Let’s talk about my dad shall we? Remember last year when I posted about all his ornaments?

Handcrafted by Ken-3836

Well, he’s selling them again this year and a few other things as well. He commissioned a California artist for exclusive rights to this hand painted tile of the Salt Lake Temple. Not into temples? You can get any one of HUNDREDS of tiles in its place. Words and photos can’t even convey how well this frame is made.

My dad's latest addition to his Etsy shop. Handpainted tile in handcrafted frame.

For serious.

dad's sketches

Addie watching my dad work

my dad's sketches

In case you’re looking for something a little more custom, I asked if he’d be willing to build Addie a doll bed for Christmas, nothing fancy, just somewhere for Josephina to lay her head at night.


From my dad: "Do you think Addie will like it?" Me: o_O !!! (Doll bed for Christmas)

Which is to say that Addie’s Stickley Mission Style doll bed is made better than ALL OF THE FURNITURE IN YOUR HOUSE. (Unless your house is filled with Stickley, or my dad’s furniture, then it’s just about equal.)

Love you daddy.

(Love all of you who have his ornaments hanging on your trees this year.)

UPDATE: The finished bed…

Addie's finished doll bed is nicer than your real bed. (Made by my Papa.)


  1. Daaaang. Your dad’s got mad skills. And his sweet little profile picture is so cute. My grandfather made me 2 doll beds when I was a kid. And my grandmother made the doll, the clothes, & the bedding. They’re my most treasured childhood possessions.

  2. hug your dad tight next time one extra time just for me. he is so like jesus the carpenter

  3. Man, that’s nicer than anything I’ve ever owned. What a sweet present!

  4. This is fantastic!! We went to see a museum yesterday about a local carver- incredible. There is nothing like a hand made gift like that.


  5. My dad was also very crafty. He passed away from ALS and we bought the house I grew up in. We still have party of his workshop and our house still has much of the furniture he made as well as the kitchen he remodeled. Those plans, ornaments and bed are so adorable and will be remembered for years to come! The last thing he was able to make was a footstool to help me get into my high bed while I was pregnant. (The furniture set didn’t seem so big in the catalog) I will treasure it forever. Thanks for bringing back dollhouse memories for me. Happy holidays!

  6. Addie is a lucky girl, and boy Josephina is one lucky doll. That bed is nicer than the one I sleep in. Sadly that is a true story. And on a side note I have been longing for the mission style book table since what feels like forever(when did you post about that table anyway?). You must be so very proud!

  7. Wow! I was so impressed with that bed. Looks really perfect to for dolls.
    I hope I could make one too, as perfect as that.