Guess what I did.


A) I lost to a cat in heat who confused my legs with a potential mate.

B) I lost to a brand new razor.

C) I lost to a jelly jar that smashed to smithereens on my freshly washed floor.

D) I lost to a weed whacker.

E) SWINE FLU! (So it’s cool I make a swine flu joke right? I never can tell with pandemics.)

F) Blood spatter from a very serious bloody nose of a very bloody child.

G) I fell down the stairs. (AGAIN.)

Things have been a little dull and dare I say depressing around moosh in indy in the month of April so what better way to spice things up than with a very mysterious, possibly macabre photo of my most loathed body part? Hang around long enough and my blog is likely to give you whiplash no personal injury lawyer will be able to prosecute.

I dare say I’m thisclose to a bulleted list of “happenings in mooshville.”


And before all you naysayers get all “OH BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BAR?” up in my face, shut up and let me be happy for like 27 minutes before bar prep starts.

Then there’s that little kid that runs around here announcing what I may or may not smell like. Or what the world may or may not smell like, I swear that kids sense of smell didn’t kick in until 5 months ago. Nothing like getting a morning hug and having the love of your life announce “MOM, YOU SMELL LIKE BUTT” or “WHOA MAMA WITH THE DRAGON BREATH!” or tell you that her butt is more awesome than yours because it doesn’t bleed AND IT’S NOT HAIRY.

moosh's magic pony

Which reminds me, has anyone seen my pride?

I had a wonderful birthday, thanks to everyone who gave me permission to make May my month since April is on my smells like butt poop list. So May it is. I’m even considering doing NaBlaPoMo for May.

And maybe my very first post will be to answer just what on earth happended south of the chubby kneequator.


  1. They look EXACTLY like mine do after I shave…I am intrigued.

    I miss you, I wish you were here tonight when we went and blogged it up with Jyl at the jewelry store. Oh how I am longingly missing you tonight. I love you. Kiss kiss, so happy things are looking up and that school is DONE!

    Kimmies last blog post..School Daze–TI-89

  2. BTW…have you noticed the older the moosh gets, the more and more she looks like you. Really.

    Kimmies last blog post..School Daze–TI-89

  3. I’m sorry you fell down. I’m like, the least coordinated person ever, so I’ve always got several bruises in different stages of healing. Yay for modest clothes to cover them up, though, right?

    Rabbi’s Wifes last blog adventures

  4. Maybe someday after your hubby passes the bar and becomes a rich lawyer, he can buy you an elevator. Then maybe you won’t fall down the stairs.

    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope next year is a better year for you.

    Melissas last blog post..You Capture Challenge – Letters

  5. Emily R says:


  6. I’m thinking bloody nosed kid. But, it sounds more exciting to say you fought with aliens who were trying to steal the President’s dog…and he was so thankful that he named his dog after you…or something like that.

    Rheas last blog post..Breathe, just breathe.