Now that pregnancy is coming to an end I’m feeling nostalgic about all the little things I’m going to miss.

Little things I didn’t blog about but that deserve a mention.

Like the other night at 4 am when I wanted applesauce. I couldn’t get any of the jars open so I went back to bed sobbing, but not before emailing Cody (yes, at 4 am) informing him that there were 4 unopened jars of applesauce and a sad pregnant lady in his midst. He wrote me back saying “You could have woken me up to open it.” Yes, yes of course Cody, because it would have made perfect sense to you why your very pregnant wife was standing over you crying with a giant jar of applesauce at 4 am.

I replied “In an effort to maintain a modicum of sanity in your eyes, I wrote the email instead. Hope you understand. xo-Red

Another little event that deserves to be mentioned and recorded in any pregnancy is the first time you wallop a stranger in the back of the head with your belly in a crowded restaurant.

Then there was my checkup last Thursday, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to do the whole “paper drape” at the doctors office and I forgot just how flimsy the damn things are. While trying to tuck the sheet under one butt cheek I ripped the other side. While trying to tuck the ripped side under my other cheek I ripped the original side and was left with nothing more that white paper streamers covering my nakedness. Ah yes, this is the stuff memories are made of.

I started composing a song about losing feeling in my legs on the way to the mailbox today. I really feel it could be a chart topper in the country music scene.

One thing with this pregnancy that never really happened with Addie are cravings. My third trimester shall always come with images of me hunched over a cutting board in my kitchen shoveling triangles of seedless watermelon into my mouth at a furious pace. In fact, I just polished off a quarter melon moments ago. I’m sure Cody will be left with a mental image of me pounding Cheerios every night before bed.

Blissdom '11 (Friday)

My stomach is so full of human that painting my own toenails became a joke back in January. Shaving my legs? That became comical in February and today? After getting out of the shower and realizing there was no way I was bending over to dry off my legs I just took to flipping the towel at my legs hoping that either the towel would whisk off some of the moisture or the breeze the towel produced would leave me with somewhat dry skin allowing me to put on underwear without it getting all rolled up and bunchy as it stuck to my still damp skin.

Really, these are all things I want to remember. Promise. If for no other reason than to really laugh at them when I have abdominal muscles back and I don’t run the risk of peeing a little if I let out a good guffaw.


Awhile ago I was asked to try out a new site called MamaMemoirs, it’s an online pregnancy journal for everything from “I’M ONLY 34 WEEKS BUT MEASURING 39!! (true story)” to “No watermelon in a 8 mile radius is safe from my voracious craving right now.” It allows you to add pictures, link your flickr and share your posts with just yourself, your family or the entire world (aka facebook.) While I personally haven’t used it for the exact reasons listed above, I kind of wish I had. I decided to use it as a way to document the huge virtual baby shower so many of you have taken part in. Collecting stories, cards, photos and well wishes from dozens of friends, because when this is all over? I’ll be able to have it made into a book ($30-$40) that mozzi and Addie will be able to read about how much we were loved before we even became a family of four.

Not to mention there is a place for information and photos from parties and showers as well as a whole area dedicated to your labor. And after Mozzi is here? The format will automatically switch over allowing me to keep track of Mozzi’s first years. (like the moment the umbilical cord falls off unsettling everyone in the house…especially if the cat runs off with it…so much good stuff.)

An account is free during pregnancy and can be started the moment you get that positive pregnancy test, because you control who sees it you can keep it updated and private until you’re ready to announce your news to the world. As soon It’s also especially handy if you’re not a blogger but want to have some sort of tangible record of the 40 weeks that is the hilarity of pregnancy. Adoptive mom? You don’t have to start with pregnancy, you can enter your baby’s birthday and start tracking their first year, from the moment you first saw them to the moment the papers were signed to their first steps. (There is a $19 fee to continue using the journal after pregnancy.)

Sound good? I know my first reaction was “THEY DIDN’T HAVE THIS STUFF WHEN I WAS PREGNANT! (with Addie that is.)”


What do you always want to remember from your pregnancy? Because I know I’ll always remember the look on that guys face when he turned around and realized he had just been pummeled in the back of the head by my protruding stomach.


DISCLOSURE: I was compensated for my time in evaluating, working with and creating my own profile with the MamaMemoirs team. All statements and opinions are my own honest ones. Pinky swear.


  1. The image of you “flicking” your legs with your towel had me laughing out loud. The dog isn’t sure what I’m doing…but oh well. Much love!

  2. I remember watching Roswell on DVD with my wife and being sent out for greasy diner food after one too many scenes in that diner that the girls worked at one night. It didn’t matter to her that it was after 11pm and all the diners were either closed or not doing takeout anymore.

  3. My most fondest memories are of my daughter kicking my OB/GYN at every visit — whenever the Dr. would take the stethescope to check on my little girl. My daughter even kicked at her when the Dr. lifted her from my belly the day she was born via c-section.

    Sending you lots of love and blessings on such an amazing, exciting and joyously exhuasting time in your lives…it’s-a-coming!

  4. Haha, the scene your painted with the towel flicking was hilar.

    Can’t wait to see this bay-bayyy!

  5. Rolled up bunchy underwear! I HATE IT! Pregnant or not, what a pain!

    Did you consider making your own apple sauce? 🙂

  6. I wish this post was accompanied by a photo of that gentleman at the exact moment he realized he’d just been walloped by a baby…from inside!

  7. Ahh yes I remember those things. I think i hated not being able to see my feet the most. I remember many a night waking up and creeping into the kitchen to get a snack I was ALWAYS hungry.. The one thing I hated though was the heartburn and the nauseous. So happy for you!

  8. I totally did that towel flick thing, too!! Your description had me laughing aloud!

    My favorite pregnancy memory is the feeling of them kicking and moving around in there. Even when it was a million degrees and I was huge, I loved having them move around. 🙂

  9. brittany says:

    the picture of the strawberries is making me crave strawberries and pineapple.

  10. so much of his had me sitting here laughing over the top of my huge belly.
    especially bonking the dude in the noggin. priceless.

  11. Amy in StL says:

    If I can’t get a jar open, I use the bottle/can opener (the little point ended one that I used to poke triangular holes in the evaporated milk can) and pry gently under the lid in a couple spots until the seal *pops*. I’ve never had this fail for me. I’ve heard you can use a knife; but this seemed safer for me and my cutlery!

  12. I was always a pepsi drinker, and not a breakfast person. Then in my late 2nd trimester, I became a coke person, and would wake up hungry, eat breakfast, and then at about 10, go to the foot cart outside my office and get a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and a coke. Which in no way stopped me from wanting lunch when the time came.

    It was insane. SO hungry.

  13. I could NOT EAT ENOUGH WATERMELON when I was pregnant with my daughter. The first one cost $9-but I would not be denied! After season started, I bought them everyday on my way home from a truck on the side of the road, cut it in half, put one on each side of the sink and ate it with a spoon. It is no surprise both my kids LOVE watermelon 🙂

  14. I’ve been reading for a while, and am a reader of many mom blogs, but this is my first comment :o) My daughter is now 2, and I loved being pregnant. When she started moving around she used to do handstands. It would feel like she’d put her hands on my hip bone and my entire stomach would move up. Cute at first, not so cute at 9 months pregnant. OUCH! And of course I loved hearing her heartbeat! But what tugged at my heart strings was when she was only a few days old, I put my hand on her chest when she was sleeping to make sure it was rising, and I actually felt her heart beating. It was that moment that I felt completely connected to her.

  15. It’s not so much about the pregnancy, but I will miss my time with just my daughter and I. I can’t imagine how hard it will be having two kids to shlep in and out of the car while one is crying and one is throwing attitude. I know women do it all the time and we all adapt, but I have a feeling that it is a very lonely road to take while figuring it out.

  16. Michelle says:

    I also was a voracious watermelon eater with my first (a girl – also couldn’t do caffeine with her either as coke or chocolate, but could with the boy). I had a friend’s son (who was about 3 convinced I had a watermelon in my stomach. My father-in-law brought a watermelon around after I came out of hospital and I had to throw it out after a couple of days – I couldn’t face it for about six months.

  17. I remember having to flick the towel hoping the breeze would dry my legs! Oh, and I learned a jar trick from an episode of 30 Minute Meals – turn the jar upside down and bang it down hard on the counter. That breaks the vacuum seal. Watermelon, huh? That does sound good!

  18. oh yes… the white paper sheets at the OB’s office. who do they think that is big enough to cover??

  19. Your post made me remember my pregnancy days. I agree with you. The last part of pregnancy is the hardest. I couldn’t bend or move with comfort either. But, when you see your baby for the first time, it’s worth it.:-)

  20. OMG–the paper streamers have me rolling this morning. I needed a good laugh, but I can TOTALLY see that exact thing happening to me which is why it was so funny.

    Kindred spirits 🙂

  21. This made me laugh out loud!

    Thank you for remembering adoptive moms and our different journey filled with it’s own craziness

  22. My son did the Mambo on my bottom right rib throughout most of my third trimester. I still miss feeling those little feet.

    One of my favorite things that happened while I was pregnant was the reaction from my hairstylist. He was a very grumpy Israeli man, but he flipped his LID when he saw me at 34 weeks. He gave me a free parafin hand treatment, a free deep conditioner for my hair and knocked 10 % off my haircut. I was like, “Dude, you seriously don’t need to do that,” and he screamed “You’re so beautiful!” He did not say the same thing or give me any discounts when my 8-week-post-partum self went to see him looking sleep-deprived and, well, terrifying.

    That IS a cool site!

  23. When I was pregnant w/ my second (a girl) I remember looking down at my bare belly and seeing her bee-bopping and dancing around inside, things sticking out, distending my belly in every way shape and form, and for a moment being a little grossed out (freaked out too) by all that movement. It was like my body was being invaded by an alien. It was weird indeed.
    She was a very active baby inside, much more so than my first.