Oh geesh, I had this whole deep post written about trolls. (Trolls are mean people who leave mean anonymous comments for no other reason than to poop in the middle of a perfectly nice post.) Really, it was at least two pages long.
But who cares? There’s nothing I can do if someone makes up their mind to be mean to me.Β  Especially when I’m writing for me and not them. So trolls?

Shove it.

Now can someone please explain Hanna Montana to me?

She’s Miley Cyrus who moonlights as Hannah but she also performs as Miley but no one knows she’s Miley when she’s Hannah and no one knows she’s Hannah when she’s Miley? She performs with herself as both? Wouldn’t her friends catch on? It used to be I only saw Hannah on stuff, but now I’m seeing Miley (Hannah as Miley?) on stuff too…do some people not like Hannah but like Miley? Vice versa? Is it all just one big marketing scheme to get more money out of the mothers of tweens?

Explain please, and trolls, mind your own business.


  1. I HATED troll dolls when I was growing up. I never understood the appeal. I imagine that the trolls you are reffering to might look like the troll dolls I am referring to…crazy hair, sitting around naked, bad fake tan.

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  2. Love your blog, very well written.

    As for the whole Hannah/Miley here is my understanding. It alls starts with the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus. Who no one knew when it started. Hannah is the stage name of the main character used so she can have a normal life outside of performing. Now that the show is huge (and selling out concerts and every piece of cotton and plastic they stamp the logo on) Miley’s dad ole achy breaky Billy Ray said hey We need to make sure Miley doesn’t get lost in the Hannah Montana name and started marketing stuff with just her name. Eventually the tv show will fade off into syndication but Miley is gonna be around for awhile, with the right marketing.

  3. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who totally doesn’t understand that whole Hannah/Miley thing (maybe I should get myself some kids that are into it so I can understand).

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  4. I’ve never seen this Hannah Montana of which you speak. I’m going to try and avoid it as the explanation made my brain hurt a little.

    And yes, trolls are perplexing creatures. They must lead very sad little lives to have to pick on people anonymously on the internet.

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  5. jenn’s comment about not getting miley lost in the hannah craze must be the reason for the longest movie title in the history of the universe: Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert in Disney Digital 3D

    it’s the end of civilization as we know it.

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  6. All I know is that my seven year old is in love with Hannah Montana and she must be a little slow because when ever she see’s Hannah “reveal” herself as Miley on the show, she says “oh no, now all Miley’s friends will know she’s really Hannah Montana.” Um… this isn’t real, you do know that, right? It’s the best of both worlds… how many famous people ever get to just be themselves? Did you know her real name is Destiny Hope? She recently legally changed it to Miley Ray Cyrus.

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  7. miley cyrus = daughter of billy ray cyrus.
    hannah montana = disney show. about a girl named Miley Stewart (but NOT miley cyrus…even know her father Robbie Ray Stewart is played by Billy Ray Cyrus). miley has brown hair. and she puts on a blond wig and then becomes hannah montana. (and no one knows the difference. um, yeah)

    but now…the real miley…not the show miley is a singer too. because she wants to cash in a little bit more.

    make sense?

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  8. I already have my brain too full of freaking “High School Musical”. Hannah Montana can bite me. I just can’t take it.


    Mean people suck

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  9. I never was a big Billy Ray fan. I may have had a mullet (in 9th grade – but they were THE STYLE TO HAVE THEN). But I never cared for the long mullets that “studs” like Billy Ray sported. Also, “Achy Breaky Heart” was the stupidest catchy song I remember from that era.


    Princess Stinkerbell turned 7 last month and could choose a lot of things to watch that are worse (ie: more mature issues, more superficial, all concerned about boys and kissing and boys and kissing, ~don’t tell anyone, but I also don’t love of shows about witchcraft~.) Of all the Disney shows that Princess Stinkerbell watches that make me want to gouge my eyes out with princess pencils with pink erasers and makes my ears bleed, HM is my favorite.

    Tomorrow, we are going to see the movie that will live in Princess Stinkerbell’s memory forever as the BEST MOVIE EVER – the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus movie. (yes, the actual name is longer, but I’m juggling lunch for the fam right now, so I cut it short.)

    Her music is very cracker-jacky and 12 year-old (maybe not even that mature), but it is fun and light-hearted and sweet. It always manages to put this sour, stressed out mommy in a better mood.

    Tomorrow, will be the best of both worlds…

    God help us all.

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  10. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. AMEN!

    Onto Hannah/Miley/Montana/Cyrus… such a racket. DQ is obsessed although better Hannah Montana then Zoey 101 (aka the other Spears sister)I don’t mind Hannah Montana around here. In general it is a good clean show, there is a parental figure always around and while the kids tend to get in trouble the show teaches the consequences. Better than That’s So Raven, that show drives me NUTS…

  11. Memphislis says:

    You could devote a whole post to trolls…Post their ugly comments, their blog poop if you will. Then, respond in your post! As a bonus, what if you let their email address rear its ugly head? Then we could all respond together. Yummy.

  12. I don’t even try to understand any of the stuff kids are into. If my 7yr old could type I would have her explain it as I’m sure she could. I always ask her whats going on and she gets so irritated with me. Hey I’m getting old and slow. LOL. I don’t remember being able to explain things when I was little like kids do nowadays! hmph. not sure. oh well.

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  13. Sorry to hear about the trolls! give me their sites and I will hit them back!

    Liam’s last blog post..Love You Forever

  14. Hannah Montana (the show) makes me want to rip my ears off my head. It’s typical sit-com stuff and very unoffensive, but good grief, it annoys the crap out of me (just like Happy Days probably annoyed the crap out of my parents).

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  15. I don’t know…

    But I like her name. πŸ™‚

  16. I wanna know what the troll said. And I don’t get Hannah Montana either, she creeps me out.

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  17. My 6-year old has recently dragged me into to the world of Hannah Montana. She and her real self/alter ego seem to be pretty wholesome, and my girl loves to dance to her music. On the show, she’s Miley to her friends, who mostly don’t know she’s also HM (There’s a wig that seems to make her other features irrelevant and disguisable. Whatever.) I tell myself there could be worse things–like some of the preschool shows I’m still trying to get out of my head!

    This is my first visit here, but I’ll be back!

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  18. Casey: asking the questions we’re too afraid to ask.

  19. It’s the whole Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines deal all over again. Except in that case, I actually had hoped he would have stuck with Chris Gaines. But in this case of schizophrenia, I just wish they would both go away!

    And you hit the nail on the head: more personalities = mo’ money!

  20. I admit that I went back to find the troll, because it fascinates me what folks will find issue with. Dude? I don’t get it, really. Anyway, you’re funny and real and honest — more honest than most.
    And I’m very happy I don’t have a daughter old enough to get the Hanna M. thing. I’m sure there’ll be something though…

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  21. I cannot help out with the Miley / Hannah thing. My neighbor is 5 and so into her / them. I hope my kids do not catch on. I don’t want my girls idolizing a teenager at this young age. There is no reason for them to grow up that fast.

    Sorry to hear about your troll. I cannot think of one thing you have written that deserves that treatment. If someone is not brave enought to sign their name, the are probably not confident in what they have to say.

    Last month I put you on my fridge. Yesterday I FINALLY finished the award badge. It is waiting for you on my blog.

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  22. I just spent $45 to take the 2 kids I always watch to the 3D concert in a few hours. Perhaps I’ll have more insight into the difference after that πŸ™‚ If all else fails, I’ll know what Hannah/Miley looks like in 3D.
    And trolls suck, your blog rocks.

  23. everyone pretty much explained it, so i’ll just say,

    i tivo hannah montana.

    shut up

    Biddy’s last blog post..Tracy, This One’s For You…