I’m not sure what a normal life with a two year old is like, I’ve never lived with one before. But tonight after she peed on my tile floor and mopped with it, I realized that a lot that goes on in these four walls would seem bat-crap crazy to any outside observer. (Especially you, the one who’s never lived with an alarm clock that wears footie pajamas and requires cereal.)
Normal in our house is the moosh smashing various body parts into various hard and sharp objects resulting in what “normal” people call owies. Us? We call them supertoughs. And when a new supertough crops up somewhere on the moosh’s body it leads to her asking grown men at the grocery store if she can see their supertoughs. Awkward you say? Nay, I say normal.
Our resident two year old giggles, a lot. I’m sure most “normal” two year olds do this, but hers is abnormally cuter than yours.
There’s also a lot of bodily flinging across all items resembling furniture at any given point in a day. I’m completely sure this is normal. If it’s not, don’t bother to tell her, she won’t listen, she’s two. Unless you tell her you have cookies, then you’ll have a new best friend who happens to do front flips off La-Z-Boys.
the moosh doesn’t smile, she cheeses it. Cheeses it like Cheez-Whiz in a can. Getting a “normal” smile out of her? Impossible. Again, I’m pretty sure this is normal.
the moosh wholly subscribes to the belief that anything put on your head is funny. Really, really funny. Which is why we normally wear a lot of different things on our heads.
And just when I feel like the moosh is growing up too fast and gaining way too much personality for someone who can’t even tie her own shoes, I notice that she brings a stuffy anywhere she goes. She doesn’t necessarily hold it, she just likes them nearby. You know, just in case.
It’s also normal to do a lot of yoga in our house and it’s very normal for the moosh to kick my trash at particular poses. Like this one.


  1. We love the moosh at our house!! She’s for sure one of our favorite toddlers.

  2. What a sweetie! I had that same Gund bear when I was little! What memories!

  3. what a little cutie! Love her smile.

  4. The moosh is such a cutie! It sounds like my little guy and her are peas in a pod.

  5. Super toughs! He he! That one’s good. She looks like she’s getting bigger! By bigger I mean TALL! Holy Cow! What’s happening to our little girls? Oh- In that second picture she looks like Dakota Fanning. So cute!

    I swear I’m stopping by to read your blog even if I don’t comment! I just love ya!

  6. true, true, and truest. you have a completely perfect two year old. and i luff that she is already manipulating the other team with her wits. at least she won’t turn out like miss teen south carolina…

  7. Supertoughs! I gotta remember that. Nicholas just got him a supertough after running down our driveway (very steep) and eating it. Busted lip and everything. Not a tear.

  8. Oh my gosh, she is sooooo cute! I have one the same age … together they just might be sooooo cute that … nope, don’t think we could stand it!

  9. man, she is CUTE! you must here that all the time! she is really freakin’ adorable!
    Your about me is great. My husband runs a restaurant and I am alone a lot with two kids! I blog, therefore I’m sane!


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