Addie is very right brained.

I am very left brained.

I doodle on everything.

She colors in the lines.

I draw zombie ponies holding blood stained knives.

She draws exact replicas of horses to scale with lifelike color and texture.

I picked my junk mail up today and noticed Meijer has very moody meat on sale.

They also seem to have equally emotional grooming products available.

She doodled! They were funny! I was getting through to her!

And then I started to notice maybe these aren’t just random doodles.

Nope, there’s Addie’s observant right brain. RIGHT THERE.

(babbled…Vivi is off the (height! and weight!) charts.


  1. I think you have it backwards; left brain=analytical, mathematical, right brain= artistic, flexible

    It’s amazing how you can give birth to someone who is wired so differently. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @s.a., You were totally right.

    Further proof I need to use whatever side of my brain that uses google more.

    s.a. Reply:

    Man, I’m so impressed that you can even write! When my doodlebug was 3 months old I would regularly put my hot coffee in the freezer. And then rail and stomp around the house demanding to know who stole my coffee. Good thing he was so cute, ’cause he wrecked my brain for a while there.

  2. You draw zombie ponies holding blood stained knives? Coolest. Mom. Ever.

    Casey Reply:

    @Joules, I then post them to facebook. *bows*

    Joules Reply:

    @Casey, considered yourself liked! It all comes down to zombies with me.

  3. This is super cute!

  4. Being left handed, as I am, I know what it’s like to live in my right brain. Welcome, Addie.

  5. That’s hilarious. I see brunettes are devils for whatever reason but the blondes are angels. Maybe that’s a sign that I should pick up a blonde box =)

  6. Already Addie is anti-cheap shampoo and she’ll only in first grade. Sigh. It’s like they’re born knowing how to cost their parents more money. .
    At least she likes bacon and chicken.

  7. Oh stop it. THIS made my day. I love this. HA!

  8. This is priceless. Pure awesomeness.

  9. Left or right brained, that ham needs some decent mood stabilizers.

  10. So funny! That’s a big “Up yers” to those Happy Period people, huh?

  11. Love the many faces on the ham! *snicker* she kills me!

  12. *cry laughing* Best. Doodles. Ever.