percy high on the 'nip


This cat, he hides in the curtains all “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” style and then runs out and attacks your ankles as you walk by.

percy takes off.

Ninja style suckas!

Then there’s the one eyed cat who got tangled up in a cord tonight and tried to escape by chewing my leg off THROUGH MY PANTS as I tried to help him.


He has an actual grumpy time. 7 pm to bedtime this cat is the most crotchety cat in the county.

The night before last, Cody admitted the only reason he uses blankets is so monsters can’t get to him as he sleeps (perfectly logical.)

At some point in the night his hand slipped out from under the covers and over the edge of the bed.

Wink nibbled his fingers.

It’s taken Cody approximately 48 hours to recover.

Thankfully when it’s just Vivi and me during they day they keep their psychotic cat tendencies to a minimum.

Unless there’s a squirrel outside, in that case ALL BETS ARE OFF.


They’ve only been here two and a half months but I honestly can’t remember life without them.

Or these guys.

babywearing cody doing dishes.

Why yes that is my husband wearing a chubby baby whilst doing dishes…

On an even more unrelated note…

This is a photo of Vivi victoriously holding up a wooden chew toy shaped like Indiana, much the same way He-Man held aloft his half of the Power Sword.




  1. Wookit that chubby arm!! Awwwwwwwww.

    Casey Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, Isn’t it DELICIOUS? But watch out, those armpit folds get SMELLY.

  2. Cute photos! Our little ankle-biter likes to hide behind the shower curtain and pounce unsuspecting visitors to the toilet. Also, I’d love to know where you found the Indiana-shaped chew toy!

    Casey Reply:

    @Lisa, I got it from an etsy shop, but I’m going to tell you to ask my friend Amy at Little Alouette to make one for you (also on esty) she doesn’t advertise that she does them as she doesn’t want to step on other etsy toes (because she’s classy like that,) but you tell her I sent you and she’ll take care of you.

  3. A veritable cornucopia of randomness. These are the moments I love, and which I rarely remember to write down or photographically document. I have the distinct feeling I’ll regret it someday.

    Casey Reply:

    @Chrysta, Exactly. Random makes the world go round.

  4. Also too, I love to wear babies and I have about a bajillion different carriers, but between the photos and your description on Babble, I still can’t figure out how that Infantino thing goes together. Huh.

    Casey Reply:

    @Chrysta, It’s a hard one to explain. But I really REALLY like it.

  5. I love the photo of Cody and Vivi, and that the carrier matches his shirt. I bet he totally planned that 😉

    Casey Reply:

    @lauryn, Truth is all he wears at home are red University of Utah shirts, so much so that I can do an entire load of just red laundry.

  6. I love the wooden toy shaped like Indiana! Where did you get it?

    Casey Reply:

    @Heather, I gave this same answer to Lisa up ^ there ^ so pardon the copy and paste. 🙂 I got it from an etsy shop, but I’m going to tell you to ask my friend Amy at Little Alouette to make one for you (also on esty) she doesn’t advertise that she does them as she doesn’t want to step on other etsy toes (because she’s classy like that,) but you tell her I sent you and she’ll take care of you.

  7. Oh goodness, the squishy chub leading up to the triumphant fist in the air. Love.

    I too am familiar with ankle biters. Or even worse at times, the feel of claws pinching into your shoulders when the cat sneaks up on you from behind when you’re sitting on the couch.

    Casey Reply:

    @Aly, Or when they’re all MROW! WANT TO SNUGGLE! MROW! and then they knead your lap WITH THEIR CLAWS?

  8. I think I would freak out if the cat bit my hand that was hanging over the side of the bed. I think he’s totally reasonable with that.

    Casey Reply:

    @MomEinstein, Well, I’m not sure if you ever read about how freaked out Cody was when Wink rubbed his empty eyehole onto Cody’s hand as well, that cat lives to make Cody’s life interesting.

  9. awww…love the kitties! And the baby chub!!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jenn, It’s like four walls containing love and adoration up in here.

  10. I love baby wearing dads.

    Casey Reply:

    @saramd, They’re like the anti-birth control.

  11. And that is why I will never own a cat.
    They creep me out.
    And that arm?
    I die.
    How do you restrain yourself from munching on that all day?

    Casey Reply:

    @Kimberly, Oh there is much munching, and you know what? One of our cats is missing…watch out.

  12. This is the second picture I’ve seen of Cody wearing the baby and the second time his carrier matches his shirt. That’s a good man you’ve got there!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jessica, We’re nothing if not coordinated around these parts.

  13. Nom Nom Nom baby arm.

    I love your kitties, as you know. Chutney is going through an “I MUST ATTACK ALL OF THE THINGS!” phase. It’s cute, except when all of the things are my head at 6am.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., Thankfully Wink has grown out of such shenanigans, Percy however, he’s trouble.

  14. Cats are seriously the best invention..after babies of course.

    Casey Reply:

    @tracy@sellabitmum, There are some days cats are better. Let’s be honest.

  15. Oh. My. Squish. I wish it was considered cute that MY arms are that squashy! Alas.

    Casey Reply:

    @Melissa, You want to know what’s not squashy? My arms after carrying that chunky monkey around.

  16. Just found your blog–loving it! Your baby is so adorable!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jamie, Welcome and double thank you!

  17. I love this post and I love you and I love Cody and the babies you made and even those stinkin’ nose-itching kitties. Love, your drowning-in-textbooks friend, Karen. xoxo

    Casey Reply:

    @Karen Sugarpants, When you’re a real live nurse? We shall hop down inflatable slides in unison to celebrate.

  18. I skeered of the kittehs.

    Casey Reply:

    @Momo Fali, teh kittehs are ur frendz.

  19. Yay for random! Yay for kittie pictures! Yay for Hoosier babies!

    Casey Reply:

    @Brittany, It IS random but it is my life everyday! LOVE IT.

  20. Those rolly baby arms are my downfall. Love!

    Casey Reply:

    @Editdebs, They lead way to some armpit rolls that can get *funky*