There comes a point in every HG pregnancy (let me know if I’m wrong) where IVs become little vacations. Especially when done in those really fancy hospital arm chairs with nurse call buttons and warm bags of saline wrapped in blankets to snuggle. IVs mean you get to feel partially human again without having to play stomach roulette, attempting to find a food and/or beverage that is willing to stay down. Bonus points if you get a Zofran chaser and can manage to chow down on a hospital provided snack before leaving.

I have reached the “IVs are fun!” stage of the sickness.

I’m not quite to the “Nasogastric tubes are my homeboy” phase however.

heart shaped cracker

When I’m not looking Addie bites Saltines into the shape of hearts for me.

I certainly never received this particular level of service with my first pregnancy.

(I also guest posted over at Mom it Forward today about shooting things with my mom.)


  1. Ha…funny in a really tragic way, but only because I can relate. When my doctor suggested taking out my IV the day before I was released from the hospital to see how I’d do without it, I’m sure I had a deer in the head lights look as I frantically told her I did NOT want the IV out and I’d be quite happy to take it home with me and add in an NG tube as well. And as opposed to the oral zofran, the IV zofran at least made it possible to drink some gatorade and eat jello and popsicles.

  2. Aw, I so bummed that you are so sick for this pregnancy too! I think Swistle’s tag line of “acknowledging my luckiness without giving up my claim of the suckiness” is perfect in this situation.

  3. Zofran and IVs are God’s little presents to those of us who have to barf up our innards in order to bring forth healthy children. Here’s to this being the day you keep food down. Or at least a couple sips of Sprite.

  4. I looked at the 3 day hospital stay after I delivered Sophia as a vacation. People to bring me food, no one to clean up after..sure, they didn’t let me sleep but all I HAD to do was stay in bed & feed the baby.

  5. Honestly… I can’t believe you’re going through all of this and in the midst of it, you take time out to guest post on my site.

    I’ll help you out with that date with your hubby. Just you wait!

    Hang in there in the meantime!


  6. she is so sweet. At first I thought why is Moosh holding a cracker in the shape of Ohio but I can totally see the heart.

    ((hugs)) I had to get IVs several times when pregnant with the girls and because I was always so dehydrated when I would finally get them my veins would always blow out. I really hope that your veins are holding up better than mine did in that situation.

    ((hugs)) some more.

  7. HG sucks! I’ve had a few patients with that– they do indeed look happy with their IV buddies! Hope you feel better. We actually sent one gal home with a PICC line– maybe you will feel better with one of those?

  8. 🙁 I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Can I do SOMETHING for you? I’m not that far away. I’m thinking you aren’t up to a meal, but is your family?

    Praying for ya, Casey!

  10. Love that Addie puts her whole heart into her service for you.

  11. Ugh. I am thinking of you often, I hope you are surviving.

    I loved your Mom it Forward post!!

  12. (((Just hugs)))

    Hope you make it through till the next vacation, er, I mean, IV.

  13. I just feel an urge to state publically that I love you missy. See you tomorrow.

  14. Awww, the saltine hearts are so sweet.

    Again…hate that you have to go through this. Ends don’t always justify the means…I’m glad you were able to get a brief respite, though. Best wishes continuing.

  15. Amy in StL says:

    Next time I am sick and my boyfriend says, “Aw, poor boo. Can I do anything for you?” I’m totally requesting heart shaped saltines.

  16. I’m going to have a meal for you, ok, not you but your kin ready tomorrow when (if) (hopefully) I see you.

  17. Hi there! Delurking, finally, to congratulate you on your pregnancy, and to say that your photography is absolutely stunning! Seriously, I think you’re the best photographer in blog-land.

    Sorry to hear your having such a hard time with your pregnancy! Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

  18. Awwww… your daughter is so sweet.

  19. That is so sweet what she does with the crackers. 🙂

    I know what you are going through, and from the bottom of my heart I am sorry. I know it is not fun…at all. I dealt with it in my first two pregnancies, though the second was worse.
    I too could keep saltines down, sometimes. Some other things I could keep down once in a while were pretzels, chex mix (original flavor only), watermelon, fettuccine with alfredo sauce, water, and soy milk (towards the end). Of course most of this depended on the day and time and well I’m not sure why some days I could and couldn’t others.

    In my third trimester I was put on a daily pill. The same pill they give cancer patients going through chemo to help with their nausea. Some days it helped and others it did not. It usually helped a week or so at a time and then wear off until they upped the dosage. Not much I could do once I got to the highest dosage within safety for a pregnant person.

    I will say though that through ALL of those issues (I had major, major back problems and swelling too) my daughter came out perfect. 🙂 She was 8 lbs 2oz and beautiful. All my weight I gained was baby even though I was big. What little food I did keep down the doctor said she was sucking the nutrients out of and that is what made her so healthy; she was taking all the nutrients and leaving me with little. I don’t care either way because she was healthy and I lived, that is what matters. She is still healthy to this day.

    Good luck!

  20. I would totally bite your saltines into hearts for you lady.

  21. Yay for IVs!! 🙂
    Sorry you need them though.

  22. i can hardly even comment because i’m so emotional. i have had 4 HG pregnancies. i can’t even put into words what i want to type here.

    just wanted to say that i get it. so very much. i know it can be WAY annoying to get what sounds like medical advise in comments from people that you don’t know. i’m not trying to say you’re not getting good care or that there is a fix….i know from a literally being on my death bed that there is not some miracle fix. but, i have done a lot of investigating and i have been through it 4 times. just wanted to put out there that there is a zofran pump. i had to basically introduce it to my doctors 4 years ago, but it is much more widely know about know. i was still basically bed-ridden and it definitely has side effect for the mom, but it did literally save my life.

    i hope that you are one of the ones that this just suddenly goes away. i know the depths of despair this can be for your mind when your heart is nothing but joyful.

    you’re welcome to e-mail me anytime.

  23. now THAT is ridiculously full of typos. wow. i think you can still read it.

  24. Very few of us understand how fabulous one feels after an IV treatment. Six pregnancies, 5 children and many, many IV vacations….all worth it and totally far from my mind now! You can do it – you can do it!!! I feel your pain sistah!


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