried to have the claim reopened for some work the Doctor’s office screwed up the legal paperwork and now his claim is closed, Permanently.
    This may help with some problems he’s been having.

    You don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent in the last year on mascara. And I don’t like any of it. Maybe I’ll check your out.

    SO SO SO happy to hear you won that bed. How is it?

  31. Congratulations on getting the insurance!