I have never seen a pig at the fair asking the other pigs where she might get some cabbage leaves for her bra.

hungry pigs.

I actually had my bra done up and my shirt down today and Addie asked “Where you going all dressed mom?” Alternately, I was asked by the same little girl, “Mom, when ARE you going to put those away?

Breastfeeding is touted as the “BEST THING FOR BABY!” While I’m not going to argue with that, I feel it very important that we as nursing mothers move to have an italicized byline that reads “makes moms temporarily crazy!” Everytime she hops on I can feel a little bit of my brain seeping out by way of my areolas. Maybe it’s just me (and Vivi) that have been brought to tears of frustration, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let these enormous lady lumps fail me.

Why breastfeeding is such a challenge will be brought up with God some day, right along with “why do boys get to pee standing up?”

miss vivi's bow.

Do you have any idea how wonderful this little head smells? My uterus literally contracts at the scent. In fact I took so many Vivi head hits today that I began singing Sublime songs to her.

Her first words will very likely be “YOU’RE SOOO PREEETTTYYY!!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all. I know mine is complete. (And that a majority of it will be spent completely topless. GO TEAM BOOBS!)


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you on this post. OMG how the nursing saga is driving me batty and it’s always a little extra special when the batty hits at 3 am when me and the bug are just not communicating well about the whole boob thing.
    I hope that your boobies don’t fail you too, especially on such a special day to celebrate the fact that you have boobies that you can actually use.
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. We will both be up at unGodly hours celebrating it with our new additions. 🙂

  2. That is the cutest little head ever! Happy Mother’s Day Casey!!

  3. She’s perfect! Congratulations!

    I hear you on the nursing thing! I feel like I’m a 24 hour buffet.

    Three months later, I’m still sniffing my baby’s head – divine!

    Have a most wonderful Mom’s Day!

  4. boobie posts never fail to entertain me. I had a lovely time nursing my first born and criticizing all the mother’s who said it was hard. then I had a crappy time nursing my second child and begging forgiveness from all the mother’s I had previously criticized. I hope your boobs don’t fail you but if they do don’t be too hard on yourself.

  5. Pgoodness says:

    That head is so sweet and pretty! Fingers crossed it quickly gets easier!

  6. The things we do for love 🙂 I have the perfect quilt to swaddle her in while she hangs out at the buffet. Just let me know where to send it, you know when your not busy adoring her.

  7. All I can say is YAY.

    For so many reasons.


  8. GAH. I want another baby.

  9. Angelina says:

    Congratulations Casey! It really troubles me that as a culture we seem to just assume that that first latch-on and all the suckling that is supposed to follow happens with immediate, blissful ease. Wrong! Breastfeeding is something that we and our kids have to learn how to do, and even if we’ve done it before, with every new kid we have to learn it again. Every little mouth and personality is so darn different. So hang in there. And I second a comment made previously; if it works out terrific, but if not, don’t be too hard on yourself. You love Vivi to bits, and that’s really all that matters.

  10. If we go for baby #3 someday, the main thing weighing on my mind is breastfeeding again. So ridiculous, breastfeeding. Here’s hoping for lots of milks coming in for you!!!

  11. Yep. I once went topless for three full days. Hang in there, mama. Oh, and cabbage leaves are the BEST! Sniff her little head for me. She IS pretty. 🙂

  12. Melissa A. says:

    Try some cold wet tea bags. Sounds silly, but it is great for soreness.

  13. Oh, breastfeeding IS such a challenge at first. I have training in breastfeeding support, and I really it when I say that you can email me to talk boobs, anytime. Really. I love talking breastfeeding. I also hope your milk comes in with a vengeance today.

    And I can almost actually smell that head, just looking at that photo. What a sweet little doll!

  14. Happy Mother’s Day! Both your girls are beautiful!

  15. Look at her beautiful hair! I would want to sniff it all day, too.

  16. Seriously, where are the lactation consultants in the wild? Why do human babies have such a hard time with this?

    P.S. That business about it not hurting if you’re doing it right? WRONG.

  17. breastfeeding definitely made me temporarily insane. You will be ok. Happy Mother’s Day and happy sniffing!

  18. Happy Mother’s Day!

  19. I’m on my 31st month of nursing…(combined between both of my kids). I love it and I hate it. It’s the weirdest thing.
    I was blessed with nipples made of steel and my LC called me a “milk goddess” cause my supply was so ample….TOO ample and I made friends with the cabbage leaves on day 4 after my 2nd was born and wore them for 2 days straight non-stop to get my milk under control.
    I feel blessed that I was one who never had any issues nursing because I wouldn’t change it for the world even during those rough times…which is why I’m still nursing my 18 month old and have no plans to stop soon!

  20. I can’t help you with why breast feeding is so hard, but I can help you with peeing standing up.

  21. Praying for you! You can do it!!!

  22. I always felt like a constantly milked cow at this point in the game.

    Go BOOBS go!!! Poor big sisters always have a hard time. The two of you deserve a mani/pedi in about a week.

  23. Another gorgeous photograph. The breastfeeding will ease soon. It does take up a lot of time though, that’s for sure. I felt like Brown’s Cow for years but I wouldn’t swap one single second for all the World. Those days will never be back for me but no one can take away the memories.

    Even if time has been cruel to the mammaries. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

    Enjoy your Day and both your stunning daughters.

  24. breastfeeding is as horrible as it is wonderful.

    happy mother’s day 🙂

  25. Oh how I would love to just inhale that little baby head full of hair!!!!

    Breastfeeding absolutely did cause some insanity for me. And it was HARD. I swore I was going to kill Nick at one point if he dare said one more time “all the books say it gets easier around 4-6 weeks in”. Nick is lucky to have survived breastfeeding.

    Soothies gel pads. I swear they’re all that got me through.

  26. Ooo I understand so well..
    Sad thing tho my boobs failed me and I didnt produce.
    Im not sure what happened but my baby was starving by 2 weeks old, screaming for hours and at one point we thought his plumbing was broke because he had yet to pee on us! and only had maybe 1 very small wet diaper each day… no stinkies.

    Was so hard….

    I finally had to make a choice and gave him a bottle and he was like a new baby … no more screaming… relief yet bittersweet.

    I hope I can nurse my next baby… but I am thankful in knowing either way my baby will be just fine.

    Its so awesome if you can nurse tho. I must say I am truly envious of those who can.

  27. Tiffany says:

    Oh that makes me want another baby! Sadly my uterus has left the building. I hear you on the nursing, had all sorts of trouble nursing both my boys but it will get easier-I promise. Hang in there. Oh and Vivi is so sweet! Congrats again!!!

  28. You make me laugh. As a mom who nursed 5 babies I can tell you that after a couple months it gets way better… Soreness goes away. Hang in there!

  29. Nursing can make an otherwise intelligent and confident person a huddled wreck of shivering frustration. It’s worth it, but don’t feel bad if you need a break not and then. For whatever reason, I found pumping far less traumatic to the girls during the worst of the soreness and doing it for one or two feedings a day gave me a break to heal and let the hubby feed the baby.

  30. I milked 4 for a short while and honestly felt like an animal. It’s no easy task, and I admire your desire to get it your all, Casey.
    What an amazing Mother’s Day! Topless and all!

  31. No. Because I know if I say anything I’m not going to behave myself.

  32. I live in MN. I gave birth to my fifth and last baby 16 months ago. I was in Indiana over Easter weekend. If you had already given birth to sweet Vivi I’m not sure I could have restrained myself from showing up at your doorstep and prying her out of your arms to give her a little cuddle myself. On another note, I struggled to nurse my fourth baby. He finally outright refused at 7 weeks and I had to switch him to bottles. I really struggled with feeling like I had failed him, but looking back I feel confident knowing that I did everything I could. I really hope nursing works out for you. I would definitely encourage you to give
    it your all. However, if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay too. Mourn it and move on. YOU are a fantastic mom.

  33. The smell of the top of newbaby head is one of my very favorites on the planet.

    happy mother’s day, sweetpea.

  34. Breastfeeding was really hard for me. One of my goals in life after pumping for many months with my 2 kids was writing a book about how hard it can be just so you don’t feel so alone in it when it doesn’t go as planned. (working title, “Breastfeeding Sucks.”)

    So, thank you for being there for the moms of today. Wish you were there back when I was having mine!

  35. I had a very difficult time breastfeeding. Like you, I was determined that I was going to do this thing, even if it drove me to tears.

    And you know what? I did. And you will, too.

    Hang in there, Casey. I promise, promise, promise it gets better. And if it doesn’t, no one here will judge you.

    Muah to you and your GORGEOUS girls.

  36. Stefanie says:

    Congrats and hope things are going well. I’m a week away from having a little baby girl of my own (give or take a week) and I MUST know where Vivi got all of those extremely cute flowers for her hair. I.must.have.some.for.my.bebe.girl! Congrats again! She’s soooooooo beautiful!!!