Since the traumatic rewarding switch from Blogger one month ago there have been some ladies behind the scenes who have SAVED MY ASS helped me out on thousands several occasions. I have developed my own awards in the form of moosh photos to hand out to these lovely ladies whom without would be a big fat FATAL ERROR 500 message.

On to the nominees.

Princess Snow Moosh does home repairs

The first award of the evening goes to Heather at Oh my Stinkin Heck . Heather, I award to you the “Princess Snow Moosh of Blog Repair” award. All those times you were there in google chat, all those emails. All those ledges you talked me off of. Thanks girl, this blog stuff comes so to naturally to you, it kinda turns me on.

Lion moosh Makes her own Chocolate Milk

The second award of the evening goes to Jessica at Kerflop. I award you the “Independent moosh Making Chocolate Milk in a Lion Costume” award. You showed me the light of self hosing in Chicago. You started it. And one day when I figure it out and become just like you I’ll tip a tall frosty glass of non alcoholic chocolate milk to you. Until then I’ll keep up on my smutty celebrity gossip and laundry in your honor. Best of luck to you in all your, well, stuff that you do. There’s so much…it makes me need a nap.

Next up is the “Look at what a Princess I am” award which shall go to our third recipient of the evening. Sam over at Temporarily Me. Your blog designs are beautiful enough to lick and the fact that you parked your kid in front of Dora in my desperate hour of need makes me want to tattoo your name on my right breast. Wunderbarulous is what you are. Thanks.


The fifth award, the “moosh Covered in Tragic Clothes and Smelly Mud” award goes to Elizabeth over at Table For Five. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all your help and your award is just as prestigious as the other four but yours is covered is smelly mud because you posted this picture of me from blogher. While I still don’t feel vindicated, the help you gave me lessened the sting, slightly.

Lion hug.

And to the rest of you who offered your mad HTML skills in support of my self hosted shriek of horror, thank you. To you I give the “Lion moosh hug of Warmth, Love and Snuggliness” award.


  1. If not for Kerfloppy’s coding genius I would be in the fetal position, sucking my thumb and drooling at this point. :S

  2. Just hearing about that scares me.

    moosh pictures make pretty groovy awards. SO much meaning behind them!

    haha! What great ladies to rescue you and keep you readable!

  3. Best award show ever!

  4. and i didn’t even have to put on my ball gown!

    i think i shall never go self hosted…oh yeah never say never…


    oh and there’s an award for you at my bloggy

  5. I agree. BEST! Award EVAH! I will wear this Moosh picture proudly! LOL

    Hell, I couldn’t leave mooshinindy with a 500 Error, I love you FAR too much for that! You’re the wickedest!

  6. I think I could look at pics of Moosh all day. She’s hilarious.

  7. How funny!

  8. Loved the tragic clothes and smelly mud pic!

  9. I love me some snow white goodness, thank ya Queen Moosh.

    Wishin’ my prince home to bestow a kiss.

  10. The display case for the awards does look fabulous.

    HTML code driven panic attacks be damned.

  11. show stopping award! way better than the oscars!!! lol.. sorry i could lend no support. i’m a chicken **** and afraid to leave the comfort zone.

  12. You really need to stop having blog troubles when I’m away from home. Could you please schedule those better, please? Ha.

    You’re doing fantastically, thanks for the award. xoxoxo

  13. i’m thrilled with my undeserved award. but i must say, i’m going to spend the rest of my life coveting the “”ndependent moosh Making Chocolate Milk in a Lion Costume.” what could possibly follow that? nothing. that’s what.

  14. Okay those are the cutest pictures. I need to get myself into doing some helping around here so I can get a cool award!!

  15. LOL! Moosh is so cute, and so are you.
    Loved this post!

  16. Oh my gosh, we have that lion costume too. Your little woman looks SO adoreable in it!

  17. I promise if you come to BlogHer next summer (San Francisco, baby!), I will follow you around and take nothing but photos in flattering light, showing you surrounded by bluebirds and sunbeams, okay? Thanks so much for the Moosh covered in Stinky Mud award, she’s still adorable!