Yep, we were on ESPN tonight due to the fact that we were close enough to the field to hear the cheerleaders sneeze.

Did you see us? Did you? My dad did. Did you?

And close enough to check out the camera guys.

Camera Guys

Is that a spare lens in your bag or, oh well, you know the rest.

See here’s the ESPN guys right here.


It’s a good thing Utah fans travel in groups, because we were severely outnumbered.

tailgatersUtah PreGame

Oh. And then there was one little thing, we totally won.

Happy Cody

Which means the players came over to thank their adoring fans.

WinnersSmelly Boys

B. Johnson and us

Don’t forget those sneezing cheerleaders.


I love this game.


  1. Wow! See… I may not know a damn thing about football, but I would have LOVED to be there for that! (*ahem* and the male cheerleader…)

  2. Fun!

    Hey, I have to ask, and if others are saying this and it’s annoying, I’m sorry. But have you seen Knocked Up? Because the little girl in that movie IS Mooch! I swear… is it her? If it’s not her, it’s uncanny how much they look alike… But you would have told us if your daughter was in a movie, right?

    Anyway, if it’s NOT her, you have to check it out. =)

  3. GO UTES! I’m so glad you were there to represent for those of us who were here and wishing we were there!!

  4. Congrats! Now just keep UT in your thoughts this weekend. OU is going down!

  5. Yeah, um, football….eh. But yummy back of cut and tattooed male cheerleader? Oh, yippee!

  6. Dude. That last picture is hawt!

  7. Maybe football culture always thrive in the south.

  8. So so so so jealous! Mmmm! I can smell the sweat from here!

    Cuz- you look HOT in red! Did I forget to call you? Ugh! I’m a dumby!

  9. male cheerleaders = HOT
    me = JEALOUS

  10. I would have LOVED to be there as well. But … umm … not so much for the male cheerleaders. I just really enjoy me a good football game.

  11. Gee, I almost want to go to a football game after seeing these. Almost. 🙂

  12. Didn’t see you on ESPN but I did see you in “Knocked Up.” Have you seen it? Cause I am pretty sure you played Katherine Heigle’s sister and the Moosh was your daughter. Why didn’t you tell everyone you’re a movie star?!

  13. WOO HOO!!! looks like a lot of fun.

  14. LOL!!


    I think I now heart male cheerleaders too 😉

  15. Yuuuuuuuuummmm…I am in love with that male cheerleader.

    Glad you had fun!

  16. Uhh we totally got killed. My poor Seahawks. Maybe I should switch to college ball….of course the Huskies didn’t do much better against USC *sigh*

  17. Have I told you lately how much your captions and photo art KILL ME? I seriously can’t stop laughing.

  18. OMG that cheerleader is hot.

  19. I don’t think I could hate a male cheerleader with a body like that. Mmmm. mmmm.

    Much better than Mr. Dry Heave.


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