NaBloPoMoFoo (National Blog Posting Month, Fool (I added the fool part)) is coming in November. All I know is I have to post everyday in November, no cheating. If there’s any more rules than that let me know, I’m not so hip to rules.


Transplanted Knitter tagged me for a very simple meme. (Thanks for that, memes generally give me hives.)

Turn to page 161 in whatever book you are reading and read/enter the 5th sentence. Then tag 5 bloggers to play along.

Since Runaway Bunny is only 14 pages long I really had to dig deep on this one.

Here’s my line:

“You got any peanut butter and a couple more slices of that bread?”

From She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

I tag Megan at Velveteen Mind, Kim at Simply Me, Nell at Meanwhile, Jim at Ninja of the Mundane, Metalia, and Lindy at Chronicles of Squidge. Y’all read good books right?


Fake it.


Remember the Halloween Humbugs?

I win. (But there’s still time to vote!)

Meet Casey, Stepford Wife.

Stepford Wife

and the moosh a.k.a. SUPER GIRL.



We went Trunk or Treating.

With an Easter Basket.

Super and Stepford

And when we got home on a ridiculous sugar high we put stuff on our faces.

Florida souveniers.

Because that kind of stuff is funny on a sugar high.

Maybe it’s funny all the time, I’m too high to know.


  1. I love your costume! Very “June Clever” looking. Gooorgeous.

  2. Okay that is the best friggin’ costume I’ve ever seen for a grown woman. You look beautiful, not slutty and not stupid. Full points!

    I hate Hallowe’en.

  3. I love the dress, but the shells are awesome!!

  4. Great costumes!!! Love Moosh as Super Girl. I was pushing for Zoe to be Wonder Woman this year (mainly so I could teach her how to spin around and then yell “wonder woman!… you know… like Lynda Carter). Nick didn’t like that idea though. (he’s just no fun) So she’s an “itsy bitsy” this year.

  5. Oh… and Zoe has the same pjs… but no seashells.

  6. Awesomeliciousness.

  7. I was Supergirl in college, though, I’m not nearly as cute as the Moosh.

    Still, I liked it so much I wore it again to a party after college. And again to run a 5K in a few years back.

    That same annual Halloween 5K is happening tomorrow. I have really outdone myself this time …

  8. Are you registered on the Ning NaBloPoMo site? I can’t find you to make you be my friend 🙂

  9. You are so insane – I’m not even going to attempt NaBloPoMo.

    And I know I’ve said it before, but you and the Moosh are the cutest duo ever. And I love the new header and tagline, BTW. Brilliant.

  10. Love the costumes! And we have those brown jammies- there’s a pink kitty on them, right?

    I’m thinking about doing NoPloBloMo too. Yikes.

  11. Oh, and now I see that IN YOUR PICTURE the pink kitty is actually visable. But we still have those jammies.

  12. Moosh, greatest Halloween pose ever!

    (Also, stuff on faces = ALWAYS FUNNY!)

  13. Great costume! And yeah, putting stuff on your faces (and then taking pictures – for us) is alway funny!

    p.s. If I finally commit to NaBloPoMo, is it cheating to save the meme for November?

  14. Woot! I’m doing NaBloPoMo too.

    LOVE your costume. And yes, I dressed up every year. My son is 10 and I have no plans to end his costume time. Nor mine.

    Anyway, Moosh is adorable as always. I positively squealed over the post showing her different outfits. You’re just as adorable. And I promise to quit lurking.

  15. best adult costume ever!

    and i’m trying to figure out if i’m brave enough for nablopomofoo. does it count if you have leftover unposted stuff and just save it? i do like the idea of saving the memes. heh

  16. and… love the new banner.

  17. Nice outfits! BTW, I’m one of those that voted as “wisher” as in I wish we could participate in something the whole family could dress up for on Halloween.

    The last time we did that was a church carnival when our daughter dressed up like Dorothy. Mom was the Wicked Witch, Ben was the Lion and I was the Scarecrow. Itchiest costume I ever wore.

  18. Sorry to give you hives! I don’t usually do Memes but this one was simple. And I’ve read She’s Come Undone 🙂

  19. Great costume- thanks for the tag and I’ve joined you in the Noproblemo thingie!

  20. I would have said Donna Reed rather than June Cleaver. Very cool costume. Super Girl is too cute.

    What is this Trunk & Treat? I’ve heard a couple of people mention it lately. We obviously aren’t up on the latest Halloween shenanigans up here in New England.

  21. You were born in the wrong era. That costume rocks. And is there a more adorable “Girl Power” pose, ever????? (Totally appropriate as the Spice Girls are about to tour again!)

  22. No sugar high here…

    It’s funny.


  23. Holy crap, I’m in love with you both.

  24. You are totally rocking that Stepford look!

  25. i needed this trunk or treat thing-a-ma-doo in canada. i am having heart palptations thinking about taking all three kids on my own on wednesday night since my stinky husband will be in dc

  26. The YW president in the spanish branch went to 3rd ward’s activity – and I asked if she saw a girl in a green dress with fur dressed as a stepford wife – She totally knew who you were. You’re unforgettable. 🙂 Such a good idea for a costume!

  27. Nablomomopokie-mo – Bossy is confused by this whole concept. Isn’t blogging-every-day what she’s been up to for the last couple of years? Give or take a saturday or 90, etc?

  28. Love your costume!

    And Moosh as Supergirl is freakin’ adorable! Cordy went back and forth between pirate and superhero before settling on pirate.

  29. LOVE the costumes! you rock!

  30. Oh, my gosh, Casey! You look adorable!!!

    I have a pretty high tolerance for sugar, but even I’m feeling sugar high the past few days.