One year ago I was in Kansas City living a out a fantasy in the halls of Hallmark world headquarters while Heather was back in a hospital with Maddie.

It wasn’t fair.

things changed that night.

I didn’t get back to Indy until late that night.

Just before midnight I got a text…”Did you hear about Maddie?”

Less than 24 hours later I was on a plane to L.A.

It was so sunny there.

Now it’s been a year. A whole year. 365 days.

Maddie Spohr's Balloon Release.

I set up shop to sell prints of some of my favorite images, including this one.

All of the proceeds will go directly to Friends of Maddie.

You can purchase prints here.

You can also donate directly to Friends of Maddie online.

I’ll never forget that little kid. No one should. She was simply too lovely.


  1. I won’t forget.

  2. i’ll never forget. ever.

  3. I could no sooner forget Maddie than my own name. She’s etched in my heart forever.

  4. Maddie’s service was one of the most tragically beautiful days of my life. I only met Maddie once, but her glowing smile is something I won’t forget.

  5. I have that picture on my desk at work. I DMd you shortly after the service and asked you for the non watermarked version and you were generous enough to send it to me. I look at it every day. Every day it is a reminder, a prod to be better. Maddie will never be forgotten. Of that I am certain.

  6. mommabird2345 says:

    She has touched my heart and I have never met her. I think of her and her family everyday. They will be in my thoughts and prayers always.

  7. I don’t know what to say except the world is just a little bit dimmer without her.

    She is such a bright light. Absolutely unforgettable.

  8. I haven’t forgotten, and I never will. My Maddie and I are both wearing purple today. We sent big grins up to heaven, but we’re missing hers.

  9. I’ll never forget that, being with you that day made it more real for me. I still can’t shake it.

    Many hugs to you, I know you loved Maddie. You are a great friend to Heather.


  10. I’ll never forget either.

  11. Today the world wears purple.

  12. It’s been tough to think about Maddie today.

    Checkin’ out the photos for sale!

  13. Won’t forget, ever.


  14. amen

  15. The story may grow older and fade in our minds, but the tale never becomes less important nor the loss less tragic.

  16. I didn’t know Maddie, but I’ve heard her story, and I’ll never forget her legacy.

  17. Today the world wears purple.