This is the moment where I mention that I have had the privilege of working with some really amazing companies, Tide being one of them. They changed the way I looked at white clothing last year and this year I was able to be a part of their campaign in cooperation with the NFL which all led up to the big game on Sunday night.

The scene was this: Cody looked up from one couch during the game, when the commercials came on Cody looked down and I looked up. A few got Cody’s attention but there were only a handful that got both of us giggling. I would glance back and forth between my computer and the television, seeing what Twitter had to say about each ad.



“I don’t get it. At all.”

“I want to move to the country and raise Clydesdales.”


“I’m so offended.”

“Way to go!”

“Bring back that underwear guy!”

“Oy with the dubbed over face sucking!”

Nearly ever ad was met with equal amounts criticism and adoration. Too sexy! Too risque! Too stereotypical! Too short! Too funny!

When the Tide ad came on during the fourth quarter it was the first time I was ever invested in an ad, after all, I know some of the faces behind the ad and they are wonderful faces.

The ad was hysterical, I would have thought so even if I weren’t working with Tide. Power outage what? The Tide ad was the best part of the strange 4th quarter.

Twitter (at least the people I follow) didn’t have a single negative comment about the Miracle Stain ad, which is kind of a miracle in and of itself.

Turns out USA TODAY, Huffington Post, The Washington Post and all rated it as one of the top commercials of the year.

Well done Tide, WELL DONE. I’m pleased to have played even a teeny tiny roll in your huge success this year.

Hopefully this will prove that funny, well thought out ads stay and sit better with people than half dressed fools doing stupid things. (serious eyes)

What was your favorite Superbowl commercial this year?


Disclosure: This concludes my partnership with Tide for their campaign collaborating with the NFL. I’m honored to have been part of such a wonderful team and have been compensated for my time in sharing it. All opinions are my own and second only to Tide’s commercial is Oreo’s tweet during the blackout.


  1. The end was the best part 🙂 Go Ravens, haha 🙂

  2. Loved this commercial! Also really liked Audi Brave Guy and hated Go Daddy… Awkward nastiness.

  3. Go Daddy has got to GO!

    Other than that we really liked the Audi one!