Sometimes getting the moosh dressed in the morning is all that pulls me out of bed.

A little sad?


Maybe I didn’t get enough Barbie time as a kid.

Needless to say there have been a lot of fantastic moosh outfits over the years and I have little or no proof of them ever being on her body. So I’ve started documenting everything she wears, so there’s no more tears about lost memories when she grows out of all this stuff in 14 minutes.

For those of you who don’t get to see her everyday, I give unto you, the moosh collection of Fall ’07 thus far. (BTW, is there a Flickr Group out there to support my *ahem* problem?)

Brown Dress.Candystriper DressBloomers.I could just kiss Fall.First Cold DayShe's eating a cookieGreen DressI nibble her regularly.Sopranos Suit #1Second Day of SchoolGoofballFirst Day of School


  1. Your daughter & my son should hang. I spend insane amounts of money on outfits, too. I often try to decide when to have him debut an outfit at playgroup. It’s an illness. And, I’m so with you on the documenting thing. She’s beautiful & has the clothes of a diva.

  2. SO. FREAKIN’. CUTE!!!!

    Love it! Try as I might, my boy’s clothes just cannot compare.


  3. so does she start whining every day after getting dressed when you say, “assume the position!” ?

    very adorable clothes. i let pooka dress herself, she does a better job than i do.

  4. OMG, she’s got such a great wardrobe! And that personality! My goodness! I’m just so in awe. She dresses waaaay better than I do!

  5. I think it is very safe to say that if I dressed like Moosh, I would be one happy girl.

    I might have to print these out and take them to a boutique, tell the sales staff, “Make me look like this little girl.” Where does Moosh shop?

    I’ll take a camera so you can see their reaction when I say I want to start dressing like a toddler.

  6. must shrink myself and steal her wardrobe! Ok, is she a model or on TV? I’m not saying you should pimp her out brit brit style just put a little away for the college education!

  7. She has the cutest wardrobe I’ve ever SEEN! I wish my little girls would even consider letting me decide ANY of their wardrobe. Enjoy it while you can!

  8. SO freaking cute! ;D
    Here via Jennifer via VDog.

  9. You mean they sell something in Indiana beside overalls, or is this imported?

    Enjoy clothing her before she has an opinion about what she will wear. I can’t get one of mine out of baggy boy shorts and sport jerseys. Hello? Did you forget you are a girl? Aarrghh.

  10. Seriously? How do you get anything done? I would spend all day pinching those sweet cheeks. Just beautiful. And her mama’s not too shabby either.

  11. I have one girl in the middle of two boys. My husband says if we have another girls it will break the bank. I am a complusive shopper when it comes to dressing my three year old. I can’t help it either!

  12. Oh, I love getting my son dressed. I can’t wait to have a girl to dress as pretty as youts. But it’s still fun with the boy. I think the clothes are most of the reason for my pictures too.

  13. You know, you could, once she is too big to wear them, sell them as a collection on EBAY because they are way freakin’ cute. 🙂

  14. OMG, this almost makes me wish I had a girl. She is so cute and so are those clothes.

  15. Very cute! I love the harlequin tights.

  16. This girl should be a model…to support your clothing habit, of course!

  17. We have that green Gymboree sweater dress. I LOVE it. She is too too cute.

  18. Will you be MY mommy??

    Is it possible for a 38 year old to be jealous of a 2.5 year old? If so, color me green.

  19. if i had a daughter, especially one that cute, i would sooo do the same thing!

    oh, and i am LOVING the red & white striped dress!!!

  20. That fourth photo down, in front of the brick wall? Is like a photo from a clothing catalog, seriously. She is gorgeous! I think you have a really creative flair for putting her outfits together.

  21. I love dressing my daughter too, and I always worry that people will think I am treating her like a doll. I can’t help it, I want her to feel comfortable as an individual, so I dress her to reflect that. Many of your daughter’s outfits are very similar to what my own might wear. In fact, my daughter has that same pair of jester-like Baby Legs, though hers fit her chubby little 15 month old legs a bit differently.

    Moosh is absolutely gorgeous and has the most magnificent smile.

  22. I have 2 soon to be three little ladies & I agree dressing little girls is a great reason to get out of bed each day … I love her BOOTS.. where did you ge them..
    She’s adorable & I love the smile!!