I’m not feeling very wordy lately.
Just think of all the time you’ll save in reading.
Besides, my husband has his first final today and he needs to remember what he’s fighting for.
To make me a trophy wife.
Good luck hunky.

Blue, Green and Brown. Same mom, same dad, same uterus.

These were taken by the lady with the green eyes.

Thanks, green eyes. (She’s also available for hire in the Albuquerque area)





I heart my sissy.





  1. Great Pics!

  2. You’re hot.

    I think you should marry me.

    We would make beautiful babies together.

    P.S. You can bring your friend, too.

    (Oh, sorry…I think that I had a massive surge of testosterone looking at those photos and was channeling a guy for a minute. The whole ‘Marriage and babies’ thing was obviously the estrogen side of me.)

  3. Can Kim teach me how to do my hair like hers, I have tried a million times to get my hair to do that and it just doesn’t. And they need to come take my picture, maybe they could make me pretty 🙂

  4. by the way the third to last picture (the one with you looking off and laughing) that is such a moosh face. There is no question where she came from.

  5. Totally a trophy wife!

    So sweet.

  6. jealous skinni minni

  7. I love your sweater!

  8. So pretty… all of you.

  9. Gorgeous!

  10. You both are so stinkin’ cute!

    Blue, green, brown eyes. Same with me and mine. Mom has blue, brother has green, I have brown (though I say my eyes are more hazel), sister has blue. And hubby and I both are brown. One kid has brown and one has blue. Genetics and their wily ways, I say.

  11. Well, aren’t y’all just adorable?

  12. Now, how come you’re so lucky to have 2 extremely talented photographers in your life????? I’m left with zero!!!! Love the pictures. All of them.

  13. Y’all (and I’m not even close to being Southern. Or American)..are HAWT!

  14. How come I look like a giant next to you? And I want to know your momma’s secret BW conversion! Nice. I miss you! Hope things are going well in the armpit of UTAW.

  15. You know, when you first posted pics of the 3 of you I wondered about the eyes.

    You have so many friggin awesome pictures. Do you just paper your walls in them? I know that’s what I would end up doing!

  16. I have cousins who look like they were just ordered through the mail, so little do they look like, well, anyone in our family. It’s funny, though, because my sister and I look noticeably alike, although she is literally half my size height-wise.

    (Again with the awesome pictures.)