My lurver.

Some of you may know that my BFF Kim is also the BDPOTP (best damn photographer on the planet).

And I’m not just saying that.

You should all pay herย lots money to take your pictures.

Need proof? Here’s the rest.

(Best moosh photos EVER may I add.)


  1. Amazing.

    And you girls are beautiful.


  2. i LOVE that first one of you! magazine worthy, baby!

  3. Is Leslie okay with this post?!

  4. Are you talking about MY BFF? She’s the best, isn’t she!

  5. I love the photos! You both look divine. And again, those boots of hers are impossibly cute.

  6. Loooove the Moosh’s boots! Great photos!

  7. Those photos are amazing!! I want her to come take pictures of me and my family!!

  8. Amazing pictures! Love the last one just beautiful!

  9. Kim is so talented, but she did have some naturally gorgeous subjects ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow, great pics! The color is amazing.

  11. i already told kim this, but those pictures were honestly fabulous.

    everything about them….fabulous.

  12. Gorgeous.

  13. STUNNING. the both of you!

  14. The pictures are AWESOME! Your little girl is beautiful.

    I actually have a question about her hair… my daughter’s hair is curly like that and I was wondering what product you use in her hair to keep it from being frizzy?

  15. You guys are beautiful. The colors are amazing. You are so lucky to have such a talented friend. You will treasure these pictures forever!

  16. Stunning!!

  17. Holy crap! Those are amazing!

  18. Yes Kim is pretty awesome!

  19. Those are fabulous!

  20. Gosh those pictures are incredible. LOOOOVE your hair. And the moosh’s.

  21. Those photos are just about the most adorable photos of all time. I’m loving Moosh’s hair!

  22. Gorgeous gorgeous photo! You are lucky to have such talented friends! Hooray!

  23. Gorgeous pix!!

  24. you and moosh are gorgeous! love all those luscious curls – your pics look like a spread out of a magazine!!

  25. you realize that she took such gorgeous pictures because her subjects are gorgeous right.

    If I knew you I might ask to borrow your daughter, but since I don’t, I won’t…:)

    In all seriousness such good pictures!

  26. hey so how do i make it so that when ppl click on my name they can go to my blog? i have been having this problem in other sites aswell

  27. Awesome! Great friend to have. Lucky girl, you!

  28. BEAUTIFUL! Love the moosh’s curls ๐Ÿ˜‰ And you are one hot momma ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Like I said on Kim’s blog, those are beautiful photos of two beautiful ladies! I wish I had your skin, seriously. And Moosh’s knee socks-where did you find those? Whatever those photos cost, they were worth it!

  30. So beautiful! I love her chubby little kneecaps.


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