I’m flying pretty high on the self esteem machine tonight.


Because I tried on my first pair of Spanx today and they didn’t do a darn thing for me. (Why am I 26 trying on super support panties? Because I read “an ode to Spanx” in the dentist’s waiting room and I figured why the heck not?)

Apparently my figure is already Spanxed.

I asked two different store employees if they could tell if I was or was not wearing the Spanx. They both guessed wrong both times.


Speaking of the dentist. I went for the first time in five years today (freaking no insurance.) One cavity. That brings my lifetime cavity count to one.

While I’m at it, my hair is so healthy from my recent cut and color that I can’t do a darn thing with it. It just sits on my head and shimmers. I’m considering letting Cody study by the golden glow my hair puts off.

Tell me, what parts of you have been behaving lately?


  1. well, my underarms are finally under control thanks to a little tip I got from a fellow sweaty blogger. But now I have really sweaty palms….hmmmmm

    oh, and I am loving a new haircut I got a few weeks ago.

    designher Mommas last blog post..oh, Mexico

  2. WOW! One cavity EVER?!
    I’m up to a total of like 15, and I brush and floss! I have inherited terrible teeth. I’m so jealous of you.
    However, today my hair is floofy in a nice way.

    Megs last blog post..And if we go down, we go down together

  3. okay no fair that your body is already Spanxed. Even with my Spanx on, my body is still not very Spanxed like in the before/after pictures. heh.

    The only thing that’s been remotely behaving on me lately I guess would be my hair?

  4. I love Spanx.

    I had my first cavity at 24. Then I had my first panic attack because they didn’t tell me that having a tooth filled involves tiny pieces of flying tooth and a weird burning rubber smell. Nothing bad happens. The novacaine needle is not that bad…but you should be warned that the weird flying tooth chips and smells are not abnormal BEFORE they start drilling.

    So, in case you aren’t filled yet, now you are warned!

    Bridges last blog post..Rewind

  5. I have had 3 good hair days in a row. I know.

    You are the cutest. Well, you and the Moosh.

    Headless Moms last blog post..BFL-Week 1 (or is it week 3?)

  6. TMI, but… ever since I stopped eating soy, my cycle is like clockwork! Those who have had cycle issues will know why this is so joyous.

    wrongshoess last blog post..Five steps to ensuring a mid-life crisis by 30

  7. NOTHING is behaving.

    Although, I am going to make an appointment with that stylist at Landis for the beginning of October. (Dude. My hair is back to being skeezy)

    Loralees last blog post..Sideblog: Grade your website

  8. NOT my stomach, that’s for sure. I think I’m developing stretch marks now that the baby is 6 months old. That’s just WRONG.

    However, I can totally make my husband hot doing the Hula Hoop on the Wii Fit, in sweatpants, so I guess I’m not doing too badly!

    Beckys last blog post..For perspective

  9. i guess i could say my foot is holding up for my half marathon coming up

    feeners last blog post..It is that time of the month…..

  10. It is a good hair week, apparently… now that I admit that out loud, tomorrow will suck!

    Kriss last blog post..The thing about that wallpaper…

  11. My weight is not only behaving, it’s DECREASING! I do Weight Watchers (and you’re the fourth person I’ve ever told in the year I’ve been doing it), and as of today I’ve lost 17 pounds. This is the lowest weight I’ve been since around 9th grade. I still have at least 30 pounds to go but dude, things are happening! It’s HARD but it’s happening!

    Megans last blog post..United Service

  12. Dearest Casey,

    I have always loved you. Now I hate you. 🙂 😉 *kidding*

    Congrats on the hair. Let’s see, a part of me that behaves…. do my beautifully pedicured toes count?

    rachels last blog post..Mouthwatering Monday: When Broccoli Meets Cheese

  13. I have a flat tire on my bike.


    …my feet are working fine.

    Backpacking Dads last blog post..218

  14. girl, not ONE single part of me is working properly right now!

    and seriously? what is the magic curl cream?

  15. I come out of “creep-dom” to comment about Spanx…

    I am a recent convert to their wonders! I never had a reason to buy them before, well sure I did but I could never justify spending that much money! Ha But my best friend is getting married in two weeks and I’m the Maid of Honor. And honey, you better believe I wanna look as good as I can in the hideous dress I’m forced to wear! Haha But I really like the style I bought, it’s the whole body suit thing… So not real practical for everyday wear! I’m thinking about buying a different type of them for a regular wear basis. Congrats to you for not needing them! I wish it were me!

    I’ve never had a cavity yet in my 21 years *knock on wood!* So kudos to you for only the one.

    And my hair has CERTAINLY not been behaving. The curls just aren’t doing what I want anymore, perhaps it’s their sign to me that I need to get a hair cut… BAH! I’m ready to shave it all off! My skin is also rebelling, darn you stressful college life!

  16. Nothing needs to be looking good because I just got fab new jeans that cover it all up and make me look fabber than fab, and a new bra that creates the illusion of everything staying high and tight. Which it don’t, on it’s own.

    Spanx are just for Sundays.

    Beeswaxs last blog post..The one about how my pants fell down in Albertson’s, and how my Saturday plans were foiled, but then I ate some stuff and now I’m in a better mood.

  17. i wish my hair was behaving! i color it myself, because i am not quite ready to show off my grays. my issue is that coloring it dries it out. so far no amount of conditioner helps. AND living overseas doesn’t do much for me either since i can’t get the good stuff here anyway. when i get back to the states i will start having it done and see if that helps. so what if i am 39…i don’t want to be gray! nobody believes i am 39 and i plan on keeping it that way as long as i possibly can!

    natalies last blog post..Later

  18. I love it. We just got health insurance a few months ago, and I also had just one cavity (plus a chipped tooth that requires a cap, but…).

    I have no idea what Spanx are, but I think I’m going to just leave it alone. Probably for the best.

    cory huffs last blog post..Monday Morning Amour – WordPress Hangover Edition

  19. Does the little toe on my left foot count?
    I so need to get me some spanx!

  20. it’s because we are little. spanx do NOTHING for me either.
    it’s because we need an xxs or something. the xs doesn’t suck anything in. it just looks..well, exactly the same.

    and don’t even try the full body spanx. that was just a disaster.

    yes. hundreds of dollars well spent, i say…

    alis last blog post..THAT mom

  21. Awesome on the Spanx! Go you!

    As for my body… Right now I’m liking the fact that my sinuses are finally clearing themselves of mucus, and I can hear/smell/taste again (though the constant nose-blowing is getting tiresome)

    Zs last blog post..Quote

  22. I just bought some cheapo control panties and they did nothing. So I think I need to invest in some Spanx. Unfortunately, I think there will be a major difference.

    Mrs. Whos last blog post..Try It Tuesday: Weight Watcher Amaretto Cheesecake Yogurt

  23. Not really any parts are behaving very well. But I do think I’m going to try a new hair do soon. Did you see Felicity Huffman’s hair at the Emmy’s. I think I need to have it.

    Good on you for the Spanx, though.

    p.s. You suck!

    Jills last blog post..This is all kinds of awesome

  24. Oh, curse you, you non-spanx-needing, clean-teeth-smiling, shimmery-golden hair girl!!

    Rheas last blog post..Out of the Box

  25. hmmm, I might have to try some Spanx myself.

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..If I were

  26. I think you are amazing… but right now I am super duper jealous. Right now nothing is behaving the way it should. I am feeling awfully blah. But yay for you that’s awesome that you are feeling great!

  27. Since I’m suffering from a bout of food poisoning at the moment, pretty much NOTHING is working well for me. Not a darn, stinkin’ thing.

    Better luck tomorrow!

    Oh – and my first reaction to reading that you tried on spanx? Was this: “Why on earth would Casey need spanx?”

  28. My belly button is still an in-ny and I found a really awesome new cuticle cream…other than that? I got nothing.

    Anissa@Hope4Peytons last blog post..Score one for Peyton in the battle of the binky!

  29. Hmmm. Well, my intestinal parts are working on a regular schedule now…this is BIG news post-pregnancy and baby.

    And…that’s about all I’ve got right now.

    Must be Motherhoods last blog post..Three weeks

  30. Well, pretty much everything that IS working on you…is failing on me.

    But I’m happy for you, anyway. My birthday’s in a few days, and maybe then I will magically have glowing hair and a spanx-a-like body.

    Camilles last blog post..{Hypochondria and Me}

  31. To quote a wonderful movie, “Well, these thighs haven’t gone out of the house without lycra on them since I was 14.”

    And that is the truth!

    Megans last blog post..TV is eating my brain.

  32. I think my left elbow is sort of ok.

    threeundertwos last blog post..I spent a dollar on ebay

  33. Humph. Yesterday was our 1st wedding anniversary. For the fun of it, I danced around the house in my wedding gown only to discover that it’s a little tight compared to one year ago. One year married and five pounds heavier. I’ve even walked 166 miles in 12 weeks and haven’t lost a single pound. That is just so wrong.

  34. Wow! That’s awesome. My hair has been very nice to me lately. I am in desperate need of a cut, but even so, my hair continues to fall just right (after doing nothing more than washing it and letting it air dry). I’ve gotten more compliments in the past week than ever before. Interesting how that works.

    And my feet are liking me better now that I’ve pretty much stopped wearing shoes. I’ll write a post about this tonight 🙂

    Perksofbeingmes last blog post..Trust.

  35. hmm….I made a really good gazpacho this week?

  36. Anna at Hank and Willie says:

    I know! NO zits in like a month or MORE! That’s what I’m loving today!

    Anna at Hank and Willies last blog post..Nude Tuesday

  37. I’m going to be honest and say that I am not sure that any part of me has been working well lately. I am currently digging myself out of what feels like a very, very deep hole that is surrounded by mud and perhaps even quicksand. So as soon as I get to the top, I sort of slip back down.

  38. I’m pregnant, so nothing is behaving. I *am* looking for a really good salon, though. Can you pass along the name of the place you go to?

    Fremas last blog post..Trying to bring pretty back

  39. Spanx.. I need them in my life, but I keep forgetting to buy them..

    i’d be better if I could stay away from the chocolate that is taunting me..

    it’s everywhere.

    stupid chocolate.

    Tiffanys last blog post..A couple of things…

  40. Well, my teeth haven’t fallen out, I still have hair, and I can see well. Does that count? Cuz lately, I’ve been a little lax on lookin’ good. As long as I can make it through the day without strangling someone, I get a cookie.

  41. Reading about your non-spanx wearing need-nots made me cry. because I need them badly. well, when i’m done gestating.

  42. I can only WISH that my body looked like it was wearing Spanx at all times. 🙂 As for what’s behaving lately, I can honestly say that my fingernails haven’t looked this nice since I was pregnant and taking mondo vitamins all the time. They are nice and even, subtly glossy, with no splits or anything. Makes me just want to type type type all the time.

    MommyTimes last blog post..Do You Blog Nosh?

  43. yeah…hmm…I’m thinking, seriously. Um… hmm…

    heather…s last blog post..The Hollywood Baby Diet

  44. A great hair day for soccer pictures! The bod is in the best shape since I got married. Hmmm working out with weights is much better then those curls with the chip bag! 🙂

  45. Just my boobs because they’re feeding machines! LOL

  46. Ok, just have to say. One Cavity EVER? I hate you. I loathe you.
    I love your writing.

  47. Spanx work for me when I’m pregnant and trying to hid it still. 🙂

    Fuji Mamas last blog post..Eat 3 slices of pizza and call me in the morning.