***This is a post where a company (Maghound) was all “HEY TRY OUR STUFF FOR FREE” and I was all “OKAY BUT ONLY IF IT’S AWESOME” and guess what? It is awesome. And I get to give the same thing I got away to one of you. No money traded hands. Just glossies. P.S. I love being ad free and the boss of my own blog.***

the moosh was about two. I got a subscription renewal in the mail for Parents magazine- RENEW NOW! 5 YEARS FOR ONLY $25! Sweet right?


My baby is almost five and there’s no other baby around. I don’t want to read about breastfeeding or 75 ways to raise a healthy! confident! baby! I scan the recipes and then just get depressed looking at all the swollen bellies and cute things they never had when I had kids (yes, I’ve become one of those people.)

Yet Parents magazine will be showing up at my door for another three years. Hurrah. *eye roll*

So here’s the deal with Maghound.

It starts at $4.95 a month and you pick any three magazines you want. They are delivered to your house and if you hate one of them? Or stop being pregnant? Or decide that a certain fashion magazine just makes you feel frumpy? Change it out for a new one the next month.

(So yeah, kind of like Netflix. Only with magazines.)

Let’s say you subscribe to American Photo (hi!) and it only comes once every other month. Or you pick a magazine that only publishes ten issues a year. You get to pick alternate magazines to replace the ones that aren’t monthly. So on the off months that a new issue of American Photo isn’t published I’ll get National Geographic in its place.

My Maghound Account
(my maghound account)

All it takes is a few clicks to change around any of the magazines your getting, want to get, don’t want to get or to do other things like add another subscription, change your address or have a particular magazine come in a particular persons name. (you know, like if you were a parent who liked to share and let your kid choose Disney Princess magazine it could come in her name. Or you could be like me and never let her know that there is such a thing as Disney Princess magazine. (As an aside, it’s only $3 more a month to get two more magazines.))

So here’s the deal (if you’re not in the United States SORRY! I HAVE MISLED YOU! Maghound is currently only available to US addresses.) Go ahead and tell me how you’d split up the magazines. Or would you keep them all for yourself? *ahem* Which ones would you get? What do you think the greatest benefit of using Maghound over a regular subscription is?

Leave a comment below with an answer to one of the above questions and you’ll be entered to win a one year subscription to Maghound from me. That’s at least 36 magazines of your choice for free for an entire year. Tweet about this giveaway for an extra entry (my twitter user name is @mooshinindy.)

My contest will end at Midnight EST Wednesday September 9th. But there are over a dozen other opportunities to win a membership throughout the month with the sites and dates listed below. (You can enter all, but you can only win once.)

Independent Fashion Bloggers: September 1-4

The Coveted: September 2-8

me! September 3-9

GearLive: September 8-11

Hack College: September 9-12

Lisa Reviews: September 10-13

Our Ordinary Life: September 11-14

One Day, One Job: September 12-15

Greeblemonkey: September 13-16

The art of accessories: September 14-17

Gear Diary: September 15-18

Tierra Wilson: September 16-19
Chris Pirillo: September 17-20

A Couch with a View: September 18-21

Nadine Jolie: September 19-22

Two of a kind, Working on a Full House: September 20-23

Chip Chick: September 21-24



  1. oh mah hell.
    I have a sick fascination with glossies.

    I want the photography ones, and the food ones, and the family ones and I guess a hunting one for Nate 😉 and.. the list goes on and on.

    Yes, please.

  2. I’d use it to try all kinds of magazines I’ve never read or don’t see around here. I currently read Oprah and Psychology Today and I love Rachel Ray’s food mag.

  3. LOVE it! I already went and joined because it is amazing.

  4. Oh man, I can NOT pick. Real Simple, People, Nat Geo (reg and traveler), Dwell, Food and Wine, Reader’s Digest (don’t judge! childhood fav), Cat Fancy (just to see how much cat content there is!), Reptiles (my fav cold bloods), Cincinnati Magazine (don’t get enough Double Sin City coverage in DC) and Motor Boating (hehe).

  5. I might get Disney & Me for the kidderoos. I’d definitely get Real Simple for myself.

  6. You know, if it came in my mailbox, I pretty much would read anything. I love Vanity Fair, because they feature Annie Leibowitz’s photos in nearly every issue. My kids are digging National Geographic for Kids. Being a SAHM, I seem to be a bit behind with current affairs, so Newsweek would be great. Of course, any guilty pleasures like Cosmo, Glamour, or US Weekly could be fun! I love the flexibility of changing the subscriptions. I’d be a kid in a candy store!

  7. Great service but I was disappointed to see that two of my favorite magazines (Bust and Mental Floss) were not available 🙁

    Other than that it seems really great. I’d share. I’d like NatGeo, In Style, Wired, and Ready Made. I’d get NatGeo Kids and Dog & Cat Fancy for my son.

  8. Let’s see, I’d send a kiddy type magazine for my nice and another for my nephew, and then indulge in one for me. Photography, fashion, education… something of the sort. This is a great idea, who came up with this?

  9. Ooo, these would be all for me! I love Sunset so I would get that, then one of the photography magazine… oh, and I guess in another year or so I’d probably share one with my kid… 😉

  10. I love the idea of getting a sampling of so many different magazine for the cost of ONE! Great idea!!

  11. ooh me. I love this idea!

    lets see- I would need the Smithsonian and the New Yorker. . .and scrapbook magazines. And I might even upgrade and let the kids get something for themselves as well hee!

  12. I would love to win consumer reports (for me), fast company (for me&Hubs), and also baseball digest (for my brother–see I am not an evil sister!), or maybe Maxim (for my Hubs)….

    My FAV feature is what you mentioned in your post….no receiving mags you don’t want anymore….and having to control over your own glossy world. Great giveaway!

  13. national geographic for me. I would like to share the subscription with my mom or my 5 year old neice.

  14. Cosmo for me, Readers Digest & National Geographic for my mom. Well, technically its for my mom but really it would allow me to cancel the subscriptions I have for her now, so really it would save me money. She doesn’t read them all every month anyway, so I could maybe alternate with some others that I would want (that would be the greatest benefit). Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I love this! I would let my husband choose one, and I’d keep the other two (our daughter is still too young).

  16. I’d get a business magazine for my hubby, a lifestyle magazine for myself and a parenting magazine for the kids–well, for me. They don’t read yet, but it is to help me help them.

  17. I, too, have a subscription to Parents magazine that isn’t welcome.

    I would split up the mags between me and hubby, letting him pick something like Mustang 5.0 while I sneaked (snook?) into the bathtub with the latest issue of Vogue.

  18. Wow. This is a GREAT idea. I’d pick probably Real Simple or Redbook (or most likely, Cosmo) for me and then two others for my kids.

    Thanks for the opportunity, and the info! I think I’ll look them up myself.

  19. Man… if I actually had time to read magazines, I’d be all over this!!! That’s actually a really great idea. If I did have such a luxury, I’d read the mags then donate them to my family doctor’s office.

  20. This is a FANTASTIC idea!

  21. I would use this to manage subscriptions to the many cooking magazines I want, which (in my opinion) have different strengths at different times of year. At holidays I’d do Martha, in summer I’d do Cooking Light, a few times a year when I was feeling ambitious, I’d do Gourmet. This is a GREAT idea!

  22. I love the idea of maghound. I am magazineless right now, so I would love to start enjoying my favorites on a regular basis. Instyle, Food Network, Real Simple–so hard to choose!


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