So many of you want to know where the moosh’s name came from.

Her real name is a dozen letters long. the moosh is shorter.


I kid.

It started out as Smooshie. Because she was. Then it became Smoosh. Because she grew bigger. Then she grew bigger. It became Moosh. Then she developed an attitude. It became the moosh. All lowercase, third person. It was that much of an attitude.

In case you’re thinking it’s a blog pen name, it’s not, it’s what we really call her a good majority of the time. (When I’m not calling her an it, that is.)

Not all you were hoping, huh?

Yeah, I was afraid of that.


Prepare for heart palpitations and fallopian twitches!

Off to see the Wizard.First Snowfall. 

Striped Sweater Velvet Dress. Yellow and Brown Pink suit Brown (surprise) How to make a summer dress into a fall dress. Bambi dress. Snowsuit

Poser.the moosh by kim. 

My moosh threads rule?

Everything HAS to go with everything else (or at least a great majority of it).

Browns and pinks rule my world.

Easy as that.


  1. OMG Striped tights are my favoritest!

  2. Not only is she stylish, she’s got her mama’s great smile. Is it wrong that I’m jealous of a toddler’s wardrobe?

  3. Be still my uterus.

    I totally want her wardrobe too. And her curls.

    Oh damn, can I just have a little girl that looks just like her? You can keep the attitude.

  4. Damn she is cute!!!

    And this just proves even further that I KNOW we will go bankrupt if I have a girl. I mean, I have 2 nieces and I buy them clothes, I know that if I had a little girl she would get hand-me-downs, but PLEASE! OMG Those clothes are FABULOUS!

    And of course that beautiful smile and those curls! She could seriously be a model, you know that right?! I can’t get my kid to LOOK at the camera anymore, let alone SMILE! geesh!

  5. I’m a big fan of stripes at the moment- if I could get away with wearing stripey tights I would!! Love that you call moosh that in real life. Squidge is what we really call uuum Squidge too. Although sometimes it’s Boo (you know from Squidgyboo). Sometimes it’s creature but more times than not it’s Squidge. I’m surprised whenever she answers to her actual name!!!

  6. If you ever have a garage sale I just might have to make the drive to Indy because I LOVE these outfits!

    I was wondering about the name.

  7. LOVE the clothes! I haven’t yet done crazy cool tights with Avery…..hmmm….maybe I’ll hit up Gymboree today. I could only hope to dress Avery even a 10th as cute as you dress the moosh! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E

  8. the moosh rocks seriously, I mean the clothes are cute yes, but even cuter is how she poses. I think she must get her personality from her mamma! I totally have the fallopian twitches!

  9. Enjoy this while you can. I think my two daughters started having opinions on their clothes around 3. Then it was a fight to get them to wear anything other than a favorite shirt they would glom on to.

    I miss those cute girly days!

    Moosh really should look into a modeling career. You too.

  10. There ya go again showing her adorable outfits!!

    TOO CUTE!!!

    The moosh looks like a Baby Gap model.

  11. Damn, Casey, she is so beautiful.

    And the threads…But of course they rule.

  12. First of all, love the new banner. Smashing! I want kicky boots!

    Second of all, the day I discovered that the moosh threads origins were detailed on your flickr album was a good day. My imaginary never-going-to-happen future daughter thanks you.

    And I love the origins of the moosh. Reason #1: that’s pretty much how Pants got his name, and we do call him Pants. Reason #2: I was called “the megan” when I was a toddler.

  13. gah. i always thought it was the moosh, the double oo pronounced like you would say moose.

    are you telling me that it’s the moosh, the double oo pronounced like you would say push?!?!?!??!!

    a dozen letters??!! surely that’s an exaggeration, yes?

  14. She is really like a doll that came to life! All the Internets LOVE the moosh!

  15. sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  16. You’ve gotta enter her in Susan’s kid-clothes contest!

  17. Seismic Fallopian Twitches for a daughter.

    FYI- I had The Moosh Hair as a toddler. Gotta find a picture. Invest in good conditioner! 😉

  18. AH… I just adore those cute smooshie mooshie moosh curls!

  19. Oh! My! God! That pink kirt suit has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!
    Ok God, seeing as I have three boys already I think it’s time you sent a girl my way!!!

  20. I want to smoosh her!

    I do not believe that little angel has an attitude.

    You lie!


  21. Cute, cute, cute. Where do you get her clothes from? They are adorable. That’s how I’d dress a girl. It’s cute without being too cutesie.

    Also, her name is THAT long? Wow. Now I’m curious what it is. I can’t think of a really long girl’s name. Although my son’s name is 10 letters long, plus a 7 letter middle name, and a 7 letter last name…poor kid.

    I love where you got the nickname though. I love cute kiddo nicknames like that.

  22. She’s ADORABLE.

  23. my fallopian tubes are seriously twitching…

    i’m laughing because i know the moosh’s real name (which i LOVE by the way…but i think you already knew that) and everyone else is like “what could it be!?”

    they’ll never guess….NEVER!

    sorry…world dominance gene is kicking in

  24. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..absolutey freaking adorable!

  25. I think the moosh’s real name is Futuremodel.

    Dang! That’s only 11 letters.

  26. Oh, those knees!

    Brown and pink TOGETHER rock my world. As does the moosh. I think she just recharged my biological clock.

  27. The clothes are cute, I’ll grant you that. But seriously, she smiles and poses ALL THE TIME. How do you get a child to do that?

    Gawd she’s cute.

  28. This is why my husband is so glad we only have boys. I would dress my daughter exactly like you dress the Moosh, and I would gladly go broke doing it.

    moosh…moosh…moosh… Now I can’t stop saying it!!! 🙂


  29. oh gawd, she makes my fallopian tubes ache … and they’ve been tied, so …uh…no….

    but oh my.

  30. Love it, I mean LOVE IT. I swear I need to copy and do a J threads post. I’m so little girl (and little boy) clothing obsessed its not even funny.
    Things are just so cute when they are so little.
    And dammit if I don’t love eBay because I can often find the kick ass name brands on the cheap! 😉

  31. I hope you don’t mind me asking you a Mormon question.

    My fiance and I were talking about the Mormon Sealing and the idea that mariage is for all eterntiy vs. until death. I was wondering, though, if marriage is for all eternity, is a widow/er allowed to remarry? What about divorce?

    Strange questions, I know, but you’re the only Mormon I “know.” 🙂

  32. My 13yo has moosh hair. And I love that big smile and her kicky boots!

  33. Where do you get most of them? And do you spend a fortune on them? And where do you get her adorable shoes?

  34. molly sampietro says:

    CASSIE where do you get her leggings again?? I want to order some for mara.
    Call me or e-mail me famsam3

  35. So mine is the third in a row asking:

    Where do you shop?!! My 4 year old must have those clothes too!!!

  36. Dang but that’s one cute kid! Oh yeah, awesome clothes too, but it’s hard to notice them behind that radiant smile.

    My girl is known as Gobo…and it has a simialr story, starting as something entirely difrerent and then being shortened and transformed. But hey, it’s HER and that’s what she calls herself. ;o)

  37. LOVE the tights and the boots!

    We have a little one with the same curls but only they are red! I’m sure you cannot go anywhere without someone making a comment – especially elderly woman! GAWD they love to touch them!

  38. She’s such a doll and what a model! Who did she get her curls from?

  39. Too cute!! She looks like she stepped out of a magazine. The moosh is styling! (She has a great personal shopper) And she knows how to ham it up for the cameras.

    I remember getting tons of comments growing up on my curls, now I can see why. Her halo of curls gives her added charm, I can see how she can trick your friends. 🙂

  40. Really hoping for a girl with this pregnancy so that I can get me some moosh-style threads for her!

  41. OMG moosh almost makes me wish I had a girl! We too mostly call Boog by his blog nickname. It was actually his nickname before the blog. We’re big on nicknames around here.

  42. hey lover, what size clothes & shoes is the moosh wearing now?

  43. i don’t care what you call her, as long as you keep posting pics of her! she’s as adorable as the day is long.

  44. k so now I feel like an idiot… I asked you in my last post whether it was a nickname or a pen name… but I didnt realize there was more!! SO anywho, I call my daugher Moosh too… 😛