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Cruella DeCamera

Self Portrait Chicago '08

I love to reflect. | Blissfully Domestic


he's so patient with me

I love to reflect. | Blissfully Domestic-2

Merry Shootsac Christmas, yo.

September After

here but not there, hiding.

My first ever attempt at eyeliner.

My favorite photo from my trip.

I love to reflect. | Blissfully Domestic-1


  1. Whew! Serious looking camera!!

  2. The Moosh Lady is kinda hot – even with a camera shoved in her face.

  3. LOVE your pictures and wouldn’t want Moosh to mean anything else!

  4. This was a very creative post. I liked it a lot.

  5. Good thing it doesn’t mean panda.

    That first picture is so, so, so great. Oh, and I love that one with the huge lens. You look so happy. I know that look.

  6. I love the one with Addie. She’s learning to look with the same kind of eyes you have.

  7. Love your Sac.

    (Shoot Sac, silly!)


    (My three old is insisting that most of these pictures are me. I am flattered, although it’s only because he is used to the camera mashed (mooshed?!) to my face!)

  8. That second photo, with your costume in the reflection, and the last one are my favorites.

  9. A perfect fit.

  10. Zoom lenses are hawt.

  11. fantastic pictures…love the moosh!

  12. love this photo essay. also? how i can see happiness in you in every photo.

  13. But you do it so well!

    Also: am jealous of your equipment.

    (that sounded dirty. didn’t mean for it to be. heh)

  14. I love, love, love 🙂
    They’re all awesome but, I love where we can see you in your costume in Cody’s glasses 🙂
    I’m kinda jealous of all that awesome equipment 🙂

  15. There were some really nice shots of you! We should be friends!

  16. I’m totally lusting after a couple of your lenses. You’re pretty hot, too.

  17. love.

  18. Seriously? I love ALLLL of these!

  19. You are gorgeous.

  20. I’m seriously jealous of your camera and your camera skills. 🙂

  21. You are so beautiful.


  22. The one of you wearing the yellow shirt with the big black beads: HOT!

    That aside… 😀

    You take really interesting pictures — in a good way. It’s nice to see something different. I like the ones of you reflected in the (Cody’s?) sunglasses, and the reflective Mercedes. It makes me want to pick up a camera and play around, but I’m too busy writing!


  23. Umm, hi. I met you last night at the PW signing. I can’t even tell you how excited I was! I’ll try to start leaving more comments instead of just lurking. 🙂
    Also, I wish I was good at photography. However, I was not blessed with the gift of artsiness.

  24. a} I love that you have so many photos of you with a camera in your face

    b} I love that you were wearing your Lands’ End sweater in the reflection of one of those photos

    c} you are stunning

    d} it was fun trying to redeem myself last night. great to hang, let’s do it again SOON while you’re here.

  25. I take it as a compliment that a couple of my photos sneaked in there. Leaning toward #1 as my favorite.

  26. Still love that little shoot we did with the shootsac! Holla…you are hott and I miss you already.

  27. LOOOOVE these photos!!! I don’t have any really of me taking shots. BUT I also don’t take nearly as many as you. 🙂

  28. This, I love. You look truly joyous in these pictures!

  29. Rawr, girl rawr. That one of you lookin’ all serious at the camera.. rawr!

  30. Wow, I feel so honored that a picture I took made it onto your blog. I love all the reflection shots, they remind me of starring into the swirling colors of a van gogh painting.