I love to make out with my husband.


It’s true.

After eight years Cody still does it for me.


Sometimes even multiple times.


You shouldn’t be, really. It’s completely natural and frankly if you have a kid EVERYONE KNOWS YOU DID IT AT SOME POINT. All this talk about us trying to get another tax deduction in my belly for the last three years? GUESS HOW WE’RE TRYING TO GET THAT BABY THERE. I dare say next to the scent of lilacs and donuts, sex is the best gift God ever gave us mere mortals.

As long as we treat it with respect.

You go messing around with something as sacred as procreation and things get dicey.

If you’re married sex is important. Not only to get those babies in our bellies but to share a part of us that is only meant for one other person who means the most to us, whomever that may be.

In my case it’s Cody.

And I crave Cody on a regular basis.

And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

There’s something about being so desperately and trusting  in love with someone even though they know what you smell like in the morning, look like after giving birth and sound like when you’re screaming about buying the wrong kind of cracker.

Our shapes have changed over the last eight years. Some parts have travelled south, a lot are squashier, but we’ve been with each other for every bump, bruise, scar, ingrown hair and new freckle.

Diaper Diaries has an all out challenge for those of you who feel up to it***.I’m not here to offer suggestions on what you should do, everyone’s situation is so different. I’m just here to say that being tangled up with your significant other on a regular basis can cure a lot of hurt, solve a lot of stress and grow a lot of love.

Plus it’s fun.


***Diaper Diaries challenge references the New Living Translation of the Bible. While I don’t use that particular version in my personal bible study (I use the King James Version) the underlying point that sex is a good thing is the same. And that is my point. Not that anyone is wrong or right when it comes to what version of the bible they read.


  1. And it burns calories!

  2. Um, yes I second everything you wrote 🙂

  3. After 11 years, my hubs still “does it for me” too. And, he may be 11 years older than he was back in the early days, but in so many ways I find him a thousand times more attractive. : )

  4. Sex is good. No argument here.

    badassdad05s last blog post..old school

  5. i love having sex with my husband. it makes me happy. really, really happy.

  6. Totally agreed. We’ve been together since 96 and we’re still hot like teenagers for each other. And every year it gets better.

    Karen Sugarpantss last blog post..Here’s the Thing: Sex Edu-ma-cation

  7. Well THAT was awesome! Just read your post then hers and Man oh Man are you BOTH right on the money!
    My teenagers and not so teenagersanymore are gonna kill me but that makes the challenge all that much more fun right?

  8. Good for you! Enjoy your End of Law School celebration you wild child, you!!

    Jills last blog post..Friday Fun Day

  9. I’m all about a roll in the hay with my husband.

  10. Great post! Nothin’ like a little lovin’! I love reading your blog, it’s nice to read something from home! (We’re from Fishers and have misplaced ourselves. Several times in fact.)

    Sarahs last blog post..See Kai Run Review and Giveaway

  11. I love making out with my husband, and I really hate that birth control makes me lose my libido sometimes!

    Melissas last blog post..Vacation All I ever wanted!

  12. Thanks so much for the link!! This is obviously something I feel passionately about and I think we wives need a kick in the pants sometimes. I love it when people celebrate healthy marital sex. It gets too much of a bad rap 🙂

    The Diaper Diariess last blog post..Frugal Friday- Freepeats

  13. Well, I don’t have a kid, so clearly I don’t have sex.

    Avitables last blog post..Memes are so 2007

  14. So I know sex is natural and all that jazz… but DUDE. That’s my brother! Oh the humanity!

    Olivia Singletons last blog post..FYI: I Don’t Want To Talk About It

  15. Great Post! I think the world would be a happier place if everyone got a little more good lovin’

    Cute~Ellas last blog post..haikuuussshhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. I started dating my husband at 13 years old. We married at 19. Now we’re both 32 and our marriage is falling apart. It’s sad.

    I love hearing about others who are doing well though. Whose marriages are strong and full of love.

  17. And, good luck with that baby making!

    Rheas last blog post..Money on my Mind

  18. Nice to know you’re, um, gettin some. Also nice to know that there are people out there who, after eight years, are still very much in love with their spouse 🙂

  19. Great post Casey. I completely agree. That’s what keeps my marriage fun and full of trust.

    ashleys last blog post..Hindsight is Really Just Foresight. Reversed.

  20. Casey,
    haha love this post.
    umm..I hate to say this…but the interpretation of the scripture by Diaper Diaries is not correct. It doesn’t mean what she says it means. Its a common misinterpretation in the larger the Christian community. Not in line with KJ Bible.
    Anyway… I’m a party pooper. Sorry.

  21. I love posts celebrating married love! As I commented on the Diaper Diaries, I would so be doing this if I were married.

    Wendys last blog post..Writer’s Block: LiveJournal Book Club

  22. That was fantastic. I’m glad to know you and your man get it on regularly and that you crave him. Keep on Keep’n on!

    Taylees last blog post..Your Humor for the Day.

  23. Lisa in TX says:

    Dugi – KJV = photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy–there’s bound to be weird mistranslations. Try Gutenberg. He was closer to the originals. Or, you can try the actual Greek.

  24. I too love my hubby & love that we still have fun in the bedroom together. Now my girls think the stork brought them or something because they get totally grossed out about us hugging in the kitchen or when I giggle about something he says. They will understand someday-AFTER they are married.

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..My goals for May

  25. Nice to know I’m not the only one that feels that way. Now if only my hubby craved me the way I crave him.

  26. I completely agree with everything you wrote. and I got chills when I read the part about being with someone who has seen you in every light. I totally feel that way too. 🙂

    Kristins last blog post..? Lost and insecure, you found me! ?

  27. Love it Casey! So true. Now I just have to find a husband that feels the same way! Someday someday for sure!

    The Bossy Yankees last blog post..Graduation 2009…Choosing the college you want to graduate under, to high tail it out of there!

  28. I love this! And I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Even if I don’t have kids. Life is my kid and it gets in my way.

    Brees last blog post..Happy Birthday J

  29. We got married yesterday. Suffice it to say I agree as much as possible with this post!

    Rhoni Renees last blog post..Three Days, Five Days

  30. Okay, I’m a bit slow in catching up with your posts the past few days (something about a race in your town…sheesh I’m tired). So thanks for sharing. One would *think* that since as a couple we have less than a 1% chance of ever conceiving again that the sex would be more frequent and even better (since there’s no longer need for birth control AND we’ve been blessed with two awesome kids) and yet I confess that sleep is all I think about when we get into bed. We may be the typical young parents right now, but I am confident it’s only a phase!

  31. Heh, just replace “Cody” with “Mike,” and I’m with you all the way. 😀

    Elizabeth Kaylenes last blog post..House sitting


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