I remember walking out to my car with my friend Leif when I was pregnant with you.

I was having a really hard time with pregnancy and an even harder time being excited about your arrival.

Leif tried to cheer me up telling me all the things I had to look forward to.

I remember saying “I can’t wait to cover my fridge in little kid art. I looove little kid art.”

Kid? You do not disappoint.

our house and our (imaginary) cat fingerprints

(click to embiggen, because it’s awesome.)

piggy perrys (as in the platypus) moosh art

And not to ruin the warm fuzzy feeling I have going here, but have you ever watched South Park?

mr. hankey? a shrimp? i don't know.

Yeah. Um, it came from what I thought was an innocent Christmas coloring book. Now I’m not so sure.


  1. Before you even said anything I thought that looked like Mr. Hankey. Tells you where my mind goes.

  2. it’s glo-worm of course!

  3. Mandi Bone says:

    There you are Perry.

  4. She’s a great artist! (And yes, totally looks like Mr. Hankey!)

  5. I want some cute little kid art for my fridge. Can moosh help with that?

  6. embiggen? What an awesome word!

  7. It’s the Blessed Mr. Hankey wrapped in swaddling clothes.

  8. Are the rays emanating from the glo-worm/poo to indicate the rankness? heheh…

  9. aww! i want to cry! in the very recent past i was a preschool teacher and i just realized how much i miss my kid-art filled days. don’t you just love their detailed descriptions of their art!?
    lucky you 🙂

  10. Little kid art… it’s the only thing keeping me teaching some days. God bless them and their cuteness/honesty.

    Stick figure me with HUGE boobs… my favorite one I’ve EVER gotten. It’s on my blog under Show and Tell Swine flu edition if you ever want to look it up. It made my 17 year old brother fall over laughing at Christmas when I showed him.

  11. just checked some more pics our on your flickr…her penmanship is beautiful!

  12. She’s a genius!! Masterpieces!

  13. Those are awesome. I especially like the sheep.

    Can I commission a stormtrooper?

  14. I love me some Perry the Platypus…

    does she work on commission, by any chance?

  15. It’s a glow-worm, right?

  16. that perry the platypus is pretty fantastic.

  17. She totally rocked the drawing of Perry. And just so you know, my fridge is decorated with her art of the purple teddy bear with the blood red eyes. It makes me smile.

  18. I love her animals!

  19. So cute! Love Perry the Platypus!

  20. OMGoodness Mr. Hanky??? Really??? I would have most likely died laughing if my daughter came across him… as I might or might not have the South Park Christmas CD… However it’s not for little ears 😉

  21. love the sheep!

  22. I still have her artwork on MY fridge!!

  23. As soon as I saw it, I thought, “They make South Park COLORING BOOKS?!?” But now reading the comments, I’m happy to know that isn’t the case. But it still looks like Mr. Hankey.

    And I love the curly hair on the dog (or is it a reindeer?).