Before. Blech.
Kitchen Before.

After. Ahh!

kitchen and dining room

Any questions?


  1. @amanda, That’s what I’m saying from now on. Bon ape-everything. Marvelous.

  2. @Cherie, similar but with far less creep.

  3. @Erin (Snarke), How about I give you all my magazines? I give more credit to Better Homes and Gardens than my own abilities.

  4. @Jen L., It’s all about Sherwin Williams and his catchy theme song and plot to cover the Earth.

  5. @Stacey, If you want it to look exactly like this, yes. Otherwise? IZ SPENT!

  6. @Casey, Oh man! I never thought that bathroom would ever be done. I swear we are still having issues with the tub caulk … and it took a whole year before that tub drain was working properly (and it took having the whole drain assembly changed out!).

  7. @Casey, I’ll have you know it was a racoon, not a squirrel, thank you very much. 😉