Several months ago I read a post on Violence Unsilenced that stirred up some deeply suppressed and ignored feelings.

I took those feelings and I wrote.

They are feelings and experiences that shaped me into the lovely and disastrous person I am this day.

The words I wrote are up for anyone to read, however I feel I must send you over there with a warning.

What happened to me is not uncommon.

And that must change, and the best way I know to bring about change? Talk.

So here I go…

Every situation is complicated and unique, and there is no stereotype. Every single survivor of abuse is different from his or her comrades, and by sharing stories here we can educate ourselves as to just how pervasive domestic violence and sexual abuse/assault is, and how it crosses all cultural, racial, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic lines. This is our society’s collective issue, not simply a problem of those directly impacted. There are 70 million blogs out there, and one in four women will experience abuse in her lifetime. We who are active in the blogosphere have a responsibility to listen to our friends and to spread the word, so that we can strip abusers of this critical power. I also believe very, very strongly in the cathartic power of writing.

Mission Statement from Maggie, of Violence Unsilenced.