I don’t want to complain.

Just know there’s things I want to complain about, but I won’t.

I will tell you that Cody GOT! A! JOB! for the summer. And I think that means I can now tell you that I secretly hid and complained about this whole process last fall. I will also tell you that he made it onto the Executive Board for Law Review. He explained his duties to me but all I heard was “I’m going to be very busy next year blah blah.”

I have wonderful friends both in the computer and down the street. The medication I’ve started taking seems to be doing it’s job (this is a first for me). I’m not out of the dark yet, but I’m definitely moving forward.

It may even be sunny today for the first time in weeks.


The last time I did this it really lifted my wintry spirits.

I want to hear the best thing that happened to you over the last week. Anything at all. Brag it up. Even if it was only a perfect piece of toast, I want to know about it.



  1. Casey
    I’ve been, what is it you call it, lurking, around your site for a week or so (thanks Auntie Nettie!) and because I can be a bit obsessive, I read a TON of your posts last night. LOVE it.
    If you have time, check me out….I am a former lawyer. now SAHM of 4…..
    anyway, best thing that happened this week~my 3 younger children napped, simultaneously, yesterday. While it snowed, I just puttered around, read a magazine and waited for them to wake up. Which they did, 2 hours later. BLISS.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Guilt

  2. My oldest son lost his first tooth, it was very, very exciting around here last night when he just walked into the bathroom and yanked it out. With blood dripping down his chin he gave me the best cheesy, toothless grin. We have come a long way from the moment I saw that same tooth popping through the gums when he was only 6 months old. I was so proud of how brave he was when he saw the blood.

  3. I hereby officially de-lurk to share my review of your newest domicile, Indiana. It’s where I spent my Valentine’s Day. ALONE. I was NOT well received:

    Congrats to your husband on law review. That’s the big time! It’s also verry helpful in the post law school employment search.

    My happiest accomplishments this weekend: painting our living room all by myself, making a meal for 4.5, and getting brand new bangs.

  4. My good news is that I’ve been getting mail regularly. Woop-dee-doo!

    I’m glad your meds are working and you are feeling better. Also, congrats to Cody!

    Come visit me next week, k?

    Jennifer’s last blog post..I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

  5. Oh. My. Holy. Hell.

    My blog just died from happiness. You commented on my blog. Wow.
    I feel honored. 🙂
    I have unfortunately dealt with worse from her. She fell and cut her wrist. open. all. the way. severed nerves and tendons. I had to hold it closed for 20 minutes on the ride to the hospital. This. This was a cake walk. You’ll be amazed what a bad mama jama you are in the situations.
    You make me laugh though 🙂

    rachel’s last blog post..My insanity sponsored by the letter P

  6. I’m glad for you and your husband! That is some good news.

    It has been sunny the past couple days (it is NEVER sunny in Oregon in February) and I feel like I am in heaven.

    This week I successfully hosted my Bunco group. I hate hosting; it stresses me out. But it went great.

    Anth’s last blog post..Bunco


    Olivia’s last blog post..Upcoming

  8. Congrats on the summer job! Isn’t it a relief. Good thing for this week…my baby peed in the potty. Ok, so it was only once, but it was a great once.

  9. Yeah for Casey’s husband (and for Casey!!!)

    That’s so awesome 🙂

    Let’s see, what awesomeness do I have to share?

    Umm, I ate some peanut m&m’s and didn’t feel guilty about it 🙂 (I did rationalize though, come on, first day of the cycle – I need me some chocolate!)

    Erika’s last blog post..Stop, don’t move, slow down the breathing… RELAX!!!

  10. Hooray! Congratulations to Cody, and to you!

    Nell’s last blog post..3:38 – 5:37

  11. Woo hoo for you all!!!! How exciting!!!

    My happiest moment of this week was getting an invite to maybe meet some of you soon. I’m all aflutter with nervous excitement. 😉

    Take care!

  12. Nice! Yay for Cody and the fam!

    Lets see bragging moments – probably when i met another blogger Saturday night and upon meeting me she said “you’re so tiny”. Doesn’t matter that she was drunk…I’ll still take that compliment any day 😉
    That made my year.

    Worker Mommy’s last blog post..Like Mother…like twins

  13. woohoo for hubby’s job
    woohoo for feeling better

    woohoo for the sun, we are seeing it here too FINALLY.

    Bragging moment? I am kicking ass in Weight Watchers that ROCKS…and today is my bubba’s 4th birthday!

    staciesmadness’s last blog post..Four Years…

  14. CONGRATS!!!!!!! I know that when Steve got a job it was like a tonne of bricks off my shoulders! That post re/ rejection of yours on P & C was what brought me to your blog – I was soooo relating to the busy-ness and the major loneliness that is lawifery.

    Best thing in my prev. week tied to worst thing: worst = bad hand injury, temporarily lost use of couple fingers (basically only have one working hand for time being, cannot handwrite or type well – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FINAL TERM OF MY 1st YR IN UNIVERSITY!!). Best thing = law student husband LESS busy than me right now (don’t hate me – at least u have 2 working hands!) and he is cooking, cleaning, and hooking and unhooking my bra for me daily. Among other things. Heh. What?! I meant grocery shopping. Get ‘cho mind out of the gutter!

  15. Congrats on the internship!

    I have gotten out of the house everyday this week with the kids! Previously, that has been hard due to snow and single digit temps but this week everyday has been above 20 degrees and sunny!

    Hope the meds work. I love my happy pill!

  16. jareds on law reveiw, it sucks, maybe because he was also on a moot, so the combo sucks! i dont know about law reveiw by itsself, well i can tell you after this weekend because his moot finishes this weekend! good luck, and get some v D

    Liam’s last blog post..HOME! -Updated-

  17. it got up to a balmy 3 degrees celsius today.


    erin’s last blog post..thanks friends.

  18. Too tired to think of the best (other than watching my 16mo old learn to dance! HA!!)

    But the funniest …. you can laugh your tail off at my attempt to bake a cake (I pimped your mad bakin skillz in there too!) Smoochy Wooches!

    (Ok that one came frome a weird place!)

    Bellamomma’s last blog post..I shouldn’t be allowed within 30 feet of a mixing bowl

  19. Congratulations to Cody. When in Law School my husband and his friend were both selected to write for the Law Review. When they realized the work that it entailed they decided it would cut into their video gaming time and decided to play Sega Soccer instead. Not recommending this…but just sharing.

    Good thing that happened. Someone in my family is pregnant and it’s NOT me!

    Trish’s last blog post..Do You Think I’ll Earn a Badge for This?

  20. Well, it’s almost one in the morning and my FURNITURE was just DELIVERED. That’s right. It’s past midnight and I have TWO creepy strange looking men in my house setting up my new bed. And my husband is still out of town.

    It’s either going to be a fabulous night in my new bed or I’m going to be raped and murdered and never to blog again.

    It’s too early to tell which just yet.

    I’m glad you are starting to feel better. And I’m thrilled for Cody. I like the idea of having a rich friend. Wink, wink.

    Redneck Mommy’s last blog post..I’m Letting it All Hang Out

  21. Happy moment in my day…getting 18 month old baby to nap earlier this morning so that I could take a shower without playing peek-a-boo with said baby and the shower curtain. Wait it gets better, I didn’t have to dry up the floor afterward. Oh it was a good day!

    Amanda’s last blog post..no more brownie :o(

  22. Casey, I have felt right with you throughout your latest issues. I’m so glad you’re feeling – at least a little – better.

    My week has kind of sucked – a lot, so reading these comments has cheered me up a little, too. Best thing that has happened to me all week? Although I just miscarried, I found my 2 year old is even cooler and more compassionate than I orginally thought (I already knew she was amazing). She caught me crying one evening, came up to me with a big hug, some pats on the back, and asked, “Mommy, what is wrong? hmmm???” We spent the night cuddling, reading, and eating Ben and Jerry’s! There’s nothing like Green Eggs and Ham with a little “Half-Baked” and a cute snuggler to make you feel better.

  23. YAY! I’m so excited about Cody’s new job. That is just awesome news. And hooray for happy drugs – you know, of the legal sort. I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

    As for me, hmm. I got to hang out with some friends this week. Yippee for adult conversation! And as usual, the children are forever cracking me up with their antics. Even when they’re driving me crazy, they still make me laugh.

    Oh, and let’s not forget how grateful I am for you linking to me – thanks for sending a crapload of traffic my way, girl.

    andi’s last blog post..Preschoolerville: The essential guide book

  24. Yea for meds! My meds are working too. That’s my fab news for the week. It’s not much but it certainly feels like victory for me.

    chaffinclan’s last blog post..Simple Plan

  25. an avid fan says:

    Congrats on the job! Hey, more time alone with you and the wii. (Can you tell that I am jealous…)

    I had a fabulous thing happen this week… I finished our taxes and we are finally getting a return. (clapping and cheering) We spent almost $15,000 last year in fertility treatments so it seems only appropriate that we get $1500 back on our taxes. That is the first return we’ve gotten in years.

    No pregnancy yet but I am hopeful for 2008. XO

  26. congrats to cody for his positions and yay for you on your improving outlook.

    it’s hard to top my entry for your last call for happy news….

    let’s see, i think the baby learned to stop smacking people in the face!

    megachick’s last blog post..extreme sisters

  27. yea for the new job! this week 2 good things happened- I got a new job! at a fancy schmancy office where i have to wear a “blazer” (which means hours of self-esteem crushing shopping. blah) no more stay at home mom, which is sort of sad. but another good thing is i went to my doctor and got depression meds. even though it probably hasn’t started working yet i already feel better to have the terrible weight lifted off my shoulder. and allot of that had to do with reading your archives. hearing someone talk so open about how they felt and getting help really inspired me to admit something was wrong. hopefully that will cheer you up!

    kelly’s last blog post..wow!

  28. Jobs are super! I know when my husband was doing his internships it was wonderful to have the money! Yeah paycheck! Now that he’s started his first year at a law firm, I think I’d take a less stressed out husband and give up SOME of the money. The stress from school just changes once they start work. But I’m not complaining either.

    Steph’s last blog post..Pregnant Belly

  29. Congrats on the job!! And on Executive Board! Wooooooot! You’re on your way to being a trophy wife now, hun!

    Let’s see, I got a new lens for my camera. That was exciting.

    Lawyer Mama’s last blog post..Through the Leap Years

  30. This is my first comment on your blog… congrats for Cody and especially for you for feeling better.

    best thing that happened to me this week was a two day girls shopping trip for quilt fabric — but boy and i glad to be home!

    Slow Panic’s last blog post..Poetry Thursday — a few days early

  31. Job! Hooray! Glad you’re feeling better! By the way, I tagged you on my blog – it’s just a silly meme but I wanted to let you know. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    calicobebop’s last blog post..OMG – I was TAGGED!

  32. that’s great about your husband’s job! my husband and i are both lawyers, and i remember the thrill of that first job. you sound great – good to hear!

    amreen’s last blog post..Notes on the third trimester

  33. Props to Cody!
    Hmmm… best thing… I made out with David Beckham.

  34. Hooray for the job!

    I got a new (to me) Canon 30D camera, hooray!

    Anna at Hank & Willie’s last blog post..I stopped counting at 25,000

  35. Congrats to Cody on the Law Review. I know nothing about lawyers and lawyerly stuff, but I’m guessing it’s A Very Big Deal.

    Best thing last week: I got a new (to me) car that I am doing my best to convince myself is not a minivan. And That Canadian Boy I Married started a new, better paying job.

    Major Bedhead’s last blog post..If you can look at a dog and not feel vicarious excitement and affection, you must be a cat.*

  36. Okay, this is going to sound silly, but the best thing that happened to me recently is that my daughter slept in the same bed as me. I know, right? But this is the child who never, and I mean from BIRTH never could fall asleep unless she was by herself. I had never, ever co-slept with this child until last weekend at my SIL’s wedding, when she sobbed at the sight of the Pack N Play in the hotel room and begged to sleep with me in the big bed. And she DID! I fell asleep with my hand cupping her sweet curly head, listening to her breathe, and it was wonderful.

    Congrats to your hubby on the job and on making Law Review!

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Seeing Spots

  37. Took my family to the Easter Pagaent last night (we live in Mesa, AZ) and had a first glimps of my recently turned 12yo. Geeky Deacon? perhaps but to me it was sooo cool to watch him interact with other teenagers like he had been hanging out with him all his life. (He used to just hang with the parents-us- now he is one of the cool kids) woohoo Ben!