Two years ago my sister gave me my first lush bath bombs for Christmas. (Sakura and MMM Marshmallow Melting Moment.)


When we were in Cincy early last year I made Cody drive well out of our way to go to the lush store in Macy’s.

Cody stuffed my stocking at Christmas with bath bombs.

My friends Blair and Dawn both gifted me with lush.

There is a package currently en route full of things for my tub not to mention my linen closet currently houses a grand variety of tub goodies.

bath bombs.

If you’ve never used one? You must.

If you have to get a gift for someone? They’re perfect.

If you have a big enough tub to fit you and your lover? It will end well. (*ehem* there is one that is called Sex Bomb for good reason.)


My glowing endorsement comes with a warning…

Some of the bath bombs spit stuff out without warning.

I had a fourth of July bomb that spewed forth a red streamer (without my glasses I am twice legally blind, so when I came back into the bathroom with a giant red blob running through my tub…did you ever see IT? Yeah, terror is an understatement.) Red white and blue glitter and star shaped confetti also came out. The confetti was kind of pokey, not going to lie.

I had a love bomb that turned the water pink. Once I sunk into the tub (again, twice legally blind) I noticed floaters. I started to berate myself and my tub cleaning abilities until I noticed that I was floating in a pink sea of heart confetti. SURPRISE!!

Tonight…I had bought the Dragon’s Egg for Addie and me. It promised FIREWORKS!! and it smelled delicious. Addie threw it in and we sat at the side of the tub and watched it. Sure enough there were crackly somethings in it that sounded like fireworks!! Then it started spewing out an orange trail, JUST LIKE A COMET!! WE WERE AWESTRUCK! Next golden glitter began pouring out from the center of the bath bomb. SURPRISE AGAIN!!!

By the time I got my rotund body out of the tub I noticed I was covered, COVERED! in gold glitter. Head to toe, bum to belly. You want to see something funny? A naked pregnant lady coated in gold glitter is funny.

(This post wasn’t sponsored by anyone or anything but my own shame, or lack thereof. However if Lush needs product testers? Addie and I will be first in line, even the glittery, pokey confetti ones.)


  1. I just purchased my first LUSH product and my preschooler dropped it into a bucket that held her “turtle that grows two sizes when in water for 2 weeks” and now I’m without lush. Again.

    designhermomma Reply:

    @OHmommy, I am sad face reading this. Oh no. NO NO NO.

  2. Love Lush bombs but I know what you speak of. There is a vanilla lavender bomb that spits out lavender seeds & at first glance they look like a swarm of dead bugs ๐Ÿ™

  3. Oh girl, I love Lush with a passion. Tell me you’ve tried the bubble bars. Oh, and Buffy is so awesome and shower-friendly.

    I have a cousin in DC who is my Lush dealer and brings me stuff when she visits, it’s wonderful. I did just get a gift card for my bday and I’m having a hard time deciding what to buy!

  4. Well clearly Mozzi was just begging for her first photo covered in gold glitter (in utero obviously). I hope you seized the day on that opportunity.

    I have seen your tweets about Lush and obviously I am missing out. Must decide on what to try first.

  5. Hahaha! Everything is better with glitter, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. There is a lush across from my work… It smells amazing at all times of the year and yet I have never stepped inside… Until tomorrow… I plan on marching my butt in there and buying the most awesomest bomb I can find… I may not have a bath (it’s apartment size and leaves me with cold nippleitis) but I’m sure my 4yo will be happy to jump in! Thanks Casey!

  7. I just laughed out loud at this – off to google lush; bathtime fireworks sound like fun!

  8. I’ve heard so many great things about LUSH. I must try soon!!!

  9. How does one get glitter off oneself? lol

  10. This cracked me up. I love all things Lush. But I do try to avoid the bath bombs that will obviously spew things. Not because I mind being covered in glitter or sparkles, but I’m not a fan of having to strain my bath water so the drain doesn’t get clogged with streamers and sparkles.

  11. I never knew what was available in the world of bath products! Lush sounds exciting!

  12. Ummm…Lush stuff kinda freaks me out. I’m glad you’re having fun though…Cheers!

  13. I have never heard of Lush products before. I’ve googled and apparently there is not anywhere in my state to buy–maybe that’s why. I’m so intrigued now!! Must find some

  14. I have one bomb in my bath pantry. Or is it a sugar scrub?

    Anyhoo, I think it’s our 2011 mission to get Lush to officially come to Indy.

  15. i got addicted to lush when i lived in dallas last summer. oh my is it ever dangerous to go in that store!

    hahahahaaa oh the mental image you create (wait…is that creepy?)

  16. mommabird2345 says:

    Umm, don’t you get glitter where you should NEVER get glitter? I just don’t want any ichyness or owies in places where the sun don’t shine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. I want to get the Dragon’s Egg just to watch the show!

    I don’t have a bathtub worthy of such frivolity. ::sigh:: But next time I know I’m going to be in a nice hotel, I’m getting me some lush!

  18. Oh please, the night before labor and delivery, take a bath that ends in you being covered in glitter. You’ll give the nurses and docs something to talk about ๐Ÿ™‚

    Biddy Reply:

    @Michelle Smiles, oh my stars YES! you must do this!

    Molly Reply:

    @Biddy, I love this idea! I just told my mom this and she goes “the baby will eat it when she lays on her”

    She’s too pragmatic. But she’s also a huge lush fan, so I’ll let it slide.

  19. OH That sounds like a lot of fun! I don’t know if I can handle that much fun in the tub!

  20. We have a Lush store here in Columbus, too. Just sayin’, in case you ever want to come visit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Space Girl is my fav – purple with gold glitter, and it smells so yummy!

  21. I’ve never had one. I think I need one.

  22. Ah, you write so well! Random weirdness like this happens to me occasionally, but I could never do it justice the way you do!
    My husband wanted to know what I was laughing at so much so he read this (you’re welcome) and now says we should get some. I told him only if we’re going to a place that has a decent tub because we’ve lived here a year and I have yet to take a bath in ours… grody hard water stains. And super small.
    PS. I think it was HerBadMother that was just talking about there’s no such thing as too much glitter – last week in a post about fashion by her daughter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I can’t remember the last time I took a bath. When we bought our house 5.5 years ago the switch that takes the water from shower to tub was broken and the drain latch was also broken. It works fine for showers, but baths are a no go. Maybe I should have hubs remedy this situation so I can try out this Lush thing.

  24. awesome! Great endorsement!

  25. Lushhhhhhh! My favorite bath bomb is the Twilight one (although my instinct is to hate anything called twilight. damn vampires) because it smells nice, turns the water pink and blue and does not contain glitter/confetti/anything weird that you don’t expect in your bathtub.

    I just got their Volcano foot masque (yeah, I need a foot masque, they’re smelly and dry) and my sister and I did it last night. That + their fair trade foot lotion makes mah feet so happy!

    :::sigh::: I love lush. I have two twilight bath bombs and a magic mushroom bubble bar left.

  26. I love Love LOVE Lush! I like the bath bombs, but the bubble bars are my favorite. I can’t have a bubble bath with anything else now, it just doesn’t compare. The shampoo bars are great for traveling too.

    Why, oh why, isn’t there a Lush in Indy? Whenever we travel somewhere, I always look to see if there’s a Lush. When we go to visit family in Sarasota, we actually fly into Tampa then drive down because there’s a Lush store right next to the Tampa airport.

  27. When I was pregnant, one of my best friends sent me a bath package from lush as a congratulations present.

    Best. Gift. Ever.

  28. Oooh, these sound REALLY fun. Thank you my favorite sparkly naked preggo-person <3

  29. I am not a bath person…maybe a bath bomb would change me forever!

  30. I adore all things Lush, I even go from sunny So Cal to Orlando, just because of the Lush store in the Orlando airport (ok, maybe for Disneyworld also). The body butter, bombs, bubble bars? All amazing, but the true unsung hero is my facial moisturizer, Enzimicion. Tried it 4 years ago and refuse anything else! Keeps my oily face in line, soft, acne free and best of all? Not dry! Its a miracle product for oily skin.

  31. I have been wanting to try Lush for a while! Those sound AWESOME!

  32. wait.

    why am i just hearing of lush?

    where do i get it?

    i feel that i would take my baths if I had a BOMB in the tub!

  33. Lush is great, but many of they’re products contain sulfates which is not good for your skin. I own a company called iVi Scents (shameless plug) and we refuse to use sulfates in any of our products. We don’t sell bath bombs or bubble bars, but we do sell soaps and lotions. If you aren’t into sulfates, check us out at

  34. Why or why have I never heard of such wonderfulness?? I must get thee to Macy’s this weekend. They have Godiva there TOO! Godiva and lushness will be had by me…in my tub……with an adult beverage…Maybe it turned you into a VAMPIRE! If you were all like glittery and stuff! Did ya think of that? Yeah, I read the books…and saw the movies..and I secretly covet Rob Pattinson. I admit it. Only with a small amount of shame.

  35. Love Lush! I discovered them almost 12 years ago on my honeymoon in Vancouver BC.

  36. I know it’s not as fun, but if you knot the bomb in a knee high pantyhose, all of the sparklies and pointies are contained. You still get the lovely colors and scents, though.
    Also, count me in as someone in Indy who’d LOVE a Lush.

  37. These could very easily become an addiction. I’m very afraid that I will be spending much more time and money on bathing.
    : )

  38. You inspired me to order from the Lush website! Can’t wait to try out the variety of bath bombs I bought!! Sounds super fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I first experienced Lush when i was still living in Brazil. I seriously think the store in Brazil only sold the sex bomb, which makes sense for Brazil.

  40. omg, I was just exposed to Lush a few months ago. When my husband was in the hospital, a friend kidnapped me for lunch and a shopping trip and got me a bunch of bombs. They are so flippin amazing!!!

  41. Can you believe my sis-in-law gave me a bath bomb for Christmas several YEARS ago and I have yet to try it out? It’s in my bathroom… somewhere… I think…


  42. THAT is hysterical.
    I enjoy a nice hot soak occasionally but, I’ve never gotten the “add stuff to the bath” thing


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