Jesus jammies, freaky panties, garmies, magic underwear, secret undies.

Believe me, I’ve heard them all. (If you want to go straight to the doctrine rich meaty explanation of garments please see this article written by formal  Salt Lake Temple president and former Seventy member Elder Carlos E. Asay. If you want my Layman’s definition, please keep going…)

Truth is, adult members of my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or “Mormons”) who have gone through the temple do wear a garment in place of traditional underwear. And yes, women still wear bras, regular old bras. Any kind. Nothing at all special about our bras (well, there is something special about mine, given that it holds the girls at attention, but that’s Victoria’s Secret, not the church’s secret.)

Garments are not secret. They are sacred to those who wear them.

Children do not wear the garment.

Men and women wear different styles of the garment.

We all have multiple pairs. No, we’re not wearing the same underwear everyday. (Eww.)

The garment comes in a variety of different fabrics and styles for men and women, including one and two piece styles. All garments are white except for military issue garments which are brown.

Just because someone is LDS does not mean they wear the garment.

Members who wear the garment have gone through the temple and have made special covenants with the Lord and have made a commitment to wear the garment throughout their lives both day and night. The garment serves as a protection to us, and as a constant reminder of the covenants we have made with God. It also encourages modesty as the garment covers us from our knees to our shoulders.

So yes, sleeveless tops are out, short shorts and short skirts are also out. Baring our midriff? Not an option.

There are the four S’s however when it comes to removing the garment. Swimming, showering, sports (ones that cannot be performed reasonably with the garment on) and well, you should have already guessed the other S. Bow chicka.

In all cases the garment is to be restored as soon as possible and no excuses should be made about wearing the garment. “I don’t want to” or “I don’t feel like it” are not acceptable. Wearing the garment is a sacred privilege to those who wear the garment. It is a commandment, just like don’t covet thy neighbor’s ass. And we take our commandments seriously.

“The principles of modesty and keeping the body appropriately covered are implicit in the covenant and should govern the nature of all clothing worn. Endowed members of the Church wear the garment as a reminder of the sacred covenants they have made with the Lord and also as a protection against temptation and evil. How it is worn is an outward expression of an inward commitment to follow the Savior.” –From  this article on

How one chooses to wear the garment is an outward expression of an inward commitment to God. Our clergy do not wear robes or any sort of distinct clothing to set them apart from other members of the church. Our prophet wears a suit just like our bishop wears a suit just like Cody wears a suit. But for those of us who have been to the temple, we all have the same thing closest to our bodies, underneath our worldly clothing we are all wearing the same commitment to our faith and our Savior.

So there you go. Nothing special or magical or secret or freaky. Just our personal faith and commitment to our main man Jesus. I personally love wearing mine. Of course I didn’t love it at first because trying to find modest clothing can sometimes be like trying to find a lost Binky in Disney World. But I’m glad I never have to worry about what’s hanging out or what may be showing yet not shaved. I love that through my wearing of the garment I am able to show Heavenly Father that I love Him and respect Him. Also that I love and respect myself enough not to succumb to immodesty just because it may be the cool “sexy” thing for women to do these days. (No, I’m not talking about you over there in the tank top…I’m talking about the girls in bikinis, lingerie and micro mini skirts that make us all feel bad about ourselves as they bare their airbrushed flesh on the covers of smutty magazines. Okay?)

Besides, we now kind of have our own cult following of fashion. Shabby Apple? Shade clothing? Layers clothing? Down East? All started to help those of us who don’t want our stuff showing but still want to look cute. Further proof that modesty is hottesty.

P.S. No, there’s really no way to see them unless you marry a Mormon who wears them, are a doctor and have an LDS patient or choose to join our church becuase it’s so completely awesome. It’s not that they’re secret, they’re just sacred, you know? They just look like boxer briefs and a t-shirt. Nothin’ fancy, Promise.


  1. Thanks for the links to the clothing sites! It’s so hard to find cute AND modest these days! I have taken to layering to cover – and in the middle of summer, it ain’t so cool! 🙂

    Kates last blog post..See My Head? *BOOM!*

  2. Kami's Love says:

    I am kind of bugged that you would discuss something so sacred with the world. I read the comments and it is obvious that people don’t know much about our religion. My point is…if people have questions or need explanantions, I feel it would be more appropriate to address that privately.

  3. I never knew about Mormon underwear, but do get lots of crazy questions about Catholics.

    Underwear has been a topic on my blog as well:

    Amys last blog post..Burns me up

  4. Just curious: Do you get a lot of questions about the G’s that you felt it necessary to write an essay about them? I think I’ve only ever had two people in my whole life ask me about them…

    Melains last blog post..The Power of Shoes

  5. Thanks for sharing this C. I had no idea, I’ve never even heard about the garments.

    I’m a little perturbed by those that are complaining about you sharing this though. I don’t understand why it’s so offensive to share about this undergarment. People blog about their beliefs, love of God and Jesus and that’s alright. But about an undergarment and they get all bent out of shape? I didn’t see anything negative nor condescending about it. *shakes head*

  6. I cn haz Mormon Undies?

    Wait, I don’t wear any.

    Mrs. Fussypantss last blog post..Name that Inappropriate Photo

  7. I love that you are willing to write something like this. It is so respectful of people who don’t understand at the same time that your own faith is so strong and clear. Really, it’s lovely.

    MommyTimes last blog post..Perhaps I Did Not Make Clear…

  8. I’ve seen them. I’ve TOUCHED them. I’m totally awesome like that. 🙂

    Mr Ladys last blog post..Say Ahllo To My Leele Freend

  9. Wow…I need to lift up the rock I’ve been living under. I never knew about these. Thanks again for sharing information about your religion. I am Catholic and there are incredible misconceptions about my religion, so I love to hear about other religions so I can correct people on THOSE misconceptions, too. 😉

    Hollys last blog post..Must-see TV

  10. I love this post! I’ve always been so curious about Mormon’s “holy underwear.” I’ve noticed that Mormons are always so darn trendy and cute! Maybe it’s because you have to be more creative while being modest? I’ve always loved Shabby Apple, but haven’t yet purchased anything from it. Where do you usually shop?

    I do find it ironic that you use the word “ass” in your post about your undergarments. haha!

    Morgans last blog post..Darndest

  11. Can anyone buy them?

  12. I also appreciate your posts about Mormonism. I have yet to address the common misconceptions about Orthodox Jews on mine, But I really should. I think you’ve just inspired me! I’ll start with our “undergarments” and the nasty s-x rumors about Jews that it started, Ha-ha!

    Rabbi’s Wifes last blog post..All the sickos…

  13. There. I totally did it! And linked you and everything! I feel like a real blogger now, and not just a poser.

    Rabbi’s Wifes last blog post..What’s them strings hangin’ out, Rabbi?

  14. Great job on this, Casey. Some people need to seriously lighten up.

  15. so, i had to google them. interesting…

    don’t they get hot though!? i guess not so much in indy, but i can’t imagine it here in west texas…

    biddys last blog post..Friday Fill In #92

  16. Coming from a fellow Mormon….great post! Tastefully done and a true myth buster!

    mom2my9s last blog post..How I Organize My Blogging Time

  17. Like many others who commented…always wondered, never asked.

    Very admirable of you to share with all of us. Thanks!

    Insta-moms last blog post..Bring on the BFL!

  18. I’ve never heard another Mormon even PEEP the truth about this even when you are friends with them and ask.

    They always say “nooooo that is a lie”.

    See? Now I don’t even care anymore that someone finally told me what I was curious about.

    Now, about why God makes us crave chocolate…got any answers for that?

    Darlas last blog post..Crock pots, they’re more than just food warmers ya know!

  19. Mormon to Mormon – wonderful explanation! I hope you were able to enjoy Conference this weekend, it was so uplifting. Modesty is hottesty!

  20. Marty, Not everyone can buy them. You have to have a card called a Temple Recommend, (your ticket for enterance to the temple per say) inorder to purchase them from the LDS Church Stores.

  21. Way to go! You have accomplished the task of taking something sacred and degrading it by using phrases like “Jesus jammies” and “bow chicka”. You could have simply kept it classy and stopped after directing everyone to a church website. I hope you get the hits on your blog you were hoping for.

  22. Yes! Way to go Sweetie!(in a totally unsarcastic way unlike the above scolding) I loved your testimony and I loved your layman terms explanation. To me, it was classy. Classy does not mean you have to use fancy or biblical words. Classy means you keep your love for the sacred item evident (which you clearly did sunshine). Good job!

  23. Kami's Love says:

    Classy doesn’t mean fancy or biblical. Classy is speaking of the Faith you have devoted yourself to in a correct way. ‘Jesus jammies’ is inappropriate. ‘bow chicka’ whatever. ‘our main man Jesus’ is disrespectful.

  24. Casey, this is an excellent article for those not of our faith or for members who have not attended the temple yet. I think it should clear up any curiosity and misconceptions, and I hope that it engenders respect and understanding. Thank you for addressing the subject so well.

    Mormon Sopranos last blog post..LDS (Mormon) Temple Update

  25. Oh, casey, you can just never win, can you? 🙂

    I have three things to admit:
    1. I also googled them. I’m nosy.
    2. I rarely ever read your comments from other posters but actually did today.
    3. I believe that you sharing stuff like this makes ME a better person. Much of the world still has a lot of misconceptions about “Mormons” and because I know better, I can help other people to know better, too. I hope your critics realize that.

    Butrfly Gardens last blog post..Impatient

  26. From a fellow Latter-day Saint and your BFF…I think this post kicks well, @$$…and secondly…I let people look at mine all the time. I don’t think there is anything wrong with educating, and helping someone not of our faith understand what we wear and why we wear them. I would rather they know the truth than what they think is the truth…

    Kims last blog post..Learning To Love Me Part 1

  27. Just to clear up an anwser for anyone else wondering the same thing as I, (I am a fellow mormon and a teenager but recently started coming to church again. ) but, are you supposed to wear normal undies underneath your “Jesus Jammies”?

  28. I just started going to church and the lady that I carpool with always rubs my arm and asks aren’t you cold all innocently. I live in Houston where the average temp is about 90 degrees. Real subtle. She told me that when I go to the temple I won’t be able to wear sleevless anymore. She makes me sick! I don’t think I will go. I love my clothes. They are not skanky, very modest, just some are sleeveless. Big deal.


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