When we told Vivi we were going to Cleveland for the weekend she asked if he was nice and if he had toys at his house.

downtown 2
garden vivi
garden addie
Cleveland, for the first time.
gardens 3
garden 2
Cleveland, for the first time.
Cleveland, for the first time.
Cleveland, for the first time.
Cleveland, for the first time. jack flaps
rock two
Cleveland, for the first time.
Cleveland, for the first time.
Cleveland, for the first time.

She’s still wondering who Mr. Cleveland is, and she was a little disappointed she never got to see his house — but all in all she was pretty pleased with him, his museums, his bowling alley, and his pancakes.

We all were.


Pictured Above: Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Jack Flaps, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center. Special thanks to the Cleveland CVB for providing us with accommodations, meals, and attraction passes.


  1. Melissa S. says:

    LOVE Addie’s periodic table tee – wherever did you get it??? Also, is it just the photo editing, or have you changed up your hair color (it looks so red)? Whatever it is, girl…you look FAB! And your photos make me want to visit Mr. Cleveland, too.

  2. Awwww so very jealous! My family and I lived in Cleveland for 5 years and had to move for my husband’s job last summer! I think you and your family did many of my favorite things…West Sode Market, Botanical Garden, was the zoo in there too??? Makes me nostalgic and looking forward to getting back out there! Glad that you all were able to enjoy the Cleveland that I love.

  3. My hometown…almost. My family is from various areas in the suburbs of Cleveland, and the immediate currently live in Medina. It’s a beautiful place to visit when the weather allows. It looks like you all had a beautiful weekend! Next time you visit head over to Stan Hywet Hall, and let Vivi look around “the house”. http://www.stanhywet.org/

  4. My city!!!!! glad you enjoyed your visit

  5. I just have to say that so many of your photos really express JOY. The photo of you in the garden, the one with Addie and the bubble beard, Vivi and the pancakes — each one a perfect expression of a joyous moment. I’m grateful for these photos, they remind me to look for the joy in my everyday moments.

  6. LOVE the picture from behind of Vivi with the watering can. And I’m sorry, did that French Toast have ice cream on it?!?

  7. WOW. That first black and white picture of Addie!?! STUNNING. What an absolutely beautiful young woman she is becoming!

  8. It pleases my heart that you enjoyed my home state of Ohio. 🙂

    WONDERFUL photos.

    Especially the watering the plant in the toilet one. This past summer when we were visiting, the toilet in the yard of someone was the highlight of my girls’ (Vivi 3 and Lila 5) summer.