So I never wrote a Michael Jackson post when he passed, if you’re into tech lingo and know anything about something called the long tail then you’ll know why I didn’t.

I was a hard core Michael fan, I was given a VHS copy of “Smooth Criminal” when I was a kid and watched it until the ribbon ran ragged.

I remember exactly where I was when I saw “Thriller,” my dad was making tuna noodle casserole while my sister and I watched the making of before watching the actual video so we wouldn’t be scared.

I also remember watching “Black or White” for the first time.

Yes, he got a little weird, so when he passed it was pretty surprising, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

About a week after he passed I decided to play some MJ on my iPod on a long drive with the moosh.

Dude, the kid could barely sit still.

She was IN. LOVE.

She couldn’t get enough. Still can’t.

I bought a DVD of his number one videos, oh how the kid danced while I did that whole “happy tears of pride and joy” from the couch. “Thriller” didn’t even phase her, unless you count being possessed by the beat.

I went out last Friday night with some friends so Cody rented “This Is It” to watch with her while I was gone (I had already seen it when it came out in theaters.)

Apparently my house turned into a dance party. While there’s no video evidence of Cody dancing, I know I didn’t teach her all these moves and she had to learn them from somewhere.

For the record, Cody never denied moonwalking across the bamboo.

the moosh told me today if I didn’t watch it I’d have to “just beat it.”

She then proceeded to dance.

My kid is awesome.


  1. That video made me smile after a VERY very long day.

    And while I was lukewarm about MJ, we can 120% agree that your kid is awesome. And her moves are equally as awesome.

  2. What Erin said…

  3. so awesome!

  4. So cute. I was waiting for her to grab her crotch. Great moves, little lady!

  5. Your girl is awesome. And brilliant. The video cracked me up.

  6. OMG I am dying with the awesomeness of it all.

    She. is. hilarious.

  7. Isn’t that how you dance too?

  8. My girls, ages 7 and 9 LOVE Michael Jackson. They first fell in love about a year ago when practicing a dance to “Beat it” for their Grandpa’s 70th birthday party. I played all of his best hits and they were hooked. My 9 year old cried when he died. She said “but I never got to see him in concert.” They still think he is the greatest thing and he lives on in this house everyday when they play his Cd’s and Moonwalk around my kitchen.
    Love the video – Mooshael Jackson would get along great with my girls!

  9. Luh-ve it! It’s like whatever voodoo that McDonald’s uses on children, MJ did it too. I introduced MJ to my kids almost three years ago with the digital re-release of Thriller. I can still here my daughter’s 16-mo-old voice singing “She Mine” along with the remix. “This Is It” was amazing to watch. If anyone ever doubted how he got there, there it was — the work ethic and focus like no other.

  10. Ohh, Betsy! says:

    Oh. my. gosh. She is awesome (that was never in question).

  11. She has MOVES! I have not introduced my little ones to MJ yet, but I know they would love him because they LOVE to dance.

  12. omg this is AWESOME. i loved MJ so much too as a kid because my parents were such huge fans. i remember dancing to thriller, although not as well as moosh does, at that age. rock on!

  13. That was adorable!

  14. VERY cool! I rented “this is it” and loved it. Esp the extra interviews and stuff. I also remember where I was when “thriller” premiered. And Black and white? forgetaboutit. LOVED LOVED LOVED!!! He never really understood how great he was in my opinion.

  15. WOW Moosh has got MOVES!!

  16. Lovin’ her moves!!

  17. “Thriller” is my all-time favorite video, but I don’t care for any of his other stuff, or him as a person. Apparently I am immune. But I’m not immune to cute kids dancing! 😀


  18. So, so cute! It must be so fun to watch and see what kinds of things she gets into!

  19. I didn’t think I could love Miss Addie any more than I already do. but I DO!!

    Dude, she’s gonna have to teach me some moves! (Because, as we all know, mine are severely lacking. LOL)

  20. That is some serious cuteness going on over at your house. Incidently, I would pay money to see Cody moonwalk across your bamboo floor.

  21. Amy in StL says:

    OMG that’s too cute.

    So I have to admit that normally I cringe when I see kids dancing because someone has taught them inappropriately adult moves that I don’t even want to see a pre-teen doing. Seriously who wants to see a preschooler bumping and grinding?

    But leave it to the Moosh parents to make sure that she can really bust a move without being inappropriate. She’s such a little cutie!

  22. roflmao.

    I made the mistake of showing my kids the patented (it is patented, right?) crotch grab-leg kick- eeehhheee move that MJ did…

    My son won’t stop…
    here’s the pose caught in a picture, on a skateboard, he’s a talented child.

  23. Little Moosh has got some moves!

    I agree that MJ got kinda weird as he got older, but his music still rocks.

  24. Those moves are amazing! Mooshael Jackson is AWESOME!

  25. What moves! That’s fabulous!

  26. Awe.Some.