Indianapolis Mini Marathon.

Whew! Two birthdays a bit of depression (I’m feeling much better!) can make a girl fall behind. Sorry about that. Cody’s still been chugging away at his new found blogging hobby and is out of his mind with worry and stress about pageviews! ZOMG THE PAGEVIEWS! I had to sit in a parking lot and talk him down from a ledge about the pageviews. THE PAGEVIEWS! Poor guy. (Curious about what’s with all the slideshows? WHY SO MANY SLIDESHOWS!? Here’s why.)

  • Dude, your husband. He’s not a very social guy, WHY IS HE BLOGGING?” I know, right? Turns out he has a few reasons and it’s really been a learning experience for him (blogging, NOT LIKE LAWYERING AT ALL.) Here’s a few reasons why he’s doing it (and despite one “helpful” commenter, it’s not for ‘egocentric motivations.’ Check out Cody’s response. HE’S ALL MINE PEOPLE.)
  • I’m very well aware that there are times Cody needs to chill the hell out and thankfully he’s got plenty of ways to do just that. (Two of them involve me, one of those two involve making out with me. *ehem*)
  • Try not to be jealous of these delicious culinary treats that Cody prepares on occasion as he rounds up 15 meals any dude can make for his lady friend on Mother’s Day, maybe circle one and send it to your husband so you don’t end up with boxed mashed potatoes like I did one year? (His cheeseburgers really are quite delicious.)