On Sunday we had our Christmas program at church, it was a good one. It convinced me I need to find a different church to attend on Wednesday (Tuesday?) so I can hear more Christmas songs sung by a choir. I don’t even know how Christmas services work on Christmas since we don’t do them (I mean, unless Christmas is on a Sunday.) What I’m trying to say is there is a severe lack of live Christmas song singing by choirs in my life and I’d like there to be more. (There is however plenty of terrible Christmas song singing done by me in the privacy of my own home.)

For as long as Addie has believed in Santa I have bent over backwards, sideways and in various plank positions to bring her exactly what she asked Santa for.

This year? Nope.

Partly because she tried to pull a fast one on me Santa last year and also because she keeps changing her damn mind. To be fair I feel doubly confident in my decision not to indulge her elaborate Santa desires this year because she actually hasn’t sat on Santa’s lap, nor has she written him a letter so really it’s up to Santa’s discretion what he’s going to be bringing down the chimney on Tuesday night. LEGOS IT IS.

Addie had the chance to visit with Santa but passed, Vivi did not.

First photo with Santa. Nailed it.

Addie chose a Marilyn Monroe ornament this year, not that she knows who she is or that she’s seen Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Once she finally made her decision she excitedly whispered “Mom? This is what I look like as a famous movie star in my head, that’s why I chose this one!” I wanted to say no, but I wasn’t going to argue with her. Perhaps someday she’ll end up being the feminist to bring all other feminists to their knees and I’ll have this ornament to remind me of this time of her life. Or perhaps she will end up an actual movie star or Marilyn Monroe historian — regardless, 2013 has been the year of reminding Addie that Marilyn Monroe is not Madonna or Lady Gaga and yes, she was a real person and a very famous movie star.

Vivi has absolutely NO IDEA what’s going on, we have to be careful when we bust her messing with the presents because she has a tendency to throw them as hard as she can in the opposite direction when she gets caught handling one. Addie made the mistake of showing one that was meant for her, “THAT’S FOR ME? OKAY!” as she plopped down and began to tear it open. We’ve had to glue three ornaments back together due to her intense and passionate desire to carry around them the house like treasured possessions, and you know what? I’m okay with it. The one she’s most enamored with is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ornament she chose from Hallmark this year — poor Mickey was so loved that his little hand popped right off. In 7 years when she pulls it out of our ornament box  we’ll be able to show her the little bits of leftover superglue and tell her about the Christmas she spent with that ornament in her hand until we were forced to take it away from her.

Tonight Vivi was taking orders in a notebook “What do you want to eat?” she asked Cody.

“A green salad.” said Cody

“Candy canes it is!” replied Vivi.

She also thinks Santa says “Yo ho, yo ho!” and whoever corrects her will be put on my naughty list.

It’s really here, Christmas morning is two sleeps away and it’s going to go by so fast. This may very well be our last Christmas with a two year old around and I want to remember every silly little thing she does. It may also be Addie’s last Christmas believing in Santa, to be honest I’m almost ready to give up the gig and explain to her that Santa is a feeling and a spirit that I very much believe in and have her be more involved with it in the coming years for Vivi so she can enjoy seeing the magic through her little sister’s eyes.  I have this feeling if I don’t consciously remind myself to be present on Christmas day or if I let myself get too caught up in everything I think I have to do I’ll forget and the day will be over.

That seems to happen too much lately.

I wish I could record every little moment of Addie and Vivi’s relationship, it just seems too good to even be real. (They danced, kissed and hugged each other through all of our church program on Sunday.)

This Christmas, it’s going to be a good one and it will be thanks to those two little lovebugs up there. Their relationship is the best gift I could have ever been given.

What magic do the little kids in your life bring to your holidays?


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  1. I heard it was a joint choir on Sunday. I so wish I could have been there. I miss it so much. I miss you, too.

  2. it’s certainly been fun having a five year old around. it wasn’t fun to have said 5 year old be sick for the week leading up to christmas; and The Mr. being sick all this week during christmas.

    but it was merry & we got to enjoy some old traditions for the first time.

    santa is real!

  3. M youngest is 11, I know she probably doesn’t really believe in Santa anymore but until she tells me different the magic will continue full-steam ahead. This year has been a fairly painful one for all of us financially so she didn’t ask for much of anything for Christmas. She didn’t write a letter this year, which is one of the ways I know she has outgrown Santa, so she got a sewing machine from him. A real sewing machine, not one of those plastic things that break in ten minutes.

    She has been attempting to make clothes for our dogs and hand sewing was killing her. I have a sewing machine but the foot pedal was misplaced when we moved in march and as of December 20th I still hadn’t found it.

    I couldn’t believe how happy she was when she got a sewing machine instead of some toy. At that moment Santa was real for her again and it was wonderful.

    A few nights before she went back to school I asked her if there was anything that she had really wanted for Christmas that she didn’t get. She said no, that even though she only got a few things she loved what she did get, but mentioned that she didn’t write to Santa this year. I told her that’s probably why she got a sewing machine and that maybe she should write him next year.

    The other thing that made her Santa spark light up was getting a Duck Dynasty tumbler in her stocking. She loves the show and Si is her favorite. She even picked the DD cup Hallmark ornament.

    I know Addie is entering the age of disbelief, but being able to share the magic with others makes it last longer for her too.

    Our rule is that when you stop believing Santa stops coming. Now that my brother and I are adults we don’t get “big” gifts from Santa anymore, but my mom always has something to stick in our stockings besides what I bring.

    I hope 2014 is full of wonders and blessings for your family.