Mishi is Mishelle Lane from the blog Secret Agent Mama. We often have camera wars.

Mrs. Mishi

She has done a whole series of posts dedicated to introducing you to the people she met at BlogHer. They are a lovely series of posts and further assure me of the theory I had that you would have to be a serious butthole not to fall in love with Mishi immediately upon being graced with her presence.

Today she did one dedicated to herself, but I knew as soon as I saw her first “Meet…” post I had to reciprocate. Unfortunately she got to me before I got to her. She wrote me song, I’m just getting sappy.

Her camera is a natural extension of herself. She never looks awkward holding it and never does she look out of place with it smashed to her face.

She has a gift for catching moments, not pictures. (Her flickr stream is here, these are two of my favorites she’s taken.)

I love her, she makes the Internet and the world in general more lovely with not only pictures but her presence.

I’m her Betty, she’s my Al.

You should love her too.


  1. I totally love Mishi. Like, too much.

    Secret Agent Mama Reply:

    @Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing], There’s never too much, IMO!

  2. Oh, I do love her. I really do.

    Secret Agent Mama Reply:

    @Momo Fali, And, oh, she does love you, she really does!

  3. I do.

    As an added bonus, I think I met her first. HA!

    Secret Agent Mama Reply:

    @Burgh Baby, I think you might be right! xo

  4. Oh Casey!!!!! Thank you so much.. I’m honored. Just honored.

    Casey Reply:

    @Secret Agent Mama, Good. Just keep being you and all will be well.

  5. I have a big crush on women who take great pictures. Can guys get weak in the knees?

    Casey Reply:

    @Rick Bucich, When Canons are involved, I believe so, however Nikons are subject to evaluation.

    Rick Bucich Reply:

    @Casey, Must be why I’m partial to Canons, their users are better looking too.

    Secret Agent Mama Reply:

    @Rick Bucich, It’s a given! xo Canon people RAWK!

  6. I absolutely love Mishi. We were friends before we physically met – but having hugged her – there is an imprint on me that will never, ever go away.

    Secret Agent Mama Reply:

    @lceel, Awwwww LOU!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This may sound very strange, but coming from someone who has been a “struggling to quit nail-biter” since the beginning of time, I noticed in your picture that you have gorgeous nails. 🙂

  8. I love Mishi. I really really love her.

    Secret Agent Mama Reply:

    @Miss Grace, I love Miss Grace. I really really love her.

  9. I adore her! She did my profile shots and I look way better than real life. She is amazing.

    Secret Agent Mama Reply:

    @amy2boys, It was so fun to do, too. Really quick and just perfect!

  10. Can’t wait to hear from her at Type A Mom Conference! If I’m feeling gutsy, I meet even introduce myself. 🙂


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