So. That conference I went to last week, I thought it was this week.

That is until I realized my mistake last Monday night, two days before I was supposed to be at my conference. Whoops.

I mean, I’ve had a lot going on, something had to go wrong. I just never thought nearly missing a conference I was a keynote speaker at by an entire week would be the one that fell through the cracks. (I honestly thought it would be something related to my kids or laundry.)

Anyway, I freaked out about my five minute keynote for about 48 hours, realized there’s nothing more I could do about it and this is what I ended up with:

It felt so good to do it, but man I was glad when it was over. (Also I can’t thank all of you who were so kind to me afterwards, knowing it was so well received made (and still makes) my heart sing.)

(Also, sorry camera guys for all the pacing, and my pointed finger? I call that my bossy finger. It comes out when I’m being bossy. Bossy, bossy, bossy.)



  1. You are pure magic. One day I’m going to meet you at a conference and just maybe I’ll even be able to make eye contact or mumble an awkward hello. Don’t stop believin!

    Casey Reply:

    @Joules, Ooh, you’re one that when we do meet and I see your twitter name on your name tag? You’ll get tackled.

    Joules Reply:

    @Casey, Which is why I love you. You gotta lotta love in you. Enough for the whole wide world, I imagine.

  2. This is awesome! Someday I want to be able to attend and participate in a conference. This video inspires me. And bonus points, you made me cry. You are beautiful!

    Casey Reply:

    @Anna Hettick, Oh thank you, and I do hope you get the chance to go to one and that it is a wonderful experience for you.

  3. I am so so proud of you. And so damn lucky to have you in my life.

    Casey Reply:

    @Just Shireen, Ditto, fool.

  4. LOVE this. So much.

    Casey Reply:

    @Schmutzie, It shall be known as the “neurotic anthem of bloggers everywhere.”

    Schmutzie Reply:

    @Casey, I liked it so much I linked to it 🙂

  5. I think I cry at almost all of your videos.
    Either with laughter, or with understanding, or something, but damn, ALWAYS, I cry!


    Casey Reply:

    @Sarah @ TM2TS, Sorry? Maybe? No, not really. Not sorry at all.

    Sarah @ TM2TS Reply:

    @Casey, Don’t EVER be sorry for being real, and for showing the world exactly who you are.
    You’re helping SO many people, of all ages, with that 😀

  6. You have such an amazing talent for making me cry. Your usage of the word “broken” is so personal for me because at my most broken, whenever my husband would ask me what was wrong, I couldn’t tell him because he didn’t understand the language of mental illness. So all I could say was, “I’m broken.”

    You give hope, you know. <3

    Casey Reply:

    @Untypically Jia, Oh yes. Broken. There’s really no other word to describe it.

  7. Fabulously real.

    Casey Reply:

    @Emily, Thank you darling.

  8. Love it. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Aly, Thank you.

  9. I stinkin’ love you.. your honesty and vulnerability… priceless. Grateful.

    Casey Reply:

    @Dedra, STINKIN’ LOVE YOU!

  10. I started crying at the end of this. This was incredibly well done. I so appreciate how honest and genuine you are, and I think this keynote perfectly captures that.
    I just love who you are, and I’m so glad that you write because every time I read your blog I feel less alone.

    Casey Reply:

    @Annis, Thank you so much. To have it be so well received means the world to me.

  11. I love this, Casey. Love this.


    Casey Reply:

    @Stephanie Precourt, Thank you. Someday I’ll get to do a LTYM.

  12. I loved so much. I cried while watching this at the table last night. Loves you

    Casey Reply:

    @Rachel – A Southern Fairytale, You big baby. 😉

  13. Jamie In Indy says:

    This made me cry. You are an amazing person, a wonderful writer and your pictures truly do paint a thousand words. I am not a blogger (haven’t gotten the nerve or confidence to take the plunge) but I read a handful of blogs and yours is my top pick. I grew up in the same town that you live in and we frequent the same places and I hope to one day meet you to thank you for putting a smile on my face with your posts and pictures.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jamie In Indy, Oh my! Thank you so much. I hope I do get to meet you one day. Preferably somewhere with really good food. 🙂

  14. Beautiful speech. Spoken from the heart and something that many people needed to hear. That is your gift and you use it well. I love reading your words!

  15. Love. So glad I got to meet you, even if just briefly, at Blogher last summer. I don’t get to go to conferences this summer because of life circumstances, but I know-I’ll be okay.


  16. Bravo!

  17. Oh I so wish I could have seen you. You’re lovely. Even running around the screen, absolutely lovely.

  18. I love you hard.

  19. Sunshine says:

    Lovely. Wise words for life, not just a conference.

  20. I had chills on my arms the entire time I was watching this. Beautiful. You did a beautiful job.

  21. Carrie Hall says:

    Thank you for the pep talk! I needed to hear that!

  22. I loved meeting you so much! You’re adorable and funny and so, so great at impromptu ignite speeches! You were awesome! Have fun in NYC at BlogHer… wish I were going. Say hi to my DIL in the sea of bloggers if you see her!

  23. (I’m slowly catching up on my blog reader!!!)

    I loved this. I don’t think it would have been any better even if you had been right about the conference dates!

    In 2010 you met Karen at EVO.
    In 2010 I met you.