I would like you all to know that my Thanksgiving plate was perfectly divided into sixths with nothing overlapping. I do not like my foods to touch. Syrup and eggs on the same plate?

I’d rather wear ill fitting skinny jeans everyday for a month in August.

While pregnant.

Cody on the other hand piles everything on top of everything else, stirs it around and glops jelly on top (since our hotel is fresh out of cranberry sauce he made do with a couple of tiny pots of blackberry jam.)

My brain currently feels like what Cody’s Thanksgiving meal looked like. It all went together but you couldn’t tell where one thing started and another thing ended. And occasionally there’s a bite of who knows what with something crunchy on top snuck in there for good measure.

This living in a hotel thing isn’t horrible. But I don’t love it. Very close to stir crazy. I’ve been rotating about four outfits since I left for Utah in the middle of November. Everything else is packed up in a box. You know what else is packed up in a box that is driving me bonkers? My personalized stationary. I really like writing notes with it. Even if the note is just “I must be a grown up because I have stationary with my name on it!”

Tiny Prints Personalized Card

I have all these thank you notes I want/need to write but refuse to write them on hotel stationary. So by the time they are actually uncovered I’ll have to write something like “HI. Sorry I didn’t write to you sooner to say thanks but I HAD to write it on this card because hello? LOOK HOW PRETTY! But they were all packed away in a box where I couldn’t get to them.

I also slammed my middle finger in the door of a 2010 Camaro leaving it multicolored and without feeling except for searing throbbing pain.

I’ve finally learned how to type without it. *phew* I’ll have to tell you all about the Camaro, and my finger, however we’re still currently in mourning over the fact that we had to give the Camaro back.

In the meantime. What’s going on with you? Anything new? I’d really like to know. Unless it involves a hotel. Then just lie to me.


  1. Well, let’s see… My brother comes home in 26 hours from his mission!!! You want to go to the airport for me since I can’t be there?

    For Thanksgiving I made three pies: pumpkin, apple, and chocolate my hubby (the real cook in our house) made the mashed potatoes and real
    cranberry sauce. My mil did the rest.
    I’ve been told by all my sibling I
    have to recreate the pies at
    Christmas… Should be fun! Do you
    think Indy will deliver snow for me? Really it’s the only reason I come home 😉

    anyway, there’s my randomness for ya.

    Erika Reply:


    Oh and I’m so sorry about your finger!!! Ouch, ouch, ouch! I hope it gets better fast!

    Casey Reply:

    @Erika, I think I missed him. BUT WELCOME HOME DUDE! And snow?
    Probably not. Sorry.

  2. I read through the comments looking for it and I don’t see the answer to my burning query – where’d ya get that stationary? I heart it very much and would order me some asap. With my own pics of course. And maybe a pic of you too, just cause you’re so dad-gum cute.

    Rick Reply:

    @amy2boys, Tiny Prints did the stationery! Yeah!

    Casey Reply:

    @amy2boys, Tiny Prrriiiiinnntttssss! And sure, I’ll be your stationary mascot.

  3. That is one amazing card…I mean bruise on the finger, ouch!

    Back to the card, looks like something you’d design if you could afford anything, right? Amazing.

    Kisses to the finger, looks horrible and hope it heals quickly so you can write in those cards.

    Casey Reply:

    @Rick, It’s my left hand, so my writing is fine, my typing however is a hot mess.

  4. @Liz, Totally worth it. Smash your finger? Drive a Camaro! Should totally be their next marketing campaign.

  5. @pixielation, It’s healing nicely thank you! Funny thing is I’ve learned to type just fine without it.

  6. @Kim, I agree on Louisville being a wee bit boring, but New Moon twice? I say dedicated. (to the cheese at least.) 😉

  7. @Jen, But I didn’t swear! So yay me!

    Jen Reply:

    @Casey, LOL well that is impressive.

  8. Hey, we have something in common! I (or rather my fiance) slammed my middle finger of my left hand in the car door–and LOCKED it, requiring a good minute of it dangling with no hope in sight of getting out–back in early September, and it’s still a sight!